What is the spirit?

The spirit or soul (to Spiritual Science both are the same), is the intelligent unit created by The Creator. It is the conscious self that inhabits in all living being. The spirit is each one of us. We are not a body with a spirit but a spirit that inhabits a body. To make a more reasonable comparison, the body is like a Vehicle (a car) and the spirit is the driver. While the spirit inhabits the body then the body will be driven, it may act, reason, think, make intelligent decisions and act. If the spirit definitively abandons the body, then the body will lose its conscious condition, it will neither reason nor act, it will not think, it will not decide. It will just be a vehicle emptied out of all expression and intelligent acting. It may still remain alive with help from material science, but if the spirit is definitively gone, that is, disincarnated, then that body will never recover from that state of unconsciousness to the former conscious state own to the spirit that used to inhabit in it.

What is the spirit made of?

The spirit is made of spiritual fluid and attributes. The fluid is an inert component without any properties that fills up all the spaces and dimensions, while the attributes of the spirit are the essence of The Creator which consists of three attributes that are love, intelligence and freedom. Each attribute is independent but they are all related to each other in the spirit. The way the spirit vibrates depends on the way those three attributes relate. If the relation of those attributes with each other is perfect, then the spirit vibrates in an elevated and harmonic form, but if the relation among those attributes is altered in some way, then the spirit vibrates in a lower or less harmonic way. Thus the spirit is made of: Spiritual fluid and attributes, which are: Love Intelligence Freedom.

What is the spiritual particle (SP)?

The Spiritual Particle or SP is the result of spiritual fragmentation. When spirits in state of disharmony face with the intention to dominate or to subject, they emit potent altered vibrations on its adversary until literally breaking it into pieces. Each of those resulting spiritual fragments is called a Spiritual Particle (SP). But in this process the spirit does not cease existence, since it was created in infinite existence, that is, it had a moment of creation but will not have an end, thus the spirit will continue existing in its spiritual particles (SPs). Each SP keeps a proportional portion of the spirit’s constituents and attributes: fluid and attributes. Even though the particles are related by their origin (each belongs to the originally fragmented spirit) they may as well continue with a more or less independent existence, sometimes dispersing among the different spiritual groups taking different directions of existence. The SP state is of high suffering for the spirit, it also looses a great deal of its ability to take its own decisions. The SPs are normally manipulated by other units that use them as weapons forcing them to enter in the spiral of crashes and fractioning in which they can be reduced to sizes and vibrational states extremely low. The SPs can integrate again to rebuild the originally fragmented unit, if and only if, they can evolve to their maximum state of harmony.

an any spiritual form be seen, photographed or recorded?

No, it cannot. The spirit is an entity of vibrational nature, that is, it vibrates within a range own to the spiritual dimension, not to the material dimension. That is why the spirit’s existence happens in a natural way at the spiritual dimension, when the spirit incarnates, that is, when it joins with matter, the spirit still exists in the spiritual dimension but it creates a special connection with matter through the Spiritual Particles that are incarnated directly in the brain cells, which is the organ to where it joins. This allows the spirit to receive information about what happens in its body and at the same time take decisions about what to do or how to act, decisions that go first to the mind and then to the brain in order to be executed. Thus, the spirit cannot be photographed nor detected with any device designed to register material manifestations. There only exists one known way to detect the spirit named mediumnity or spiritual sense. A person with a developed and trained mediumnity can then perceive and interpret, in an appropriate manner, the vibrations own to the manifestation of the existence of the spirit being then able to identify and describe it.

What is mediumnity or spiritual sense?

Mediumnity or spiritual sense is a property of the mind through which it is able to perceive and interpret, in the material symbolism (communication language), the vibrations owed to the manifestation of spiritual existence. The spirit is an entity of spiritual nature that exists in the spiritual dimension and manifests through its vibrations. The spiritual dimension is a distinct reality which is separated from the material one. However, being the mind an organ entirely spiritual in its composition (that is, mind is made of Spiritual Particles), it is able to perceive those vibrations and interpret them according with the symbolism used by the incarnated spirit to understand and live the material life as an incarnated entity. It is clear that mind interprets the material reality, where the incarnated spirit’s body is, through the physical senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. This creates a precise symbolism through which the incarnated spirit lives its material life. When the mind possesses a well developed and trained mediumnimic condition, it takes those spiritual vibrations and interprets them according with that same symbolism, either as images, sounds or other sensations. Then the medium can say that he may “hear” the spirits, or “see” them, or even “feel” them. Not because he can actually see, hear or feel the spirits, but because his mind interprets the spiritual vibrations that way.

