Spirit and Matter are in Different Dimensions

Are spiritual and material elements in the same level of reality?

This is a question that we, students of the spiritual science, must necessarily ask ourselves. When this question is asked to formal sciences the answer is categoric: “the spirit and the spiritual elements are by definition non material, and thus, they are not susceptible to be studied in any form, hence they are not subject of scientific study”.
Formal science is not answering whether the spirit or any other objects of spiritual nature exist or not with this statement, but is resuming the current state of formal knowledge on these phenomena, because despite the enormous amount of people that ensures that have seen, felt or heard the spiritual world, neither they nor the methods they used have passed a scientific verification trial with impartial observers in a controlled
There is rather more scientific work where it has been demonstrated the fraud attempt of hundreds of supposed mediators of these phenomena, or a rational explanation to them has aroused based on other scarcely known physical phenomena. There even exist several people and organizations, like the one led by the magician James Randi, that offer one million dollars to whom may achieve a single demonstration of a phenomenon like these in controlled conditions, million dollars that many have tried to get but all of them were left behind on the road of disparagement.
For those of us who study the spiritual science at the Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA), the spirit and the spiritual world are an unobjectionable truth. We prove, daily, the existence of the spirit, the spiritual particle and the spiritual world. Daily, the seer-mediums describe the presence and movement of these spirits through the spiritual acts room of the school, or incorporated in a medium expressing their views and daily, the existence of the spiritual world is mediumnimically verified.
We know spiritual movement does not only happen in the spiritual acts room at the school, we know that those same spiritual elements move everywhere throughout the material world. Additionally we know and it has been verified that every living organism, from insignificant bacteria to the sophisticated human being, is made not only by an enormous amount of spiritual particles incarnating their cells, tissues and organs but in each of them there is a central spiritual element that assumes the leading role, being a particle in all known living forms but in humans where the particular conditions of its anatomy have led to the incarnation of a spiritual unit or complete spirit as the leading spiritual element.
We know through mediumnity that spiritual elements are out there, we know they are tightly related to living structures and even to non living ones, but, why is that presence not so evident to formal science? Why has formal science not been able to prove their existence? Why has the spiritual component never appeared in any of the equations that define the dynamics of the universe? For a single reason, because spiritual elements are not detectable, they are not measurable, they do not physically interact with matter, they do not affect matter in any physical way, because, in scientific terms, they do not make a real part of this universe, and to me that has only one possible explanation: Because matter and spirit are in different realities.
But, what does it mean to be in different Realities? Matter is at a reality level called the material reality level. This universe in which the Milky way is immerse, a galaxy that in one of his arms locates a pale yellow sun with some planets orbiting around it, earth among them, is part of that reality. But, what is a Reality? What defines a Reality? How is it characterized? To formal sciences it is easy to answer the question of what a material Reality is, because to formal sciences everything that exists is an element of that reality, the material Reality. Although sometimes tremendous debates occur in order to assign different categories to the world of ideas and the one of
In that order of ideas material reality would include everything that is likely to be measured, identified and proved. Any element, whether it is visible or not, that belongs to material reality can be accessed directly or not through its influence or interaction with the other elements that exist in it. But if something that we do not know is here, but we cannot detect in any way, it does not interact with anything at the material level, and does not affect in any form any of the material elements then it is equivalent to not being in that reality. And it is not only about not knowing that foreign element or that it is made of some type of rare substance.
No one had ever seen a black hole in space, but its existence as an element pertaining to this reality level was evident through the theories that explain material reality, due to their gravitational effect on stellar bodies close to it and its particular way to emit X-rays (also known as Bekenstein-Hawking radiation). No one has ever neither seen dark matter nor known what it is, but its existence is evident because of its gravitational effect on nearby matter in the universe. No one has ever neither seen dark energy nor known what it is, but its existence comes from the need to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe phenomenon. That is, all the elements that coexist in the same Reality share the same laws and exist under their rule.
Thus, in that order of ideas, could it be said that incarnated spiritual elements that, we know, move through this material reality are part of it? In my opinion the answer is no, they could not. No spiritual element exists in this level of reality, no spiritual element makes part of this reality, which is why they are not detectable, not measurable, and they do not interact with matter. That is why they are not theoretically predictable, and are not study subject of formal science. Spiritual elements seem more likely to belong to a different reality, another level of existence that goes beyond the level of material reality.
In no experiment ever made it has been reported an unknown factor altering the results that has not become known until today. It has never been found an exception to the law of conservation of energy and matter, a law that states that this universe is made of an exact amount of matter- energy that can only change from one form to another but never destroyed or any new form of matter-energy created. We now know that sometimes very powerful spiritual groups are moving through this world but physics has never mentioned the appearance of an unknown source of new matter or new energy. Why? Because they are not here, actually, and they are not and will never make part of this Reality.
But then, why does mediumnity seem to sense them here? Why does mediumnity seem to see them among us? Moreover, spiritual science holds that the fundamental components of matter were originated from those same spiritual elements that suffered some type of transformation to acquire their material state, but, what type of transformation was that which put them in so different realities isolated form each other? Formal sciences tell us that they are not here but spiritual science tells us they are, then, how can we conciliate these two entirely opposite points of view?
In my opinion, the key to resolve this contradiction stands in the concept of vibrational state. All spiritual elements vibrate and their vibrational state reflects the level of harmony of its constitutive attributes. The surge of the wrongness state marked the beginning of a disharmony state of its attributes that became more prominent after the calamitous events that occurred during that event and which dragged almost all the elements that were involved to the fragmented state, a state that results not only from the confrontation but of their completely wrong intention that brought them to even lower vibrational states.
In the different vibrational states reached during these events, in my opinion, is where stands the difference that led to the separation of the elements that today make part of matter. Their vibrational state would have fallen so low that as a consequence they began existing in a completely different level of reality, a reality bounded by their new vibrational states, a reality completely separated from the spiritual reality in which they lived, the material reality. But it is not a reality separated just by some sort of physical barrier or location, because if it was the case they would continue being equivalent and part of the same reality. This separation goes beyond a change of location and a simple barrier; it’s a separation that makes them exist in a different form, living a new reality consequence of their new low spiritual vibrational state.

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