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The Spiritual Theory Book is now Available
It is a great honor for us to inform to all members and friends of Spiritual Science that our first book THE SPIRITUAL THEORY is now available at the most important bookstores in USA, Canada, England and Australia.  This book constitutes the first formal proposal of a theory that seeks to explain the spiritual phenomena in a scientific way.  It is the result of more than 36 years of studying and practicing in the spiritual phenomena and about ten years of developing and writing the fundaments for a Spiritual Theory.

As part of the authors’ commitment with the expansion and consolidation of the spiritual knowledge from a scientific perspective, we want to disclose that all profits coming from the sale of this book will be dedicated to the Institute for Scientific Research of the Spiritual Phenomena (ISRSP). This none for profit institution has the main mission to achieve a scientific demonstration of the existence of mediumship as a valid tool to scientifically access the spiritual reality and through it to demonstrate the existence of the spirit and the spiritual reality.

Thanks for your support.

Eduardo Sanz B. Sc Biology, Carlos Manrique B. Sc. Anthropology

Julian Sanz B. Sc. Physics

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