What is mind?

The mind is an organ entirely of spiritual composition but of physic-spiritual function. The mind is made of the functional integration of a huge quantity of spiritual particles (SPs) that join to build an organ able to record in a very precise form the information registered by the physical senses, as well as the intelligent decisions the spirit takes regarding such information. The mind forms at the moment of incarnation and disintegrate at the moment of disincarnating. From the moment of its formation, the mind begins to keep a record of detailed information regarding the material world, information that is at service of the incarnated spirit who evaluates it with its intelligence creating an interpretation that the mind stores to use it in the future. Thus, mind becomes a mediating organ in the spirit-body communication process, interpreting for the spirit the information perceived by physical senses in the spirit’s own language of spiritual vibrations. At the same time mind receives the intelligent decisions taken by the spirit, interpret them according with its recorded information and re-send them to the body through the brain connection to be executed. It is believed that the mind is in charge of four different tasks that are: memory, reason, subconscious and imagination. However, all of them are related with memory which is its principal function. It is through mind that the incarnated spirit creates an integration so tight and precise with its physical body that they can act and feel like being one, even though spirit and body are two elements dimensionally separated. It is because of the mind that the spirit acquires a sort of “personality” that materially identifies it, and helps the spirit to elaborate and to assume in a precise way the spirit’s distinct roles in material life, whether those are social, cultural, familiar, and academic or other roles. As a physical-spiritual communication organ and information storage device, the mind acquires a huge amount of detailed information about material life; it learns a language and develops unique material expression styles which are characteristic of it during the incarnated life. However, these features are lost when the spirit disincarnates and the SPs of the mind are released. The spirit then only keeps the generalities of its material life that are accessible to its pure intelligence existence condition. The disincarnated spirit does not keep details of its material life like names, physical features, detailed filial relations, location, etc., since this was only possible in the complexity of the mental structure that no longer exists. It is because of this reason that disincarnated spirits cannot mediumnimically neither recall detailed information from past lives nor remember names or places, etc. Also, it is not true that a spirit that expresses itself mediumnimically (temporarily incorporated in a medium body-mind system) changes the medium’s voice or could express in languages or dialects different from those known by the medium, since it is the medium’s mind the one this spirit is using and not its former mind (the one it had when it was incarnated in its previous life) because it disintegrated during disincarnation.

What is a dimension?

A Dimension or more accurately a Vibrational Dimension is a reality of existence, that is, the reality in which occur the events that affect those who inhabit it. Dimensions are realities of existence that are defined by vibrational ranges, that is, they exist between a minimum and a maximum vibrational value, and outside of those values is where existence in other dimension begins. It is not easy to define what dimensions are, but we can do an exercise to try to understand them. First of all let’s make it clear that all dimension that exist do so in the same “place”. Let us imagine a place without boundaries, infinite in extension and unique. Now, let’s imagine that in that place there exist all the dimension we know of: the Primary Dimension (also known as eternity), the Spiritual Dimension and the Material Dimension. These 3 dimensions exist in the same place but within different vibrational range each: The Primary Dimension exists in that place but in a vibrational range that is extremely high. The Spiritual Dimension exists in that place as well, but in a vibrational range lower than that of the primary dimension. And finally, the material Dimension also exists in that place, but in the lowest vibrational range of all. There exist elements own to each of these dimensions. For example: In the primary dimension are The Creator and all the spirits that still conserve their state of perfect harmony. At the Spiritual Dimension there exist all the spirits and particles with an altered harmonic state In the Material Dimension there exist all Spiritual Particles with the lowest vibrational state of all. All these elements exist in their respective dimensions and they all apparently “occupy the same place”, but since they vibrate in a different form, then each of the groups exist in a different reality or vibrational dimension. This means that all dimensions are infinite in extension, although there is only one infinite space. Finally, its left to say that, according with this concept, the universe in which we live is simply a “bubble” of space-time that expands inside the infinite place of the material dimension, and in that order of ideas, it is possible for other already formed or forming universes to exist in that same infinite dimensional place of the material dimension and being expanding in it.

What is Spiritual Science?

