Understanding our Spiritual origins I

For those that are not familiar with the Spiritual Theory, everything that exists can be reduced to 4 components:

1. The Creator or The Supreme Intelligence or The Source: Also known as God, Rá, Yahve, Jehovah, Ahura Mazda, Thor, Zeus, Quetzalcoalt, Allah or many other names in different cultures around the world. The Creator is the existence itself with no origin. It always existed.

2. Spirit: which is the intelligent unit created by The Creator and the Being aware that dwells in every living creature.

3. Spiritual Particles: Result of the fragmentation of Spiritual Units as a consequence of spiritual confrontation.

4. The Spiritual Fluid: an inert component without any properties that fills all the spaces and dimensions.

After creation spirits awake to conscious existence as perfectly harmonic beings gifted with individuality and self awareness. That harmony needs to be understood as a state of perfect balance between the 3 attributes that make the spirit: Love, Intelligence and Freedom.

The number of created spirits is huge but finite and all of them were created at the same time, which established a perfect equality between them. At the time of their creation there was only one Vibrational Dimension, the Primary Dimension, where all the perfectly harmonic beings exist. But considering that spirits had full freedom to decide about their actions and the way they relate their attributes of creation, then other possible vibrational dimensions acquired existence, although only as virtual dimensions.

According with the Spiritual Theory in an unfortunate episode of the spiritual existence, they gave rise to an imbalance state of their core attributes, changing the perfect state of harmony by a state of inharmony. This basically means that the spirits involved in this accident change from a high vibrational state to a lower vibrational state. Now, considering that the dimension of existence of a particular being is determined by its vibrational state, then every spirit involved in this accident automatically vanished from the Primary Dimension and started existing in a different dimension, one defined by a lower state of harmony or vibrational state, the so called Spiritual Dimension.

This change of dimension does not mean that spiritual beings really move away of their “spatial” location; actually we can consider that they remain in the same “place”. They just passed to a different dimension of existence, based on their new vibrational states. This is the origin of the spiritual dimension, a level of reality where an unmeasurable amount of spirits exist in different levels of disharmony ranging from states of almost total harmony to states of disharmony so low that they barely seem to exist.

It was in the spiritual dimension where spirits, lead by confusion and disorientation, were divided into Spiritual Groups, a consequence of their lack of will to reach a common ground to face their new state. The primary division of already inharmonic beings only digs deep into their differences, lowering their vibrational states, something that soon gave rise to spiritual confrontation. It was a desperate attempt to impose by any means their own points of view with catastrophic consequences.

As a consequence of spiritual confrontation, enormous hordes of spirits were launched against each other with the sole intention of domination and subjection. But with a spiritual structure already weaken by a state of disharmony spirits directly involved in these unconceivable battles literally explode originating the Spiritual Particle. These Spirits were no longer units and instead of that they continued their existence as fragmented spirits, still alive in a spiritual sense, but living on each one of their fragments.

The level of agony of those spirits reduced to fragments not only affected them but was extended to those responsible for this actions, lowering their states of harmony and triggering even worse actions. As a consequence, the spiritual war got worse and even the spiritual particles were used as weapons of destruction leading them to smaller and smaller fractions with lower and lower vibrational states. The level of confrontations was so bad that soon these Spiritual Particles reached a size so small and a vibrational state so low that they could no longer remain as part of the spiritual dimension, abandoning it and moving into a new dimension, a dimension defined by the lowest vibrational rank, the Material Dimension.

This is the staring point where the Spiritual history fused with the Universe’s history. These little tiny particles are the source of material particles that make everything that exists in our universe including our bodies, earth, sun, galaxies etc. In the very fine constituents of matter reside the remains of countless number of spirits reduced to a size and vibrational state that only with the help of modern particle physics can be understood. And within each one of these particles are still the spiritual attributes that gave them existence.

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