Life and Death: The Spiritual Perspective

Life and Death: The Spiritual Perspective

From the Spiritual Theory’s Viewpoint

This assay pretends to expose in general the aspects related with life and death according with the principles postulated in the Spiritual Theory, which is also based on the knowledge acquired at the Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA). It is important to remark that this assay does not stand as a final truth , but only an approach that will surely be re-evaluated and modified in the future to the light of new evidence.

To better understand the phenomena of life and death, it is necessary to start by understanding what we really are.

What are we?

We are human beings, the only known species on the surface of earth that is conscious about its existence. We are the result of millions of years of evolution through which our body has changed, specially our brains, which has grown bigger in proportion to the rest of our body. During this time the way in which we communicate with other individuals of our species has changed, and we have gone from being individuals competing with one another to survive, to human groups sharing common principles and goals.

In our evolutionary path we have managed to extend the abilities of our bodies through the invention of machines and tools, and we have been able to increase dramatically our knowledge about the world through science. Thanks to science, as a creative activity, we have been able to know more detailed information about the complex structure that our body represents, particularly, we have located in our brain the center of all conscious activity that defines us as human beings conscious about ourselves. In this complex network made up by millions of neuron cells, interweaves the fine connections and surge the processes that allow us to exist as physical beings.

But it is not the brain the source of the conscious about being or existing, nor of the complete intelligence that make us different from other species. These are qualities and attributes that belong to a hidden component of the human being. A component whose nature and existence occurs beyond the physical limits and therefore beyond the reach of traditional sciences which are not able to study and comprehend it: The conscious state and the Intelligence belong to the Spirit or Soul.

We are body and spirit, soul and matter. We are an existential duality because we are intelligent and infinite spirits living a temporal existence within a body; through which we exist in the Material Reality. All living beings are trapped souls within a body, each in one individual body. We are so perfectly tied to the body that we even believe we are the body. But the physical body is temporal, while the spirit is infinite, that is, it was created but will not have an end.

Body and soul due to their vibration state are natural inhabitants of different dimensions or realities of existence. The spirit exists in the spiritual dimension, and the body in the material dimension. That is why by studying, measuring and scrutinizing through matter does not make possible to see or find the soul, just as it is not possible for the soul to see and act on matter. Only through the extremely complex mechanism of incarnation (the one that determines the union of the spirit to the human embryo) it is possible for spirit and matter to influence one another.

It is in the spirit where we find the attributes that are the essence of who we are: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. That is why we are not beings with a soul but souls inhabiting a body. It is the spirit the one who thinks and reasons, the one which loves and hates, the one who analyzes and evaluates, the one which evolves or moves back. It is us, each one of the spirits inhabiting the bodies, the true essence of the human being. We are the brother, the father, the son, the friend or that known person that we physically recognized. But we are not the body but the soul. The body is only a vehicle through which the spirit expresses live, a physical life.

Before Being Born To Material Life

Now that it is clear that we are spirits of spiritual nature and infinite existence, we can address the topic of life itself: the spiritual life and the material life.

We are spirits inhabiting temporarily in our bodies as was explained earlier. That is, this physical life actually is a temporary and transient state. There exist much, much more spirits than bodies, so that just a small fraction of them are incarnated, the others inhabit in a natural and free way in the spiritual dimension, the reality of existence that is natural to them due to their vibrational state.

The spiritual dimension is not some distant place from the material dimension and does not exist in a different “place”. Furthermore, there only exist one place or “space” which is infinite, and in that same place occur the material and spiritual dimensions. Here, where matter exists occurs the spirit as well, separated, but not by a physical barrier or a clearly demarcated boundary but separated by the vibrational state of the components of each dimension. While the spiritual elements vibrate in a most elevated form, the material elements vibrate in a lower form. That is why even though spirits and matter exist in the same place they are not visible to each other; they cannot interact nor affect each other directly.

