Is Consciousness Produce by the Brain?

Is Consciousness Produce by the Brain?

I want to share this provocative conference by Dr. Bruce Grayson Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. In his lecture he presents a fascinating set of cases that strongly challenge the theory that consciousness is the brain, opening the way for a new vision of consciousness as something else, separated from the brain and definitely affected by the brain.
This new approach to the problem of consciousness based in verifiable and reproducible information inevitable moves the conversation in the same direction we have been developing for long time in The Spiritual Theory (ST). Moreover, it seems to perfectly match the ST thesis that the conscious being, the one who think, analyze and decides is the being represented in the form of a spirit, who exists (vibrates) in another vibrational dimension outside the physical dimension; using the Spiritual Theory as a reference frame to analyze the cases presented by Dr. Grayson it is easy to note that they can be perfectly explained by this theory. Below, we present a brief description of the spiritual theory and how it can explains the cases presented by Dr. Grayson.
The Spiritual theory states that the conscious being that we recognized in every person, is the spirit and that the spirit is connected to the brain during the physical life. Therefore, the brain is just the vehicle of the spirit’s physical expression and the spirit can exists perfectly conscious outside the body. This explains why some people report being conscious outside the body, seeing and understanding what was happening with their bodies and accurately describing what doctors and other personnel were doing around.
The process by which the spirit joins the brain is called reincarnation. The reincarnation process begins very early during the embryo development, probably as soon as the first cells start to give shape to the embryonic brain. Each cell, according with the ST, has its own Spiritual Particle incarnated to the nucleus, which constitutes the intelligence principle driving the cell. The brain cell’s spiritual particles join together at the spiritual level to give rise to a new structure named THE MIND. It is the mind who set the conditions to recognize, attract and retained the spiritual being more kindred to them. The mind is also the “spiritual organ” responsible for surrounding the spirit and submerging it into two fundamental states: 1) The state of confusion and 2) the state called forgetfulness of the past.
The first one, THE STATE OF CONFUSION, is produce when the mind engulfs the spirit in a state similar to deep sleep. This is the reason why most people do not have clarity of awareness when they are asleep or unconscious, however, since this is a state generated and sustained by the mind, anything that affects the brain at the same time can affect the mind, temporarily or permanently altering the state of confusion. Thus under certain circumstances, such as during near death states, the mind can release the spirit allowing it to remain conscious during the body’s unconscious state.
The second state, the state called “FORGETFULNESS OF THE PAST,” is also produced by the mind and basically consists of a total blocking of the spirit’s memory. It is a block not only of all the memories of his past experiences as a free or reincarnated spirit, but also a blockage of all new memories that the spirit acquires during his new incarnation. As memories are necessary for the spirit to express its intelligence during incarnation, the mind creates a temporary memory associated with the capacity of its spiritual particles to store information. This is how the reincarnated spirit live a physical life based only on the new memories acquired through the daily experiences and stored in the memory of the mind. It is important to emphasize that the spirit continues to store memories in its own spiritual memory, memories that are far more detailed and complete than those of the mind’s memory, but those memories CANNOT BE USED because they are blocked as soon as they are acquired leaving the incarnated spirit to survive only with the mind’s memories.
Now, and this is also very important, the mind’s memory depends on the integrity of the mind itself (having all the spiritual particles interconnected) which at the same time depends on the integrity of the brain. Every time a brain cell died its spiritual particle disincarnates taking with it the fraction of memory it was storing or altering the function it was responsible for. If too many brain cells died then big chunks of memories can be lost leading to gradual lost of person’s memory, physical control of the body and/or missing of some of the important actions of the brain over the spirit like the state of confusion or forgetfulness of the past.
Having said that, we can now understand what is happening in many of the cases presented by Dr. Grayson. For example, we can now understand why people that as a result of brain damage lose their memories until falling in a state of stupor, like in cases of Alzheimer or brain infections, to mention just some of them. As the brain deteriorates the spiritual being incarnated in that body start losing mind’s memories falling in a state of stupor since they need memories to express their intelligence. But as the brain further deteriorates it also reach the spiritual particles in charge of blocking the spirit’s own memory. At some point when the brain is deeply deteriorated, the blockage of the spirit’s own memory cease and the person (incarnated spirit) start recovering partial access to its own memory. That is when the person seems to awake to a conscious state, recognizing family and taking care of their own business before further brain deterioration lead to death.
A similar mechanism occurs in kids that can remember past lives. It seems that some brains don’t have the mind’s mechanism in charge of blocking the spirits memories of the past fully developed during the first years of infancy, allowing the spirits incarnated in those bodies to remember details of their previous lives. However, as kids continue to develop, their brains finally reach the appropriated level of development, leading to a full develop of the mind. That is when the mechanism of forgetfulness of the past is set in full and all memorie4s form a past live simply vanish allowing the kids to continue with their actual live normally. Let’s remember that the mind is the organ responsible for this phenomenon and the mind at the same time depends of the brain structure: 1 brain cell= 1 Spiritual particle of the mind.
Finally, it seems that reincarnation depends of a minimum number of brain cells (hence mind structure) to occurs, and further develop of the brain-mind just increase the grasp of the brain-mind over the spirit. However, if something affects the brain structure it is possible that the remaining tissue re-accommodate to function as normal as possible. It is possible that part of this reshuffle of functions entail a partial use of the spirit’s memories to replace the lack of enough mind components to do it. If that is the case we can end with some people having better memory and better capacity to acquire, process and connect information.
In conclusion: if there is something that clearly emerges from Dr. Greyson’s lecture is that the brain and consciousness (the being that think and decide) are not the same. They both seems to be strongly attach to each other to the point that one (the brain) have a powerful effect over the other (consciousness), which change when the brain experience damage or modification. However, mainstream science has no idea how or why this happens and have no theory than can explain it, therefore, it simply ignore this cases.
The spiritual theory on the other hand, has logic, coherent and powerful fundaments to include connect and explain this phenomena. It still has a long way ahead to reach the level of scientific acceptability especially due to the lack of reproducible experiments that confirm the existence of the spirit, mediumship and the spiritual dimension. We believe we have the way to do that, but still need more cooperation and resources in order to put these ideas in march. We are still working on it and any help is always welcome.

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