Unveiling Our true Spiritual Nature

We live a life of distractions, it’s unavoidable; after all we are immersed in the physical world, the world of our body, we feel its pain, our thoughts depend of the health of our brain and everything we perceive with the physical senses belongs to the material world. However, deep inside us we have the intuition that there is something else, that maybe we are more than just bones and tissues. We dream, love, express compassion and make good to others even at the cost of our own benefit, Why?

We progress, not just as individuals but also as a society. It is a coherent and correlated advance signed by profound expressions of love and harmony. That’s how the real progress happen sprouting from the expression of attributes that exist beyond the flesh in some kind of un-physical part of ourselves, not visible but as real as the mass of cells that represents us in the mirror.  What is that?

In a world marked by the outstanding progress of science an elusive idea is gaining terrain day after day, it is the idea about the spirit, the soul. It is the idea that we are not the body but the spirit inhabiting inside it to have a physical experience. That’s what we are, an immortal spiritual being nestle in a physical body to which is so deeply connected that the spirit end up with the feeling that it is the body, but it is not.

The relation spirit-body is extremely complex and probably required of long and detail explanations involving physics, biology, anatomy and other science to understand; however, the most important is to understand that no matter in which state we exist attached to a body or as free spirits, the main reason of our existence is to progress, is to evolve into better and better creatures. Beings full of love and compassion ready to share it with an increasing number of other beings. That is how we advance because giving is how we receive, there is no way to progress in isolation, nobody can reach higher levels of harmony hidden in a cave or eluding other beings because of their condition. No. The real challenge is to remain among them to promote their own progress; that’s how we show our real self and how the beautiful attributes we have acquire their real dimension.

The final goal of everybody’s existence is even more complex and difficult to understand, it’s called God or the Infinite Intelligence, the Creator or the Source; a pure source of Creative Energy impossible to comprehend from the deep and obscure cavern in which we exist due to our low level of harmony. But that’s not a reason to stop growing from inside, you don’t need to believe to be nice to others just need to embrace the good as a natural expression of yourself. As you do that you start discovering a new level of existence, one that bring peace and harmony to your existence, one that unfold the many layers of your intelligence and love to clearly show you the path to a new level of conscience.

Author: ISRSP

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