Thus, each group of elements (spiritual and material) creates their own reality of existence, that is, the reality in which the events that affect them directly occur. Each one of those realities is called a Vibrational Dimension or Reality of existence.

The spirits are intelligent entities, so we are able to recognize ourselves as units of existence, individuals and unique. We were created with the same attributes (love, intelligence and freedom) by The Creator, all at the same moment, but we are not identical. We, the spirits, are different, unique. Each one of the uncountable created spirits is different and distinguishable from the others. Each spirit is completely conscious about being and existing, as we are even when inhabiting in these bodies. That is why even though we may be physically identical to another being (the case of identical twins or clones) we remain unique and distinguishable from the other, because there is a unique spiritual entity in each body. The physical phenomenon is no more than an anatomical curiosity.

It is that individual and independent intelligence called spirit what exist in the spiritual dimension. It is us existing there; we are the being, the essence of the beings that naturally exists in the spiritual dimension. The spirit is not just a part of us that survives and ends up residing in the spiritual dimension after we die, but it is ourselves who abandon the body and continue our existence there.

But just like occurs here, existence in the spiritual dimension is a tough task. There exist in both dimensions beings of great nobility and goodness as well as others whose essence resides in the lowest darkest side of perversion. Perhaps the philosopher who said that up there is just like down here was right. Because even though they are different dimensions and different states of existence, both are inhabited by the same types of spirits with their goodness and lowness.

Both there and here are societies of spirits that profess the principles of love and harmony that contrast with others sunken in the ignorance and confusion created by spirits loaded with ambition and low harmony states making of existence something unbearable.

We, the spirits, are gregarious entities. We do not like to be alone and it does not make any sense for our existence to be isolated. That is why we are always forming groups. These groups gather spirits that share something in common, an attitude, an idea, or a common end. While other groups base their cohesion on fear. These are groups where no one can be itself, and where harmony and love are considered expressions of weakness that make the one who show them subject to punishment through degradation. They will be reduced to make the group base line and the first to collide with other spirits during the spiritual wars.

Because there are also wars in the spiritual dimension. There, the most disharmonic groups of spirits confront and destroy each other propelled by despise towards others who are different. Furthermore, it is there where wars were born and later were imported to the material dimension by many who were coming to incarnate.

In those spiritual wars, however, was at stake something more than supremacy and control. In those wars where no weapons exist, the true losers were the spirits in the front line that blinded by their hate and/or forced by fear, ended up crashing and smashing one another. These wars are of immeasurable dimensions, they are brutal encounters of spirit against spirit. However, nowadays these wars today are not as big and devastating as they were in the past, but the consequences will remain for eons. Because in these wars billions of billions of spirits were fragmented. They literally broke into many pieces and remain alive giving rise to an element not created by the Creator: the Spiritual Particle.

Thus, uncountable numbers of spirits were reduced to Spiritual Particles and those same particles were force to new clashes reducing them over and over. And even though the spirits continued existing in each one of their parts and those particles retained a proportional part of the spirit’s attributes, they did lost the condition of full consciousness about their existence, proper of the spiritual unit. Most of those particles, the smallest and most backward are the basis of the matter that makes the universe, while other spiritual particles, the biggest and less backward, continued existing in the spiritual dimension submitted to the phenomenon of incarnation and becoming the soul of plants and animals, cells and molecules, etc, they are the “intelligence” behind the matter, reduced because they are fractioned, but still intelligence.

The spiritual dimension is vast and infinite, with a complex variety of relations between spirits, so strange and dissimilar that it is easy to realize that it is more complex there than the material universe in which our bodies exist. But there exist an important difference between the spirit that freely exists in the spiritual dimension and those who are temporarily living a material existence through the body. The spirit without body is freer, is more the expression of itself, of its essence. While the incarnated spirit lives an existence conditioned by the instinctive conducts of its body and subjected to the strict control and the powerful influence of the mind.

