Understanding our own identity by Miguelangel Pompey

Have you ever thought about who you really are? Just imagine if we as Spirits have to reincarnate many times as necessary to clean up ourselves in this Material World, as Spirits… who we really are? Do we have a number or any other form of ID? Do we have a different name as spirits? Do we have a symbol or maybe a kind of equation that could differentiate us from each other?
Think about actors in movies or theatres…they impersonate heroes, criminals and a lot of different characters, but in reality they are only acting…. They are not heroes or criminals in their real existence in the Material Life; they are just actors interpreting these roles, but what about everybody else? We are not actors but as beings living just another physical life are we acting as well? Where does our real true identity lie?
If we came to this material world a few times, do we carry all the names before we depart to the Spiritual Dimension? For example if we were named John in one life and in another life we were named totally different, which one is our real identity? It could be confusing for us and the rest of Spirits to know all those names!
Names that exist in the Material Dimension don’t exist in the Spiritual Dimension; in the material world we need to identify ourselves with a name, a number, a symbol, etc. Even our fingerprints are unique in the physical world! And here we have an example of being unique in this existence. It is easy to understand identity in our material world, but it becomes a bit difficult to understand identity in the Spiritual World.
What make us different?
Even though we are all equal as Spirits, we have something that differentiates us from each other, and that is our Spiritual Vibration. We call it vibration but in reality it is something more elaborate and complex than that. Being in the Spiritual Dimension it is easy to understand, but here in the Material Dimension, our language is limited to express such situations. And furthermore we are forced to say the word ‘differentiate’ when in reality there is no differentiation between us. Maybe the easy way to say it is that each one of us is ‘unique’! But we are all equal!
When the Spirits were created, they were created in perfection and in perfect harmony. They were not created by a ‘machine’ they were created from something perfect, a creator, that we are unable to describe; and one of the reasons why we are not perfect beings is because of our free will to decide about our own actions. Our everyday actions, in the smallest things we do, when we have negative thoughts, when we cut the life on the smallest creatures in our path, when we eat without thinking what we are eating, and so many other things that we don’t pay attention to and that apparently are not so important to us… But in the end they are, because we are all sharing the same Material World, a world full of joy and suffering where jealousy and power create struggles between us.
We are all the same after all. It doesn’t matter the colour, the race, the nationality or the name. We were all created equal, and we are going to be equal at the end of this journey. Truth, Love and Harmony will prevail; the rest will be left behind. Don’t look around for it! Our real identity is inside us.


Question sent to info@thespiritualscience.net:

I thought that being created equal – meant that we were all equal – no matter what. If there is any difference i.e. vibration – then that is a difference – and the beginning of disharmony?

Answer from Spiritual Science:

It is true that we all the spirits were created equal, but that equality is anatomically speaking. That is, we all are made of 3 attributes: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. However, when the spirit awake to conscious life, he does so as a totally individual and unique being. That uniqueness condition comes from the absolutely personal way in which each being understands, values and uses its attributes. That, in my opinion, is what makes the difference between spirits.

For each spiritual being this uniqueness can be highlighted in the form of questions like:
1. What is freedom and how I understand my freedom and the freedom of others? Have I granted the same level of freedom to everyone? Or Do I have to be restricted to some of them?
2. What is Love and how can I understand my love for others and their love for me? Do I need to love equally every single spiritual being? Or can I just be a little more indifferent to some of them?
3. What is intelligence and how my intelligence can help me understand what am I and what is my role among this community of beings? Is my intelligence better than others intelligence? Are slight differences in someone intelligence a measure of superiority or inferiority? Or is this difference a call for me to start working on helping others to improve their own intelligence use? Can I use that difference to discriminate among beings?

So the key issue here is not what are we made of but how we use that thing that make us conscious beings. It is that particular way how we understand and use our attributes what make us equally-different beings. From the functional integration of these three attributes emerge a vibrational state that is unique for each of us. That is what makes us unrepeatable beings.

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