When incarnation is considered as a natural consequence of the appearance of matter, it is found out that the spiritual element incarnated in those material structures is the true responsible of the manifestation of intelligence. Therefore, it is responsible for taking decisions which will determine the destiny of these physic-spiritual hybrids, in other words, its survival or extinction as a species.

Let’s see what this means.

All matter, regardless of how complex the structure it forms is, is reduced to being just an aggregate of tiny material particles, the fundamental particles of matter, originated from the spiritual ones. These material particles are so inharmonious that barely survive in the very edge of existence. Due to the incarnation phenomenon resulting from the organization of matter to form more complex structures, increasingly bigger spiritual particles join them or incarnate them in response to natural mechanisms. Hence the bigger size of these incarnated spiritual particles, the bigger their proportion of attributes like intelligence, and the bigger their effect on the entire material structure.

Although this is an important issue at all levels of material organization, its bigger impact is observed when matter reaches the complexity level of biological life. Every single living structure possess incarnated a central Leading Spiritual Particle (LSP) that is responsible for taking decisions about the role of their material structure in their material context. These decisions will determine its survival or extinction a key factor in terms of evolution.

Since the size of the incarnating LSP depends on the complexity of the material structure in which it will incarnate, any mutation leading towards the appearance of a more complex biological structure, will automatically make way for bigger LSP incarnation. And bigger LSP with bigger intelligence will have selective advantages that will allow it to survive, reproduce and eventually replace the entire population of living structures leaded by smaller LSPs.

This is clearly showing us that evolution basically moves due to the random mutation phenomenon and selection on the basis of bigger LSP-bigger intelligence. Now, since the main goal of spiritual evolution is toward an increasing state of spiritual harmony how are intelligence and spiritual harmony related?
Although the intelligence attribute of the spirit, like the other attributes, is fragmented and proportionally distributed among the fragments of a fragmented spirit, its expression, like the expression of the other attributes, will be strongly affected by the general spiritual state of harmony in which that spiritual element exists.

What does this mean? It means that if we have incarnated two spiritual particles of exactly the same size and therefore with a same proportion of attributes, the one with the higher vibrational level of harmony will express in a more vivid and efficient form its intelligence. This determines that while randomness may eventually introduce more complex biological variants that incarnate bigger LSPs, it is the spiritual evolution translated in an increased harmony of the 3 spiritual attributes the factor that allows them to improve their ability to use that higher intelligence. Eventually this better harmonized intelligence will provide the true selective advantage which marks the path of biological evolution.

Putting this in a biological context, if in a population of organisms, random mutation creates two equally complex individuals with bigger LSPs incarnated, the one with the LSP with higher harmony of its attributes will be able to better express its intelligence attribute than the other Spiritual Particle. That particularity will constitute the selective advantage needed to dominate and breed more efficiently in the population promoting at the same time the incarnation of more LSPs of its same type.

The consequence of this principle is enormous to the future of matter and biological entities. Because it establish that evolution is not only moving in direction to more complex biological creatures leaded by bigger Leading Spiritual Particles, but also in direction of creatures with higher states of harmony. As well, higher states of spiritual harmony implies that the biological societies (human societies among of them) are evolving to better societies in terms of spiritual attributes like, freedom, love and intelligence.

Following this reasoning the maximum state of evolution is reached when spirits in full state of harmony are incarnated, which we know is impossible since those spirits are not subjected to incarnation like other mistaken spiritual elements are. However, this issue is resolved when we consider that as species evolve towards improved spiritual harmony and lower selfishness, simultaneously altruistic expressions increase. And these two modifications represent selective disadvantage for those species that eventually will drive the very advance species to extinction giving way to the arrival of new species that will continue the same path.

Some will certainly see this as an injustice, some will say that it does not seem fair for a species to be exposed to extinction simply because individuals of better spiritual condition began to incarnate in it. But it is not like that. Incarnation is a consequence of wrongness. Incarnation is a process that links very disharmonic spiritual elements with matter as effect and consequence of wrongness. Matter and incarnation are owned to wrong elements that need to evolve and a spiritual element with a high degree of evolution does not require this process. Let us remember that unlike other philosophical currents, from the perspective of Spiritual Theory the natural and infinite existence of the being is situated in the spiritual dimensions, being matter just a temporary, anomalous and extremely low state, consequence of spiritual wrongdoing.

If we apply this reasoning to human societies we find out that further steps in human evolution are only possible in the context of the entire humanity. There is no way to conceive a continuous process of human evolution involving just one or a few social or racial groups, basically because the ones left behind will turn so different from the ones stepping ahead that they eventually will face confrontation and extermination, hence leading everybody to lower states of harmony.

That is what in the Spiritual Theory is called an “evolutionary anomaly”.
However, even if human societies reach that perfect point of integration and common social evolution, they will reach some evolutionary point where only total harmony spirits can be incarnated. However, since spirits in that state of harmony are not subject to incarnation, then that point in social evolution will mark the end of the material societies and evolution. From that point the evolution of the spiritual beings will continue exclusively in the spiritual dimension.

Author: ISRSP

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