The non- incarnated spirit exists and acts reflecting the pure essence of its nature, objectively expressing what it is, because its existence and essence is manifested through the way the spirit vibrates. The priorities of the spirit in the spiritual dimension are totally different from that of the material dimension, because the spirit does not have a body, so the spirit is neither male nor female, or anything in between. The spirit is not a father, a mother, a son or a daughter or even a friend. The spirit simply is the being that express the affinity that brings him close to ones and the antipathy that pushes him away from others.

However, not all the spirits have incarnated or will do it, although, that possibility will always depend on the affinity that exists or emerge between spirits and the material societies. Because a human society is a clear reflection of the vibrational state of the spirits incarnated and nothing is static, everything changes and spirits with low affinity with any material society could eventually develop that affinity in the future as a result of the natural evolution of those societies on earth or in any other planet with biological life.

The experience of incarnation gives the spirits a unique perspective of the material reality, because they lived it and are able to understand it with their intelligence even after they have disincarnated. A perspective that is so weird to the spirit that has never incarnated, as it is at this moment for us, incarnated spirits, the spiritual reality, another consequence of the powerful effect of control the mind exercises over our ability to perceive the reality that surrounds us.

The Material Life

Each spirit, regardless of its dimension of existence vibrates in a particular way, which makes it more kindred to some spirits and less to others. That is the principle of affinity that brings us together to form societies of spirits in the spiritual dimension and even in the material dimension. Thus, when some of those spirits incarnate in a body, and during that material existence have children (human embryos), they are as well creating the conditions for other kindred spirits to incarnate. Therefore, the members of a family and even of a human society are not completely stranger to one another. Surely they had been together in the spiritual dimension and try to remain together in the material dimension.

The union of spirit to matter is called incarnation. Maybe it is not the most appropriate term, but it is historically used to refer to this complex and strange phenomenon of integration between spirit and matter. Incarnation is the union of a spirit belonging to the spiritual dimension, with a body belonging to the material dimension.

According with the Spiritual Theory, the developing body creates the brain, the brain creates the mind and the mind creates the conditions to attract and incarnate the spirit. It is a natural phenomenon resulting from the affinity between the spiritual components of matter and the incarnating spirit. Each atom, molecule, cell and organ of the body attracts and incarnates spiritual particles, but is the brain, due to its complexity, the organ that attracts and incarnates a spiritual unit.

We, the parents that breed children, have a body with trillions of Spiritual Particles (SPs), but not any type of them. These SPs are kindred in a vibrational way to us. And when we form a family, we generally do it with a person whose spirit and body also share certain grade of affinity with us. And then, when we have children, their bodies come to life being kindred to us (parents) in the spiritual composition of their cells and organs, therefore attracting and incarnating a spirit that is similar to us. This is why children are not strange to us. Our children have an incarnated spirit which is similar to us, and that is why it is so easy for us to love them and to take care of them. There are, of course, exceptions, but that is another story to be told.

When a spirit is attracted by the developing mind of a little embryo, it initially established a weak connection with the mind and through the mind with the brain and the rest of the body. But as the embryo grows and its brain and mind become more complex, the linkage of spirit and mind becomes stronger, to the point in which the mind submerges the incarnated spirit in the material reality, dominating it and even controlling its ability to remember and communicate with its spiritual reality.

The incarnated spirit goes from the “freedom” of the spiritual dimension to a state of constriction, reduced to the clumsy movements of matter. They are different worlds and the newcomer spirit is pushed to divert all of its attention to the process of knowing its body, learning the details of this rare material reality of three-dimensional shapes and learning how to manage its body and expressing through it. The spirit isolation from the spiritual reality is almost complete except for some vibrations from other spirits that manage to pass thru the powerful mental filter to become the inspiration for greatness or evil, depending on its source. This phenomenon is called mediumnity.