Spiritual Science is a scientific proposal that searches to make formal the study, investigation and substantiation of the spiritual phenomenon. Its theoretical fundament stands on the Spiritual Theory which complete text will soon be available for everyone for its analysis and discussion. The Spiritual Theory is based on the knowledge acquired by the Basilio Scientific School (BSSA). Spiritual Science may be defined as the science of the spirit and all spiritual phenomena. Like all formal sciences, Spiritual Science searches for objective truth through methodic and organized investigation of spiritual phenomena, using for this end the tools proper to a phenomenon of this nature: the mediumnity. Since the study of the spirit and the spiritual phenomena belong to a level of reality that is located beyond matter, there does not exist among the current formal sciences a science able to carry its study and research. Due to this reason it is necessary the introduction of a new science to study it. While spiritual science constitutes a new category of ideas within the scientific context, this means neither that a special status is being claimed nor special and less rigorous treatment than the one other scientific disciplines have already. On the contrary, spiritual science searches through the use of the scientific method to find the necessary evidence that will give it the formal science status to its postulates. To do this, spiritual science counts with the great advance made in the field of mediumnity by BSSA, who, through a serious and altruistic work, could convert mediumnimic manifestation in a voluntarily controlled phenomenon, being this what makes it possible to reproduce it and to test it.

Can spirits move objects, make noises or produce any material substance?

No, they cannot. According with the Spiritual Theory spirits exist in a reality level different from the material one. They are in the spiritual dimension while the universe and the matter are in the material dimension. Although both dimensions exist in the same place, they are completely separated. They are so separated that spirits cannot see or access matter just like spirits and all what is of spiritual nature is neither accessible to matter nor to devices designed to detect material phenomena. The only known way for a spirit to directly influence on matter is through the complex mechanism of incarnation. Only an incarnated spirit or spiritual particle can exercise any action on the material world, but only through the physical body in which it incarnates by using the sophisticated communication mechanisms it possesses. If a spirit or a spiritual element could exercise any type of action on the material world then they would be violating the law of conservation of mass and energy, and there is no exception to this law. And, although incarnation itself happens to be an exception to this law, its communication mechanisms occur at the quantum level, matter’s most basic level known, where general laws of physics do not seem to be applied in the same way that occurs at the macroscopic level of matter. This physic-spiritual separation gives rise to the principle of same name “ Principle of physic-spiritual separation” which basically says that spirit and matter are separated and cannot exert direct influence one on the other unless a mechanism like incarnation mediates between the two of them. Thus, the stories of objects flying in a room, lights that flash on and off, noises and appearance of ectoplasmatic substances are either an invention or a misinterpretation of other phenomena, including mediumnimic phenomena that can be misinterpreted as material phenomena. In the later case, it could be a person with the mediumnimic conditions but lacking the knowledge or training of such ability so that the person may be “listening” or “seeing” things that simply are mental interpretations of the spiritual vibrations registered by the mind. When the medium does not know about this condition he or she can misinterpret those manifestations as physical phenomena that are, nonetheless, not seen or heard by others.

Can spiritual phenomena be scientifically demonstrated?

Yes it can. We now know that the only way to sense spiritual phenomena is through the mediumnity or spiritual sense. However, the truth regarding these phenomena has always been covered by doubt that is generated in good part by errors and the unscrupulous actions of charlatans and other opportunistic that using sophisticated magical tricks have created confusion equally in both experts and amateur. But it is because of the serious work developed by Basilio Scientific School Association that mediumnity is not considered an erratic condition anymore but has become an ability that can be voluntarily controlled. And it is due to this condition that mediumnity can now be objectively verified through scientific experimentation based on the scientific method. However, we must remember that the spiritual dimension is complex, and in that dimension there exist beings of great harmony as well as beings with inconceivable obscurity and inharmony that obligate those who wish to explore in it to follow a series of rules of conduct necessary to protect their integrity. An example of how the spiritual phenomena can be scientifically demonstrated could be found in the proposal and projects on this website with the title “RECIPROCAL EXPERIMENT COMPROBATION”.

Can spirits move objects, make noises or produce any material substance?

No, they cannot. According with the Spiritual Theory spirits exist in a reality level different from the material one. They are in the spiritual dimension while the universe and the matter are in the material dimension. Although both dimensions exist in the same place, they are completely separated. They are so separated that spirits cannot see or access matter just like spirits and all what is of spiritual nature is neither accessible to matter nor to devices designed to detect material phenomena. The only known way for a spirit to directly influence on matter is through the complex mechanism of incarnation. Only an incarnated spirit or spiritual particle can exercise any action on the material world, but only through the physical body in which it incarnates by using the sophisticated communication mechanisms it possesses. If a spirit or a spiritual element could exercise any type of action on the material world then they would be violating the law of conservation of mass and energy, and there is no exception to this law. And, although incarnation itself happens to be an exception to this law, its communication mechanisms occur at the quantum level, matter’s most basic level known, where general laws of physics do not seem to be applied in the same way that occurs at the macroscopic level of matter. This physic-spiritual separation gives rise to the principle of same name “ Principle of physic-spiritual separation” which basically says that spirit and matter are separated and cannot exert direct influence one on the other unless a mechanism like incarnation mediates between the two of them. Thus, the stories of objects flying in a room, lights that flash on and off, noises and appearance of ectoplasmatic substances are either an invention or a misinterpretation of other phenomena, including mediumnimic phenomena that can be misinterpreted as material phenomena. In the later case, it could be a person with the mediumnimic conditions but lacking the knowledge or training of such ability so that the person may be “listening” or “seeing” things that simply are mental interpretations of the spiritual vibrations registered by the mind. When the medium does not know about this condition he or she can misinterpret those manifestations as physical phenomena that are, nonetheless, not seen or heard by others.

