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Spiritual Science is the blog of the Institute for Scientific Research Spiritual Phenomena (ISRSP).
Spiritual Science is the science of the spirit, the conscious being that inhabits the physical body. You and I are incarnated spiritual beings having a physical experience, but neither you nor I as spirits exist in the material dimension. All spirits incarnated or not exist in the spiritual dimension.
A Dimension, or to be more precise a Vibrational Dimension, is a reality of existence, that is the “place” where things belonging to that vibrational dimension exist. In this sense, all spiritual beings exist in the spiritual dimension because they vibrate in a way that make them part of that dimensions. Matter belongs to the physical dimension because its basic components (fundamental particles of matter) vibrate in such a form that they naturally belong to the physical dimension.

Spiritual science seeks to deepen the understanding of spiritual phenomenon mainly with the help of mediumship, the only known way to access the spiritual reality. We seek to integrate knowledge from different scientific disciplines with the important findings achieved through mediumship to create a more complete model of our reality.

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  1. I had some spiritual experiences in my life & also have a lot of questhion about them…

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