The human minds are not all equal. Their composition varies according to the particular cells and their arrangement, consequence of the different genetic traits inherited. Each cell produces its own balance of material and spiritual charges and this leads to the incarnation of a type of SP or another. This creates a wide range of mental structures some of which may eventually develop a particular mediumnity, a gateway for the incarnated spirit to consciously access its own dimension. This is why some people are mediums and others are not. Mediumnity is a mental condition that makes it easier for people who possess it to reconnect with the spiritual reality from the perspective of their temporary material reality.

That is what our children really are, young bodies endowed with soul like us, but different. With some grade of affinity to us, yes, but not created by us. In each of our children lives a spirit that is as old as us, endowed with the same attributes as us, but inhabiting a body that they must learn to understand and control, as we, their parents, did. In the affinity that binds us to them grows the love which will serve as encouragement to give ourselves entirely to the task of helping them to successfully go through this difficult stage. And in the process all together will regain some of the lost harmony and bring us a step closer to the Creator.

But while finely embedded in our body, although deeply immersed in the material reality, we cannot forget that we are spirits inhabiting a body and not the body itself. Somehow the body has its own life, but not a conscious life because consciousness of being and existing belongs to the spirit-unit we are. The body has genes controlled in someway but its own incarnated spiritual particles, and they have their own agenda, the agenda of the very fragmented and disharmonic Spiritual Particles that compose them.

Much of the life on earth has occurred without us, the spiritual units. For more than 3 billion years of life on earth the SPs govern every single aspect of life. Along this time they created a world that reflects their poor spiritual condition. So the basis of material existence seems to be based in selfishness, because that is the expression of their intimate nature of fragmented and disharmonic fractions. Billions of years passed in which generation after generation of organisms of all kinds directed by SPs created a merciless world where the only rule was to survive at any cost. So when the first spiritual units came to incarnate the primitive hominids, they had no choice but to live the harsh reality defined by instinctive behaviors, predetermined by the genes in their bodies.

Fortunately, evolution, as a universal law, clever as its source, is able to promote all what exists to states of greater harmony, making us what we are today. Evolution is the law that brought forth the flower of hope and progress in a dessert of backwardness and disharmony.

It has not been easy for us to overcome the destructive selfishness of genes or our own spiritual condition. But we have survived so far and have created a society of human groups moving towards the creation of a global society and beyond. Although we have ups and downs marked by wars and ideological differences, it is clear that we move in that direction.


We live in our bodies as long as this is able to keep alive the organ to which we are bound as spirits: the brain. It sounds strange because we tend to think of our body as a unit, but the reality is that all other organs of the human body are important as long as they provide what is necessary for the brain to function properly. So when extensive brain damage occurs leading to a wide death of brain cells, simultaneously there is a wide disincarnation of Spiritual Particles from those cells which were also part of the mind. This leads to weakening the vibrational ties that hold the spirit incarnated. And by the time that cell death and disincarnation of PEs exceeds some critical value, the ability of the mind to retain the spirit is lost and the spirit is released from its material tether, returning to the freedom of the spiritual dimension to which it belongs.

However, sometimes happens that after an accident or illness, the brain damage, though extensive, does not reach the critical value and then the spirit remains incarnated but unable to communicate with the body. That is when some types of vegetative state or coma occurs, a state where the body is alive but unconscious. Many times the body seems to respond, but it does so more through repeated automatic behaviors learned by the SPs of the mind than a conscious expression of the incarnated spirit. The spirit is still there, incarnated but unable to express anything.

Sometimes the mind is able to create new paths of spiritual communication with the brain and eventually succeeds returning the spirit to conscious control, even after decades of total silence, irrefutable proof that the spirit never left the body. Because once the connections between spirit and mind surpassed the critical value the spirit leaves, it disembodies and cannot ever get back to that body. The disincarnation phenomenon is irreversible.

With the advance of medical science it has been possible to keep body alive with the help of devices and techniques of artificial feeding even after the departure of the spirit, but although the body is kept alive, it is a body without a soul and without any possibility of being awaken to consciousness again because this consciousness belongs to the spirit and it is no longer there.