What is death? Is it the end of everything?

Death is only a transition state between the incarnated state of a spirit and its state of natural liberty. Death is the process through which the spirit returns to its state of natural liberty in the dimension where it belongs because of its vibrational state, that is, the spiritual dimension. After death the body continues its natural biological process, returning to nature the accumulated components. The body is a structure of high material and spiritual complexity, which means that the spirit is not the only spiritual component it possesses. There exist in the body trillions of incarnated Spiritual Particles that are released when the material structures in which they were incarnated are disaggregated, thus ceasing the forces that kept those particles incarnated as well. Death is not the end of everything but the continuity of the spirit’s existence under different conditions. Death marks the moment at which the brain and incarnated Spiritual Particles in the brain cells stop working so the “force” that kept the spirit in the incarnated state ceases. The spirit then returns to its spiritual liberty carrying the intelligent concepts extracted from its material experiences and from its life of relation during its incarnated state along with it.


What can I expect after I die?

After dead or disincarnation the spirit (or particle if the organism is not human) experiences a feeling of relief initially after getting rid of all the physical and psychological sensations that had to go through because of its body and mind. After a short adaptation period the disincarnated spirit becomes more aware of its state recognizing through its intelligence that it has returned to its normal and natural state of existence. All of the not so important facts of its material life like its gender (male or female), whether it was married or not, whether it was a father, a mother, a son, etc., and others disappear. The spirit then acquires its condition of pure intelligence in existence (it has to be remembered that the spirit is exactly that: intelligence, love and freedom). After disincarnating the material reality becomes non accessible for the spirit, however, since al material structure possess incarnated SPs, the spirit has a sort of indirect access to that reality through its spiritual components. All spirits have a particular vibrational state of harmony in which the spirit reflects its nature, thus, if the spirit is convinced that there are superior or inferior beings, or that it is ok to impose itself to the weaker, etc., then those deviations from the general harmony principles will be seen reflected by the spirit through lower harmony states that will bring the newly disincarnated spirit close to those spiritual groups that share similar deviations. The disincarnated spirit look for those spirits with similar convictions and simply joins them and continues holding those beliefs and convictions that practiced in life, because these were also the result of their intelligent decision to have that type of behavior. On the other hand those spirits that during their lifetime learned about love, equality, respect for the freedoms, etc., will surely integrate with those spiritual groups with same tendencies making of its evolution a more accelerated process.

What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the process in which a spiritual entity (unit or particle) incarnates again. Reincarnation, as well as incarnation, Is a natural and automatic phenomenon, however, it seems to occur through a mechanism that allow a voluntary option. Incarnation as a natural phenomenon means that once a complex structure has been created (a cell or an organism for example) the conditions for a spiritual element (unit or particle) to be attracted and incarnated are created. In the same way reincarnation means that complex material structures have been created (cells or organisms as an example) that are compatible with many of those spirits that have disembodied before which are attracted and incarnated again. In general it is understood that periods of time between one incarnation and the next by a spirit can take between 200 to 400 years of our material time. The explanation to why this period of time basically stands on the average advance achieved by the spirits during incarnation that makes them less compatible with the structures of incarnation that leaves behind but with the more evolved ones that will appear in the future. However, the individual times may vary from a sooner incarnation to not incarnating ever again. This last possibility can be explained because the spirit could get away as much as possible from this possibility through an accelerated evolution coming from its decisive good actions. When a spirit reincarnates carries with it only experiences and convictions lived during its incarnation time, but not in the form of detailed memories but in a more general manner because those details are lost when mind is disaggregated at disincarnating. Those experiences are what generally delineate the spirit’s behavior, which can influence the type of person that it can be in its reincarnation. Because of this it is not possible for a spirit to neither remember details from past material lives nor remember it through hypnotic regression practice, because the spirit cannot access those archives with details of past lives that are unique of the mind and the spiritual particles that composed it before.

