Shared Memories of Past Life under Hypnotic Regression

Past Life Regression

We are surrounded by many weird stories about supernatural phenomena and one of those is the memories of a past life recalled under hypnosis. And to make these cases even stranger now we have this report about several people from a small town that are sharing past life memories of the same event when they all were part of other time and other set of events.

In order to make these experiences valuable and not just reduce to be anecdotic cases we need to start by making sense of them and trying to explain them based in a theoretical model or theory. Fortunately we have a theory that can explain this bizarre phenomenon, The Spiritual Theory (ST). Let’s start by how the ST explains Hypnotic Regression and then how both phenomena (hypnotic regression and share memories) are connected.

If you recall something real (not just an imaginary tale) it happens because in any way you have a memory of that event stored in you, and since the ST affirms that we are spiritual beings transcending from one life to another, then there must be a spirit memory that remains with us life after life. But if that is the case: Why can’t everybody remember that? Why do we need hypnotic regression to remember? Why do we start every life totally disconnected from past experiences?

Based in the Spiritual Theory we the spiritual beings incarnate and reincarnate as a consequence of our affinity with the spiritual components of the body we will inhabit. And that affinity extends to the mother, the family, and even the region (village, city, country, and planet). Different than most theories about reincarnation, the spiritual theory affirms that matter has a big impact in the entire phenomena due to the fact that matter itself is totally permeated of incarnated spiritual particles in all levels of matter organization. They are like the souls of atoms, molecules, genes, cells, and even organs. All of them work in a synchronize way to attract and incarnate the most similar spirit to them.

However, the spiritual components of the body also have a hidden agenda that is focused primarily in the survival of the body. To accomplish that, to maximize the chances of the body to survive and perpetuate through descendance, the body triggers two powerful phenomena: forgetfulness of the past and state of confusion.

Forgetfulness of the past basically means that every spirit as a consequence of incarnation experiences a total blockage of its past memories. That is why we cannot remember anything about past lives.

According to the Spiritual Theory the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells (the soul of the cells) are in charge of keeping this blockage running throughout our entire life. In this way we are going to be totally focused in the new life without the unnecessary distractions of previous memories in which we could be of different gender, race, economical status, religion, etc.

Hypnotic regression is showing that the technique itself is a powerful tool to overcome the barriers that prevent us from reaching those memories, at least partially. Through hypnosis, the person can access part of those memories describing with different levels of detail his own life from the past in the same way that some kids are able to remember their previous incarnations or some people are able to remember another language or skill developed in a past life.

There is always a possibility that people are just fantasizing, but the fact that their memories of the past matched similar recalls of other people under hypnotic regression is a good proof that they are true, in the same way Dr. Ian Stevenson verified the memories of the past life in children.

Author: ISRSP

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