The connection of spirit with mind and mind with brain is so close that the incarnated spirit lives, enjoys and suffers even the simplest details of its material life, this even though the spirit is not in the material dimension. The brain collects information from the world through the physical senses; it goes to the mind to be interpreted before being handed over to the spirit for its information. And also, the decisions created in the intelligence of the spirit go to the mind to be interpreted before being passed to the brain for physical implementation. This is a complex process that involves a fragmentation of the physical-spiritual information before it reaches the physical-spiritual conversion point to be reassembled again. That involves a huge number of components and subcomponents of the brain and mind, but happens almost instantaneously.

The union mind-body or incarnation is temporal and last as much as the brain stays alive. Brain death can occur suddenly as a result of an accident or slowly due to a disease or simply progressive deterioration of the body and brain, over the years. In the latter case, the progressive death of brain cells lead to disincarnation of SPs who were part of the mind. And, because each of these SPs is a part of the attractive “force” that keeps the spirit incarnated, the disembodiment of the SPs of the mind makes that force weaker, gradually freeing the spirit of its material “imprisonment”.

In this process the person that gradually moves closer to death is increasingly liberated from the strong control exerted by the mind shifting to a state where it seems to start being more aware of the spiritual reality. Many people even come to perceive the presence of their loved ones deceased long ago, which is not casual because we have affinity with our families and that affinity leads them to be there when our time comes.

In some clinical cases during induced unconscious states, some people may experience a transition from the dream state to some kind of mediumnimic state. The difference between the two states lies essentially in the location of the mind. During the dream state, the mind (like the spirit) is separated temporarily from their location superimposed on the brain, which leaves a person in a state of total unconsciousness, unable of recording or interpreting anything of what the spirit lives on in the spiritual reality or through the body. But during the mediumnimic state, we know that while the spirit is separated from its natural location, the mind still remains superimposed on the brain, creating a state of semi-consciousness that allows the spirit to register, perform and record what is happening in the spiritual dimension or around its body.

This is why people who experience these states during surgery are able to recall actual events that occurred during the medical procedure. They are direct witness of these events and use the mind to interpret and store what is happening. That makes these memories not only easy to be remembered but understandable in the natural symbolism of the physical life.

While there is no complete liberation of the spirit, this will continue feeling and living the reality associated with its material life and body. The still incarnated spirit will feel anxiety about its condition, natural fear to its possible death, pain for the suffering of those who love and the sadness it will leave behind. The spirit can even feel despair because it cannot do anything about it, but as the total release of the body gets closer, a sense of peace and tranquility is taking hold of him. It is like getting rid of a suit that makes him feel pain and discomfort.

When the total liberation of the incarnated spirit occurs, all the material reality that it was living through its mind and body completely disappears and the spirit continues existing in the reality of existence that is now natural for it, the spiritual dimension. Spiritual Theory explains that the incarnation is a result of the formation of a “vortex of incarnation” created by the sum of vibrations of the SPs of the mind. This implies the incarnated spirit remains in a vortex or tunnel of incarnation in an intermediate dimension, between the spiritual and material dimension. The incarnated spirit never fully comes to the material dimension because the spirit vibrational state is typical of the spiritual dimension. And whereas incarnated the spirit can not fully return to the spiritual dimension due to the strong attraction of the vibrational components of the mind. So when the disincarnating process occurs, the spirit literally abandons the vortex towards its natural freedom. Some people with near death, experiences have reported the perception of a tunnel or vortex that could be a reference to the same structure.

Once disembodied the spirit after brain death, it is clear that the body can no longer continue to provide care for the organs that still remain active and eventually start dying, followed by the death of their cells and the disembodiment of their SPs. However, sometimes medical science is able to keep the body functioning for some time in order to rescue these organs for transplanting to other bodies, where they keep functioning providing the necessary physical conditions for other brain to live and therefore keep the spirit incarnated.

