Invisible Associations by Miguelangel Pompey

When we are alone, we THINK that we are alone and no one is watching us. But in reality we are not!
When we think; we try to solve a problem or to plan something ahead… But with these thoughts – we are having some kind of conversation with ourselves, without paying much attention to the previous mentioned comment. Think about it for a moment, and try to analyse it. Then you will realize that you are not alone… You are having a kind of discussion with yourself, but you are not out of your mind or have a mental problem. You are just receiving ideas or thoughts. Suggestions that are not yours! The only thing left then, is just to agree with it or not. And finally you will go ahead with the thought you think that is correct.
Yes, that is correct! We are going to be responsible for our own actions!
When we think negatively because we are angry with someone or wish bad things to happen to those that hurt us, or maybe because we feel jealous of another person, we become like a magnet to those bad thoughts. Immediately we receive in our mind, hundreds of different ways to act upon those bad thoughts….And who are the ones sending those bad thoughts to us? I already know which my own thoughts are! So where do the rest come from? At the same time, we feel this horrible pressure in our heads and we get tied up like a giant rope that hardly allows us to breathe. The more we think negatively, the more ideas we get to destroy everything in our path.
The explanation for this is very simple. When we think negative, we attract a Spiritual Energy or being that is associated to this kind of human behaviour, and at the end, we are going to be the responsible ones. Even though we don’t realize it, all the spiritual components in our human body suffer this kind of shock, damaging certain parts of the matter, thus producing all kinds of illnesses.
Without this simple explanation, we could make a lot of mistakes in our Material Life; no one is exempt of making this kind of mistakes because of our human behaviour and our human laws. But knowing how this works, we can be more aware about it and try not to get into this kind of association with this Spiritual Energy or beings.
When this Spiritual Energy-being supports any bad thoughts, they actually make an association with the one who has initiated those bad thoughts. They can be ferocious and will follow us through to the end with scrupulous persistence. This Spiritual Energy-being does not need to rest and will not wear out like our material bodies do.
This invisible energy-being is not invisible to our mind.
However, if we think positive without hurting anyone – this negative Spiritual Energy-being will become invisible, without any interference in our precious Material Life, and eventually will be replace by a positive energy-being that then, will start to inspire positive thoughts and behaviours.

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