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Hey eduardo how are you? my mother just recently gifted me the book The Spiritual Theory, ive been reading it for abt the last 2 weeks, its amazing how some of the things ive experienced are explained through a scientific method, allot of this book makes sense to me. Ive got allot of questions to ask but everytime I ask my mother she tells me to contact you through Facebook because she doesn’t know or can’t explain….
As I read the book, I feel my mind opening to the understanding of the world around me and why it is the way it is. Ever since I was little ive had visits by spirits, sometimes lost other times bad. Ive seen and experienced some weird things, this book is helping me to explain the reason behind most visitations. I feel though, that ever since I started reading it ive become more susceptible to energies… I know its weird… When I was a kid around 3-10 I used to hear them, see them and feel them. As ive grown ive lost sensitivity and can only sense them and communicate with them through vivid dreams, I’ll get images and feelings, sometimes flashes of a person, (if they were a person)… I feel like since ive started reading the book ive become sensitive again…. I dont know what to do.
This wasnt intended as a cry for help, I just need guidance…. my mother said you might be able to explain some things better than her.

Response from Eduardo Sanz:

Thanks for contacting us regarding your experiences. It is obvious to me from your email that you are a medium. I know your mother, grandmother, uncles and other family members since I joined the Basilio School more than 30 years ago. Some of them have different kind of mediumship manifestations and as we explained before in an article published in (Why not everybody can see or detect spirits, Puede heredarse la Mediumnidad?), mediumship can be inherited, which explained why you are able to perceived spirits in different ways.
First at all you need to consider that mediumship is an attribute of the mind, being the mind an spiritual organ made by the functional integration of the Spiritual Particles (SPs) incarnated in different brain cells. Since each cell pull a specific SP based in the spiritual environment created by its genes, then, each person’s mind is genetically related with its own family.
At some point, the specific genetic balance of a person can create a mind compose mostly by SPs that are very sensitive to spiritual manifestation, which is what define a medium. Now, spirits only have one form of communication and that is through spiritual vibrations. Vibrations are the spiritual language. They constitute a language that is far more complex and rich in information that any human language. Communication through Spiritual Vibrations is in some way like transferring thoughts.
When a spirit gets close to a medium like you, its vibrations are irradiated all around and are captured by your mind. It is when the mind, based in its specific spiritual composition, can interpret those vibrations as sounds, images, odors, etc. The spirit is not talking in a physical sense, nor has any physical form or smell. It is your mind what makes sense of the spirit vibrations interpreting them in one way or the other. That is why you can feel, hear or see them.
Spirits are all the time around us. Most of them are disincarnated spirits which were so attached to matter and the physical things that they remain in the transitional dimension instead of returning back to the spiritual dimension (the transitional dimension is an intermediate dimension between the spiritual and physical dimensions; it is where all incarnated spiritual elements are located). They can’t see matter or act over it directly, because they are no longer incarnated, but they can perceived all the spiritual components of matter getting a perfect idea about what is going on in the physical world. Some of them can’t even accept they are dead and remain close to the places and persons they used to know to influence their behavior and decisions.

Some spirits have an agenda that express the obscures interest of bigger spiritual groups, and others are highly harmonic spirits that look after you to guide your evolution. It is up to every person which influence will succeed.

When someone has the gift of mediumship, he or she also needs to understand that it not only entail a big responsibility but also a big opportunity to explore and learn more about the spiritual reality. And let’s to remember that the physical life is just a brief instant in the infinite existence of the spirit whose natural place of existence is the spiritual dimension. Unfortunately the almost total lack of knowledge of incarnated spirits about the spiritual reality plus the state of confusion that surround the spirit during its physical life, make more difficult to acquire a clear picture of who we are and why we are here.

Most people don’t even know they have a mind, and the scientific community can’t agree about what it is and where it is. But thanks to research based in mediumship, we now know about its composition and role in the communication with the spirits.

As a spiritual organ, the mind is part of the structures that allows an incarnated spirit (located in the spiritual dimension) to handle a physical body (located in the physical dimension), understanding and deciding about its physical life. But since incarnation produce an almost total isolation of the spirit from the spiritual reality the mind becomes a fundamental means to reconnect the spirit with its dimension.

Although mediums like you are more able to perceive and interpret spiritual communications base in a more sensitive mind, it can change based in your will to get in contact with the spirits or not. Some spiritual researchers believe that modernity and changes in human life that make people more focus in the physical world, account for less mediumistic expression. That probably explain why you experienced a temporally reduction in your mediumistic sensitivity that is now coming back after reading and focusing again in the spiritual world.

What can someone do when discover that is a medium?

First at all it is important to change habits. Think about mediumship like having a perfect white suit. If you want to keep it clean you don’t play with dirty. Mediums need to understand that they are more sensitive to the spiritual environment of the places they visit and the spiritual atmosphere they create with their own behavior.

Mediums and people in general, need to use their conscience to decide about the right and wrong of their decisions. Live a life full of love, respect for others, honesty, charity. That is the best way to create an elevated spiritual atmosphere around us and to assure that highly harmonic spirits will come to our help. It also constitutes a fraternal way to educate disharmonic spirit that are everywhere, especially those that pretend to use your mediumistic skills to extend their confusion and badness.

Please feel free to send us as many questions as you consider necessary. We’ll be happy to share with you the few we know about the spiritual phenomena.

Author: ISRSP

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