The disincarnated spirit soon recovers the full consciousness of being a free spirit, and eventually stars recognizing its natural state of freedom. There, it continues existing as the essence of the material being it was without the details made up by the mind during the adaptation process to the material reality, like gender, family or social member, etc. While the spirit no longer has a mind or body, the essence of what it physically was and emanated from its spiritual condition still remains. So if it was a racist in its material life then it will continue believing that beings can be classified and that some are superior to others, and will continue to act in that direction forming alliances with similar spirits. If the spirit was a religious fanatic then it remain convince that its beliefs are the absolute truth joining other fanatic spirits to impose its ideas. Even those who were staunch materialists, total deniers of spiritual reality will continue to hold that the spirit does not exist or that there is no spiritual reality, conceiving that their new spiritual state is just a different form of the material existence.

After disincarnation the spirit is associate with those who are close to them, there is no judgment court, or any hidden force or law to determine their place in the spiritual dimension. It is them, with their status what determines that fate. Many others because of their status of higher harmony and higher conception of spiritual values, after disincarnation will eventually come into contact with other harmonic spirits with which they will find a guide to continue an accelerated spiritual evolution. Their job will mainly focus on rescuing their rather confused and backward peers, because for the harmonious spirit, their existence and evolution only makes sense in the context of all spirits. The more evolved spirits are the more aware of their need to rescue others and put them on the evolutionary path.

But while the spirit is not almost entirely harmonious, the incarnation is always possible to happen. Of course, the higher the harmony state of the spirit the more evolve the physical society they will join for incarnation, accelerating with their presence the evolution of those societies. Incarnation as a natural phenomenon is completely determined by principles of affinity between the spirit and material life forms; however, it is known that although the embodiment is natural and automatic, it also has a voluntary option. So if a spirit is akin to a developing body and wants to embody in it, then it can do so before the natural mechanism attracts and incarnate another spirit. This has been a key issue in the evolution of human cultures, because many spirits of high harmony have understood this, making great efforts to increase the number of voluntary incarnations reducing the potential negative effect of the natural process that sometimes is accompanied by a natural rebelliousness of a spirit who is forced to incarnate. Even many of these spirits of high harmony have volunteered themselves to incarnate, and their presence has grown fundamental seeds in our culture that have brought progress and advancement in all fields of human knowledge.

But even without their presence the societies of incarnated spirits evolve and become even more inclusive and richer of values. Their evolution is a steady increase in the harmony of the three attributes of creation: love, intelligence and freedom, either individually or collectively. This simultaneity is an indisputable requirement for evolution; evolution cannot be sustained when one or more of these attributes is relegated from the others.

Thus an individual or a society with much intelligence but devoid of love or freedom eventually collapses. An individual or a society full of love and freedom but completely ignorant also collapses. That is why in the future of humanity there will not exist radical societies in one way or another. Only with love, intelligence and freedom simultaneously integrated, we can move towards a future evolution. And in that process we eventually acquire the state of harmony needed to detect the presence of the very source of the spirit attributes and primary cause of our creation: The Creator.

Many complain and disallow about the apparent absence of The Creator. Many accuse him and point Him out for their troubles and hardships, but those same people have forgotten that it was in the total freedom of the spirit actions that the disharmony appeared, which is the reason why we exist today in this dimension after leaving the dimension of perfect harmony. It is not that The Creator does not want to be here, but it is us who cannot still be there. Simply because each entity exists in the dimension of its own state of harmony, of its vibrational state. And the Creator being the essence of harmony himself naturally exists in the dimension of total harmony. We, the disharmonious spirits, exist in the natural dimension of our state, but we have the evolution to lead us there. Inside each of us reside the potential to recover the lost state of total harmony, because the seed of creation that gives us the potential to do so exists in each of us, the seeds of love, intelligence and freedom.


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