Life after death

Life after death

Death doesn’t really exist; at least not in the sense most people understand it. We need to consider the reality of our actual situation to understand what death is. We are spiritual beings existing in the spiritual dimension even during our physical life; that is why no scientists with sophisticated equipment have ever been able to detect the spirit or the spiritual reality. However, we the human beings are living as if we were physical creatures due to the powerful effect that our material bodies exert over us.
The control made by the body over the spiritual being is so strong that it actually experience a total forget of the past, and I’m not just talking about previous physical lives but everything, including spiritual past experiences which are much, much, older than the short history of incarnations. The reasons are multiples and complex hence are not part of this manuscript, but allow me to cite just the most important: our body has its own agenda, the genes agenda, which only want to dominate and perpetuate, and a conscious spiritual being living in a body but completely distracted in memories of the past is a bad business for them. For that reason since the appearance of human beings genes found the way to exert control over the spirit in order to control it, untangling it from his past memories and forcing him to live a life totally focused in the physical experience.

And we are here, ignorant spiritual beings totally convinced that we are the body, suffering and crying for everything that is happening to it, frightened of dying some day and totally clueless of what is going to happen after that. That’s pretty ironic; we are scare of going back to home, to our real life just because we are immerse in this temporal amnesia, but sooner or later we all will unavoidably face it and we better have to try to get ready so we’re not going to put ourselves in an unnecessary prolonged confusion .

The transition of physical death
Death as we know is the lost of all physiological activity in our body. The heart stop pumping blood, lungs stop getting oxygen and the brain cells start dying quickly due to lack of both. Since the incarnated spirit is specifically attached to the brain cells, when these cells start to die, the spirit enters in the process of being release from the brain and body. Most of the time the dying person fall into an unconscious state, in which he or she is submerge into a dreaming like stage. Brain and mind (the later a structure made by the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells) are well trained to put the spirit into this stage as a way to keep it under control, preventing him from awakening to its real existence during the sleeping state. This is something that they (brain and mind) have being doing all life very efficiently.

Under this state most beings spend their last minutes of physical existence, trapped in a dream like state, characterize by confusion and incapacity to make sense of where they are or what is going on. But as the brain dies the ties that were holding the spirit firmly attached to the body gradually begin to break apart. This state is known as the spiritual state of confusion and can be extended way beyond the complete death of the body, due to some kind of residual effect of all the other spiritual components incarnated in the body (spiritual particles attached to cells still alive, or attached to macromolecules, molecules and even atoms).

This is a peculiar state of a spiritual being totally disembodied that still cannot recognize himself as a spiritual being and is still thinking about himself in terms of his physical experience. Without this acknowledgment the spirit can remain submerge in the confusion for long time, totally unable to recover his whole memories and real life. Fortunately most beings are assisted by the spirits of friends and family that passed away long before and are willing to help them make this transition easy. But those beings whose lives were characterize by crime, abuse and badness usually end up their lives in isolation, since they never thought and needed others now no body think or need them, no body come for them and even worse, the few good beings that could be interested in helping them are not seen by these beings.
This is one of the weirdest things in the spiritual reality where a spiritual being, living in the spiritual reality cannot see or interact with other spirits around. Since they are not able to accept the existence of life after death or the possibility of spiritual existence, then they enclosed themselves in some kind of “sociological” isolation. We can say that at the spiritual level the spirit believes become its reality.

Some beings are so materialistic that they can’t even conceive an existing beyond the physical things they knew, remaining around these physical places, unable to move away because a spirit cannot go where they are incapable to conceive. Out of their limited “mental” world all they can see is nothing, emptiness and darkness, even if they are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of other beings.

After days, years or even centuries of being trap in their own confusion, these beings start to awake, usually thanks to the persistent work of a noble being moved by the suffering perceived on them. It is when thanks to an effort of their will power, these beings start to recognize what they are and the reality of their existence; they start a new stage in their spiritual lives, sometimes marked by the great suffering of recognizing how wrong they were. Conscious of their mistakes and difficult the incarnation phenomena is for most spirits, many other spirits offer themselves to incarnate in an attempt to compensate their wrong doing in a new existence.

The good beings, that is, those beings that made more good than bad during their life, soon after death get back to their state of consciousness, recovering their memories which put them in condition to make a better balance of the existence they just left behind. They feel happy for the progress achieve in some aspects of their lives, and regret their weakness in others. Slowly they stop seen themselves as the father, brother, husband, man or woman to acquire a more clear identity of just a spiritual being. However they don’t forget the affective ties build with others during their earthly passage keeping close contact with them through intuition.

Weak and bad spirits on the other hand, live their physical lives unaware or not interested in their own future. After the period of confusion, they juts continue their existence being the same they were when incarnated, roaming the places they knew and trying to do the same silliness thinks they usually did. After finally recognizing that they cannot longer act over matter to directly enjoy the same activities they use to do as incarnated, they find a false enjoyment on seeing others doing that. They use intuition, that silent and hidden form of communication with incarnated spirits, to suggest ideas promoting their weakness. But as they increase suffering in others, they increase their own suffering and sooner or later the load become unbearable to the point of making them to reflect and look for help, which is always there waiting to be accepted.

At the end, every being will find in their intelligence and better level of harmony the presence of God or the supreme intelligence in the distance. They finally will start to perceive his presence in the horizon and to comprehend that all the suffering and calamities we all are living are the consequence of our own actions and the long chain of consequences extended beyond our capacity to calculate. Believing or not in God is irrelevant after all, because it is going to be a true revealing itself as we advance in the path of harmony as spiritual beings; what is relevant is if we are ready to give ourselves a chance to stop our miseries once and for all, if we are ready to follow the good guidance our conscience is giving us, and if we have the will power to abandon selfishness to embrace an existence of love and altruism.


Eduardo Sanz

Author: ISRSP

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