The Spirit

The Spirit

We often talk in these pages about the spirit or soul. We quote it, we mention it, we invoke it, but probably we got short on analyzing what the spirit really is. This is a class that is necessary to present in order to set a starting point to understand the spirit.

Let’s start by saying that soul and spirit are the same within the Spiritual Theorym (ST). Some spiritual schools often make some distinction between the two, but they are distinctions more related with the way they approach to the phenomena than a real difference. So from the ST perspective we will use both terms spirit and soul as equivalent.

People who believe in the existence of soul or spirit use to say “I hope after my death my spirit will go to heaven or to a higher world,” a somewhat curious expression considering that it is the spirit who is speaking through the body. So let’s start by clarifying that the spirit is the true self conscious being inhabiting the body and the body is just a vehicle for the expression of the spirit.

The spirit is us.

Unlike the Creator, the spirit has not always existed, it had an origin. The spirit was created but has no end. So we will live forever, but do not get confuse about this, the infinite life of the spirit is not tied to matter; in fact, this material life is temporary, is only a moment in the infinite life of the spirit. However the physical life or state of incarnation is an important opportunity we have to confront our own weaknesses. This life is an important opportunity to advance in all our spiritual aspects and strength the spiritual values that will help us evolve to higher states of harmony.

Spirits were created by the Creator or God and He is the only Being of eternal existence. According to studies published by the BSSA (Basilio Scientific School Association) the spirit creation was possible when the Creator endow a fraction of spiritual fluid with the essence of His own attributes. This means that the Creator did not lose anything in the process as He only “impregnated” this fraction of fluid with its own attributes. Remember the reader that the spiritual fluid is an inert substance that fills all dimensional spaces. So spirits do not possess the ability to create other beings

The attributes from which we were created and are the same as those in the Creator are: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. So all people may somehow measure its progress by measuring how their attributes are understood and used to live their life. The goal is to express the utmost respect for the freedom of each and every one of the beings that exist; to become beings capable of offering a complete and pure love to all beings without restrictions or limitations; and struggle every moment of our lives to increase the true knowledge about everything. In such way we can feed our intelligence with the right information necessary to understand the reality we live increasing our ability to better understand the Creator and all the other spiritual beings.

It’s as simple as that. Do you want to know how good and how close to the Creator you are? Well, make an honest evaluation of your expressions of love, intelligence and freedom. If someone asks you to love others, to love God, and at the same time prevent you from asking questions about you believe or to seek reasons or evidence demonstrating the truth of what you believe, then you are been deviated from the evolutionary path that brings you closer to the Creator. Because there is no evolution in harmony without fair interaction between your three attributes. If there is progress in love but your freedom and/or intelligence is being limited then your progress is departing from the main road of evolution to higher states of harmony. If you love all but one, if you believe in the right to freedom of all but one, if you believe in something without reasoning and/or questioning the facts supporting that … then you are not expressing the full potential of your three attributes and is probably deviating from the main path of evolution.

We are spirits with a material body. But we are not matter or spirits existing in the material dimension. If that were the case that incarnated spirits were actually present in the material dimension then they could be captured and locked in a box, or they could be destroyed by bombs and guns. And that never happen. We are spirits in the spiritual dimension living a physical life through the body located in the material dimension. That is why living as incarnated spirits is probably the rarest thing ever. We experience the reality of the matter as if it were our own.

Spirit has no form but based in description given by seer mediums the spirit could have a comparable volume of about 200 cc. Of course, it’s just a comparison as spirits are not material and posses no material properties. Spirit has no eyes, no mouth or ears, but they can see, they can hear and express themselves. The spirit incarnated or not can have all this perceptions and many more to understand what’s going on around him in his own dimension. And since the spirit exist in the spiritual dimension he can perceive and understand clearly what is happening in that dimension but not in other dimensions. At least he is connected in any way with that dimension, for example, by incarnation.

An incarnated spirit has the mechanism to acquire information about what is happening in the material dimension due to complex connections with the brain. The spirit does not see or hear directly in the physical world, he just get a spiritual version of that elaborated by the mind. The process of physically seeing, hearing or perceiving any material thing is a spiritual interpretation of purely “electric” signals. It is something that incarnated spirits learn to do as part of living a physical life. It is you who gives sense to all this signals with help of the brain and mind.

And let me clarify this. When any of us see an object with our physical eyes that does not mean that an image goes straight to the brain as if the image was projected on. No. The image captured by the eye is converted by the retina into electrochemical signals that travel through the nervous system to a specific area of the brain. The only thing the brain really gets is a series of nerve impulses. Those signals are then sent from the brain to the mind which is a purely spiritual organ. It is in the mind where the spirit file an entire collection of experiences learned during its life that makes sense of the electric signals reaching the brain. Once the mind makes sense of the physical signal, it is sent to the spirit so he can know what is happening physically.

That is why although the spirit does not have eyes and ears we say it still can “see and hear”. But to be more precise, the spirit perceives what is happening around. The spirit holds the concepts. Once the spirit is free of its matter (disincarnated) it continues perceiving the events happening in his own reality or dimension in the same way as he did when incarnated. The spirit knows what is happening around through the vibrations emitted by all spiritual elements and perceives and interpreted through its intelligence. The spirit does not have a special part or structure to capture these vibrations; they are perceived by the entire spirit.

The spirit does not have a unique form, it can change. The spirit has been described as a small cloud or “mass” of energy with a definite volume but that may well change shape appearing more elongated or round. The spirit has a brightness that is actually the natural expression of his state of harmony. Harmony of what? Harmony of his attributes of creation: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. It is the harmony of the attributes what determine how the spirit vibrates; and that vibration is manifests as brightness or color.

A good spirit with high concepts of intelligence, love and freedom will surely have great harmony which is reflected as a bright being. And the brightness will increase more and more as the spirit achieves greater harmony of its attributes. But if a spirit is evil with little love for other beings, willing to restrict other’s freedom to take advantage of it, and benighted of his own negligence, will surely look dark and chaotic. This is a being that produce a sense of fear when perceive trough mediumship, and whose presence always creates conflict and discord. It is a being who drags the restlessness of its own state.

Finally, although the spirit is a unit created by the Creator in perfect harmony, once awakened to consciousness of being and exist it took full responsibility for maintaining that harmony. And unfortunately not all spirits did so. A group of us experienced an alteration of harmony and now exist in a dimension other than that occupied by The Creator. That is why we cannot see God from here. In the isolation of our disharmony we invented wars and spiritual fractionation, a catastrophe that involved hundreds of billions of millions of spirits. These fractions or spiritual particles are now the basis of the matter that makes the universe.

They will not remain like that for ever. Evolution is a smart law emanated from the Creator that promotes everything that exists toward states of greater harmony. Spirits and spiritual particles sooner or later will recover their state of harmony and everything will change, from matter to beings. The question then is not whether we will succeed in achieving greater states of harmony but when. And the answer will depend on our strength to guide our existence by the way of Love, Intelligence and Freedom.


Eduardo Sanz

Author: ISRSP

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