Who surround us?

Who surround us?

Spirits Surrounding us 

Incarnating and living a physical life is not enough to reach highest levels of harmony. In fact, we are always free to decide about our actions although we are not free of their consequences, and they definitely have a big impact on our future existence. That applies for everyone.

Not all the spirits are the same -and let’s remember that we are spiritual beings temporarily living in a physical body-. What we are physically, and the way we think and behave is mostly an expression of the type of beings we are, our level of harmony, our convictions, etc. We are what we think.

Life, or physical life, is just a way to confront our weakness, to learn and advance in the path to acquire better harmony. But be aware, harmony is not just a way to vibrate but the result of our knowledge, love and freedom combine in the very essence of what we are as spiritual beings incarnated or not.

That is why the physical experience has such a dramatic impact on the spirit, because what we do and what we think remain with us beyond the physical experience. What you are at the moment of disincarnation is what continue existing as a disincarnated spirit in the spiritual reality.

A good person with strong moral values and a glimpse of hope in the future existence will probably understand easier its new state, recovering faster from the state of confusion in which he was immersed during incarnation. On the other hand, an ignorant and materialistic person will probably require more time to come back to what he was before incarnation, remaining long periods of time revolving around the places he spend most of his life and persons with similar ideas.

These confused spirits are unable to move beyond the physical places they used to live at; they look for others who share the same convictions, staying around, watching what they are doing and trying to influence on them to fit their own believes. This represents the majority of the population of spirits coexisting with us, and although many of them re-enter the cycle of reincarnation, many others still remain around, sometimes for centuries, convinced that this is the only reality. They can’t see the spirits of light and they can’t see higher levels of harmony simply because they can’t conceive it in their intelligence. The spirit creates its own reality with his thoughts.

It is a sad and fascinating spectacle of a spiritual reality deeply imbedded in the physical reality populated by beings of all levels of harmony where those more disharmonic seem totally isolated in the fantasy of a physical life they no longer have. It’s a contradiction of light and darkness everywhere and under them the humanity composes of spiritual beings totally ignorant of their past and their nature.

Mediumship builds a bridge between both: humanity and the spirits. But don’t be fooled thinking that all spirits just for being spirits know everything, no. Most spirits surrounding us are as confuse or even more confuse than us, hence, there is not much what they can teach us. At some point our interaction with the spirits is a two way learning process.

You attract what you are. If the spiritual practice is realized for good people motivated by elevated intensions then it’s possible that you can count with the presence of spirits of elevated condition; otherwise you probably will see only beings equal or more confused than you, plagued of prejudices and contradictions, preaching about their own believes which does not differ much from those they defended when incarnated in the past.

If you really want to make a good of your mediumship practice set a clear purpose, one from which you can harvest something positive, like helping confused spiritual beings to advance, or looking to improve your understanding of the spiritual reality through a positive, respectful and educative dialogue with the guest spirit.

We are them and they are us, we are all spiritual beings and incarnation is just a temporal state. The way we live this physical experience will have a deep impact at our return to the spiritual reality. Let’s start building the path for a better return filling our souls of values and knowledge that makes the transition smooth and happy.






Author: ISRSP

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