Do animals have a soul?

Yes They do. All living organisms, with no exceptions, have a soul, that is, they are equipped with that spiritual element that is responsible for intelligence and conscience. However, it is important to clarify that in the spiritual dimension there are not only unit-spirits, but also as a result of the violent confrontations of inharmonic spirits there exist the so called Spiritual Particles (SPs), which are the resulting spirit fragments from those spirits that have been fractioned after the virulent encounters. The SPs evolve just like the unit spirits do, and just like spiritual units or complete spirits, the SPs are subjected to the incarnation phenomena. So that SPs incarnate as well. Incarnation, according with Spiritual Theory (ST), is a natural and automatic phenomenon, resulting from the formation of matter and its natural evolution. In that evolutionary process, matter constantly forms structures of higher complexity that create appropriate conditions to attract and retain temporarily a spiritual element of matching complexity. Thus, in a bacterium we may find a very tiny SP, while a much bigger SP is to be found in a dog or a cat. It all depends on the structure of incarnation. This explanation corrects that old belief that animals do not have a soul and therefore it is not important what we do with them. Animals, just like plants, have a soul, and that soul is made of spiritual fragments that are already suffering because of their fragmented state. Their material life can be a great opportunity to accelerate their evolutionary process and we may play an important role in that process by providing them with love and care.

What is true about the so called “spiritual works” like bonding, witchcraft, etc?

To answer this question we must first understand a little about spiritual dynamics. There exist in the spiritual dimension spirits of practically all possible vibrational states, from spirits of really high harmonic states to those with inharmonic states so extreme that they barely seem to exist. The vast majority of disharmonious spirits often organize in very powerful groups whose main goal are accumulating power and dominate, achieving this through the absorption of other small groups using fear for this end. When the event of incarnation finally involved unit- spirits (let’s remember that for millions of years life on earth was dominated for life forms of inferior complexity to that of humans therefore incarnating only Spiritual Particles ) these groups felt that their power was threatened. Incarnation was not only taking embodied spirits away from their tight control but was also giving incarnated spirits the conditions necessary to evolve more quickly, what implicated that the groups of disharmonious spirits would lose them along with the power they obtained from the number of spiritual elements they had. Because of this reason the groups tried to find a way to extend their influence to material life by establishing mediumnimic contact with their incarnated members and taking advantage of the material experience obtained by their members that after incarnation returned to the groups. By doing this, groups could materialize a good deal of their wrong nature seeding in the distinct human cultures behaviors that materially reflected their disharmonious spiritual trend. This was the origin of destructive fanaticism, the practice of vice and bad habits, domination and subjection of the masses through the use of force and violence and spiritual domination practices. In this last category was included the so called “spiritual work”. While most of the so-called “Spiritual Advisors” are just charlatans that pretends to earn some easy money by selling spiritual favors. The truth is that behind these and others that actually posses some spiritual knowledge there is a powerful disharmonic spiritual group known as the White Spiritual Group (white not for being good but because the seer mediums describe spirits members of these groups as white ash color) All actions thought and/or done by any given being implicates an intention that is spiritually emitted in the form of spiritual vibrations. These spiritual vibrations then reach those spiritual groups with affinity with those ideas, which are powerfully attracted to surround the incarnated being or beings that emit them. Right in that moment they begin a work of intuition not only to enforce in those beings the initial behaviors but to try to extend their power through them to other incautious who ignoring the spiritual reality pretend to use this actions to exert domination or to obtain a profitable and easy job. Thus, when a being offers itself to sell spiritual domination services, is unknowingly being surrounded by these groups which will surely harass it for the rest of its life. And at the same time when someone acquires this type of services, is unknowingly being exposed to the action of these groups that will as well surround and follow him or her for the rest of their lives. Years of practice, together with a possible mediumnimic condition of these merchants of truth, normally creates very precise channels of mediumnimic communication through which the groups will recognize those beings on whom cursing is being done, and after finding them through their spiritual vibrations, the groups come close to them to exert spiritual pressure and persecution that will end up affecting the being’s life of relation. Can spiritual work function? Yes it can, if the persons upon whom the spiritual work is performed do not possess enough control on their life to cope with the wrong intuitions that pretend to push them into the wrong path, this will slow down their evolution and will surely subject them to very difficult tests during their life time. Can good things be done through any of these spiritual works? No it cannot. Because all action that implies violation of the freedom principle, which is of every spirit, goes against evolution and leads to higher inharmonious states. One cannot pretend to build happiness upon someone else’s suffering and pain nor violating the principles of love, intelligence and freedom which are patrimony of all spirits, which is axiomatic. The best protection against those actions is having a correct life based on the principles of love and respect for all creatures.

