Experience at the edge of death


The powerful testimony of a terminal cancer patient that find the way back to life to be release and free of cancer months later. Her fascinating narrative will take you through her self-awareness while out of the body and the level of consciousness acquired during this short time and her way to perceive what was happening around her body and beyond. She is the proof that the spirit (the conscious being) is where his thoughts are and distance at the spiritual level is meaningless. Anita Moorjani confirms what researchers of the spiritual reality like Allan Kardec once described as the spirit’s infinite perception capacity, that is, its ability to see-hear-feel-taste-smell at the same time but on a much, much bigger scale.

This testimony is also a confirmation that the physical life is just a little step in the endless path of the spiritual being, but one than can reshape his way to perceive the reality after the death of the body. And also of great interest is the way we influence our physical experience including the function of our body with our thoughts and believes.

This is a testimony to analyze in detail.

Author: ISRSP

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