Learning towards our Spiritual Evolution

By Miguel Angel Pompey and Edosanz

Many Spirits in the Spiritual Dimension don’t know much about the Material Life. And others speculate about it. The most harmonious are not interested at all because at their high levels of harmony the material life is just too far from the reality they live; matter is too basic and useless for them…Pretending that highly harmonic spirits get involved in the material stuff is the same as if we ask modern humans scientists to spend time studying ancient theories to explain matter as made of fire, air, earth and water … It doesn’t have any value or make any sense to modern scientist. And for advanced spiritual beings focusing in what happen at physical levels is the same because is an overcome subject.
Harmonious Spirits project themselves deep into the most harmonic levels of the Spiritual Dimension where they live focusing into more advanced and complex spiritual situations, something that our material brains can’t comprehend or understand. Simply, because we are incarnated spiritual beings existing in the Material Dimension of our bodies and we can’t perceive or remember our spiritual backgrounds. Our Spiritual/Material brain composition does not have the right information or the capacity to process what is happening in a “state of harmony” that we don’t remember hence can’t understand.
But not all the spirits in the spiritual dimension have elevated harmony; there are many spirits in different states of harmony ranging from states close to perfection to extremely low states, so dark and backward that they hardly exist. In between there is an enormous population of beings, many of them with their interest more focus in the material world they once experienced, hence practicing and defending their own theories, ideas or judgments, about the physical reality.
Some of them are so “materialistic” that all their attention and interest is completely focus in the physical events, and they go where they feel attracted by humans with similar compatible thoughts. If they feel no attraction to a particular human activity or ideas, then it is like those human and those places doesn’t exist for them. The spirit goes where its thoughts are, because thoughts are actually the spirit itself. Some of them could still learn about material things after leaving their bodies because of their close relationship with certain humans that are engaged in the same subjects of their interest. These spiritual beings still keep a strong bond with the matter, away of the spiritual reality which is not good for their own Spiritual Evolution.
Since learning about the material reality is a combined spirit-brain activity, when Spirits depart from the Material Dimension (The end of Material Life) they stop acquiring new experiences and knowledge about material things; and after years pass they become obsolete. That is why not all spirits are suit to provide help and true intuitions about physical things. Maybe they can do something good in that sense for sometime after death, but as humanity progress they become outdated.
People use to think about disincarnated spirits as beings floating above the physical world seeing and learning about everything, but that is not the case. The most advanced beings simply move away of matter and get focus in the spiritual matters most close to their high levels of harmony, and those more backward usually are more focus in the specific matters of their interest. For example, a being that use to live under the influence of drugs, alcohol or sex will be totally focused in the physical places where people develop these activities. They don’t care about anything else, about politics, about weather, about science, etc. Those are matters that practically stop existing for them. They still keep a strong bond to the matter and being like this is not good for their own Spiritual Evolution.
This is how the way we live our physical life have an impact in the spiritual life we will face after death. The more knowledge we have about our existence, the more we will progress in our Material and Spiritual life.
Some humans prefer to indulge themselves in their material life, possessing all kinds of material things that in the Spiritual Dimension mean nothing. So instead of achieving a better Spiritual Harmony, those Spirits will only achieve a step back in their journey of progress.
Before our departure from the Material Dimension many humans will prefer to shut their eyes and close their brains off to the uncertainty. To justify their physical excess and reckless behavior they prefer to believe that there is nothing after death, but as time pass and they get old and closer to the end of their lives the feeling of emptiness chase them, making them feel miserable.
We have to keep in our minds that when we depart from our bodies there won’t be any coming back, not until a new incarnation immerse us again in the confusion that precede the process. When that happen we will face a , temporal blocking all our memories from the pass, living us starting a new existence with just the state acquired so far, good or bad, advance or backward. That is our path, that is the consequence of our past existences and we just walk the landscape of the physical world we helped to shape with our past decisions.

Author: ISRSP

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