Is it possible for intelligent life to exist in other planets according with spiritual science?

Yes. Spiritual Theory recognizes the existence of a universal law of evolution, and this law promotes everything that exists toward states of higher harmony. Now, since matter is made of spiritual particles that inhabit the material dimension (called Fundamental Matter Particles or FMP), then these are subjected to the law of evolution which in time allows their integration to form structures of higher complexity like protons, atoms, molecules, etc. however, since there exist an affinity relation between the particles that make matter and the Spiritual Particles (SP) that still inhabit the spiritual dimension, material structures eventually start to attract and retain those spiritual particles giving place to the incarnation phenomena. Incarnation is not as simple as only giving soul to matter. Incarnation actually creates new very interesting conditions for the future of matter. Besides soul, incarnation also gives matter intelligence, yes, intelligence proper of spiritual particles. Now, as more complex structures form a bigger SP is attracted and incarnated, then every time that a high complexity structure is formed a higher intelligence structure is formed as well. And that intelligence is converted in an evolutionary advantage for those structures that will end up dominating matter. Established this tendency, it is clear that biological evolution moves towards the existence of more materially and spiritually intelligent forms, which opens a window to forms as intelligent as humans. But, what makes humans so intelligent? Their brains, that is what scientists would say, and they are partly right, but it is not the exact reason. The highest intelligence of humans does not come from their brain but from the fact that this more complex brain than any other attracts and incarnates a spirit-unit, which due to its condition of unit (not fragmented) is gifted with a complete intelligence. And that complete intelligence does not have a rival evolutionarily speaking, unless it is another complete intelligence. Well, all analysis suggests that there is a natural tendency in evolution. And that evolution actually possesses directionality or that there exists an evolutionary determinism. And the direction of this determinism is the emergence of even more intelligent forms, what means that anywhere in the universe there may appear intelligent life such as the human, although not necessarily human forms. Because of this, based in Spiritual Theory, Spiritual science has the capability to predict that life in the universe, including the emergence of intelligent life like human, is highly likely and not just a rare and fortuitous event as some scientist think.

What does spiritual science think about Allan Kardec?

Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail, better known as Allan Kardec was a pioneer in spiritual phenomena research whose serious and well-intentioned work opened the door towards formal investigation of the spiritual phenomena. With the tools he had, including an excellent academic preparation, he achieved a breakthrough in its intention to learn more about the spiritual existence laying the groundwork for others to consider it seriously. His work was also groundwork for the establishment of the theoretical basis of the Escuela Cientifica Basilio (Basilio Scientific School) that, unlike Kardec, transformed the mediumnity in a controlled condition. This event opened the door to a more dynamic investigation of the spiritual world and its relation with the material world, achieving significant advance in the comprehension of this phenomena. Allan Kardec was a scientist dedicated to the spiritual science. During his lifetime he had to struggle with the strong religious dogmatism of the time which made it difficult to introduce new concepts that were opposite to the narrow dominant religious principles from back then. He started from the basis that religious postulates were true, and tried to adjust his findings to the dominant Christian religious precepts. Today there exist many schools disseminated around the world that use Allan Kardec’s books to guide their practice. Because of his great effort and his undeniable contribution to the study of the spiritual phenomena we are in the obligation to continue his work through serious and systematic investigation of the spiritual phenomena, using the efficient tools of modern science. It would not be fair with his legacy to turn his contributions into irremovable dogmas enclosed in the same religious structure of Christianity, replacing one sacred book with another. We owe Kardec the continuation of his work, deepening in the truth he viewed with such clarity, through a formally established science based in a solid theory.

Are there heaven and hell?

The existence of heaven as an eternal reward by the submission and subjection to religious rules and hell as eternal punishment for their violation is not real. To the spiritual science it is clear that the spirit must face the consequences of its actions, which can put the spirit through situations of huge pain that however will not last forever, because in the freedom principle of all spirits they may start behaving in harmony according with the principles of their conscience to evolve towards higher harmony and happiness states. When the spirit, in the freedom of its actions, decides to act mistakenly, that is to say, increasing its inharmony, it is at the same time exposing itself to the action of other inharmonic spirits that, in the confusion of their altered vibrational state, will make the spirit go through difficult times. An existence under these conditions exposes the spirit to rivalry, domination, subjection, intrigue, hatred, attack y other behaviors that will make of its existence a struggle to remain safe. This situation may sometimes generate indescribable higher levels of suffering and agony. On the contrary, when a spirit decides to act in harmony with the principles of its creation, it will at the same time increase its vibrational state, contacting other spirits of similar condition among which the spirit will find the necessary harmony to continue its constant evolution which increases its levels of harmony and happiness. All inharmonic spirits inhabit in a dimension of inharmonic state called the spiritual dimension. Since the cause of the inharmony and its consequences are responsibility of all of us who made part of this deviation form the original state, no spirit will reach complete harmony while there still exist consequences of that action. This means that an inharmonic spirit may evolve until almost crossing to the primary dimension, but this last step cannot be taken until the last of the inharmonic spirits reaches the state of complete harmony.

Is There The Resurrection Of The Dead For Eternal Life?

The incarnation is a phenomenon so absorbent that spirits embodied come to believe that this material life is its true and last form of existence. However, incarnated spirits perceive through their intelligence that there is a principle of infinite existence that lays over them, but due to their inability to understand their spiritual nature they end up believing that such infinite existence occurs in their current incarnated form. It is how there exists the wrong idea of a resurrection of the dead, meaning that those who have lived a material life before or those who are alive now and will die, will come back to life in their material form to continue in an infinite existence, in a planet that will not ever change, immersed in a universe that will remain static and perfect. THERE IS NOTHING FURTHER FROM REALITY THAN THIS. The universe, the planet, and all matter in general, are made of Fundamental Material Particles. These Fundamental Material Particles happen to be the same spiritual particles that originated after the splitting of an incalculable quantity of spirits. All of those particles will eventually evolve and every fragmented spirit will rebuild to make the units they once were. Thus, matter will disappear, and so will the planet and the whole material universe. Then the material dimension will disappear as a real dimension to only be a virtual one. And when all inharmonic spirits reach their maximum harmonic state, then the spiritual dimension will also disappear, and everything will then go back to the maximum harmony dimension, the Primary dimension where all spirits together, next to The Source, will continue their social evolution process toward higher collective harmony states.

What is conscience?

Conscience is the point of reference spirits have to know whether their actions and decisions are in harmony with the principles of their creation or not. This reference principle is related with the attributes the spirit has from creation: Love, Intelligence and freedom. And it is because of these attributes that the spirit is responsible for its actions. Conscience is not determined based of the nature or quality of specific actions, but is based on the greatest harmony these actions may generate. For example, if in a culture the practice of polygamy is accepted by the majority and is considered a natural way of existence in which most of the members reach a higher harmony state, then polygamy is going to be correct based on their conscience. Simultaneously, to another culture monogamy, and not polygamy, might be correct according to their conscience, because this behavior is widely accepted by the majority and in which the members of the community reach the maximum harmony. However, how can conscience decide if both cultures meet? Again, conscience will continue guiding based on those decisions that lead to the maximum harmony. And this decision essentially implies that conscience will promote in these men and women behaviors such as tolerance and respect towards the decisions and habits from the other community, because they guarantee the maximum harmony for both groups and at the same time promoting the maximum harmony between the two cultures. In conclusion, what conscience dictates is not based on a perfect list of good and bad things but in the consequences generated by those decisions and how the consequences may affect the two cultures.

What are dreams? Do they have any real meaning?

Dreams are made up by the mind. They constitute the way in which mind interprets physic and spiritual sensations of what is going on in the body and around the spirit during the sleeping state. In the conscious state of a being, Mind and spirit are apparently placed on the brain’s frontal lobes. During this period of time the mind acts as a channel through which the spirit receives all the information coming from the material world. This information is perceived by the body through the physical senses, and is interpreted based on the mind’s archive of memories and experience. It is important to consider that the spirit is an entity of spiritual nature that although is incarnated, still inhabits in the spiritual dimension. It is because of this reason that the spirit cannot directly perceive what occurs in the material world. It is the mind then, what gives sense to all the information coming from the brain and at the same time transfers it to the spirit in its own spiritual vibrational language. During the time of resting, when the body is asleep, spirit and mind separate from their apparent location on the brain’s frontal lobes, staying connected to the brain through the so called link or fluidic cord. During this period of time the spirit has certain freedom to move in the spiritual dimension while the mind is located half way between brain and spirit. It is in this time when the spirit may experience a series of distinct situations that belong to its spiritual nature; these experiences cannot be clearly recorded as memories in the mind since the spirit during this period of resting never uses the mind. However, many of these situations lived by the spirit may produce a strong impact, that travels to the mind in the form of vibrations that due to their intensity reach the mind. The mind then takes this information processing and giving them a meaning in the material context according with its archive of memories of the material world. The mind takes over the conscious function autonomously. Since mind is not a complete intelligence but a complex association of fragmented intelligences (mind is made of a functional integration of spiritual particles), then the mind freely creates its own version of those vibrations, always trying giving them a meaning by assembling images from its archive of memories. The most important part about dreams is not the images that are seen, but the sensations associated to it. It could be said that what mind is trying to do is not a movie that visually reflects what it perceives through the vibrations, but a “movie” that faithfully reflects what it feels. Thus, for example, if the spirit is going through a time of great agony, the mind will find within its memories those that appear to be the closest to that feeling. Then it will take some of those images, real or imaginary, from its memory archive and recreate, e.g., an image of the person about to fall from a cliff. Again, that does not mean that the spirit is about to fall to a “spiritual abyss”, it basically means that the spirit is going through a situation that makes it feel a similar level of agony and fear. In other occasions, while sleeping, the mind may receive information coming from the brain about, for instance, a loud noise, intense heat or any other situation that is picked up by the five body senses. Immediately, the mind proceeds, freely, (again without the spirit supervision) to try and give a meaning to this information. For example, if the sound that is heard corresponds to a car that stops abruptly, sound that the spirit in its watchful state will associate with an imminent danger, then the mind will take images from its archive of memories to recreate a similar state, no matter what image, but these images will reflect a feeling of the same level of anguish and anxiety evoked by that sound. Many times, the day before, the person has experienced situations, of his or her own or somebody else’s, that encloses a feeling of great anguish, and are evoked while dreaming. This situation does not happen because the spirit is living that same episode, but because, due to the huge emotional load of this memories, the mind considers them more appropriate to interpret trough them the vibrational information captured during the resting state, whether they are of physical or spiritual origin. That is why dreams cannot be strictly interpreted, unless it is only considered in its emotive display and not in its visual contain. In conclusion, dreams constitute the history of real feelings, put together with pieces of memories where images only correspond to secondary passengers.

What is peribody?

The Peribody is a fluidic structure that wraps around one’s body and reaches about 5 cm out of it. The Peribody is the result of the vibracional modification of the spiritual fluid surrounding the body by effect of the sum of vibrations of all the spiritual elements incarnated so in a vibrational way it makes a unique structure. It is important to consider that the body is not only made of cells and tissues, the body is also composed by a huge number of spiritual particles (SPs) that are incarnated in the body’s distinct structures and substructures, from cells to molecules and even atoms. Due to their vibrational nature, those SPs do not exist in the material dimension but only in the spiritual one, so the peribody that is formed because of their vibrations is a spiritual structure rather than material. The peribody may be considered as a structure for the spiritual protection of all the embodied spiritual components, including the Directing Spirit of that body. The incarnated spiritual components are then embedded in this particular vibrational wrapping that cannot be trespassed by any other spiritual element that does not belong to that body. Peribody forms at the very moment of incarnation of a Spiritual Element. Thus, an atom has its own peribody resulting from the sum of vibrations from all incarnated SPs in its subatomic structures, and when many atoms gather to form a molecule, the molecule acquires a peribody as well due to the sum of vibrations from its individual atoms. Since a cell is actually a complex structure made up by the functional integration of molecules and macromolecules, then the cell has a peribody that results of the sum of all the peribodies from its molecules and macromolecules. In this sense, when an ovule and a sperm fuse to make a human embryo, their own peribodies fuses to make the embryo’s peribody. The sum of all components contributed by both gametes creates a particular vibrational environment for this embryo. This environment determines the features of the peribody that will be formed around the rising embryo. From then on, the embryo undergoes mitosis, which originates new cells, each one of these cells makes its own cellular peribody reflecting its internal spiritual composition. Thus, the embryo’s peribody will result from the sum of the peribodies of each individual cell in it, and will change in the same way these cells change. If a new cell is formed, then the embryo’s peribody earns a new component, and so if a cell dies the peribody will lose that component too. The peribody cannot be separated from the body nor be modified at will, because it is a consequence of the spiritual components in the body. Because of this, it cannot be pulled by the spirit after disincarnation. However, the spirit keeps in its spiritual memory details from the different stages in its incarnated life that have been the most determining to its spiritual state. Thus, when a disincarnated spirit is perceived by the mediums’ mind these memories are transmitted via the spirit’s permanent vibrations, in this way the medium may recreate a mental image of the physical form this being had during the last incarnation.