Incarnation, Mind Control and Afterlife

There are good news coming from spiritual science studies, there is life after death, a life of our conscious, our intelligence, our love, a life that extends to the infinite. The three attributes Love-Inteligence-Freedon is what define what we are, and we are spiritual beings having a temporal experience through the body.

I know, it’s confuse and difficult to believe that we are more than just the body we see in the mirror reflection, after all, we feel the body, we suffer when the body suffer and we enjoy when the body enjoys. But we need to understand that it happens because of an old known phenomenon called incarnation. Maybe incarnation is not the most accurate and elegant term to define it, but since it’s been used for centuries and is wide spread among different cultures, we can’t change it without producing negative consequences.

We are not bodies with a complex brain dreaming to be infinite beings but the opposite. We are spiritual beings, existing in some kind of paralleled vibrational dimension but deeply connected to the life in the physical dimension due to the strong connection we have with the brain and the body. The reasons are extremely complex and are interconnected with our own spiritual history, but we can briefly describe our physical state as the consequence of the existence of matter which at the same time is the result of the existing of Spiritual Particles that are also the result of our reckless actions as free spiritual beings.

Let’s say that our physical existence is the consequence of our pass actions, it’s our karma, our destiny, the crude consequence of our past mistakes. We can’t point to The Creator (God) as responsible for everything we are suffering, because He set the natural laws to promote the progress of everything that exist and also gave us freedom, and we use that freedom to choose the path. If we throw ourselves downhill and we get hurt and suffer during the fall that is only our fault and we are the only ones responsible for the consequence of our actions.

Is there an easy path to progress? Of course it is, is the path of love and intelligence and freedom. That is, the path of loving every single living creature, respecting the self-determination right of them and developing our intelligence to better understand and integrate our self with everything that exist. That is what we’ve done since we awaked to existence as spiritual beings. It is obvious that we made mistakes and those mistakes unchain a complex cascade of consequences that shaped the path we are walking now. But no matter how wrong we were, all paths eventually will take us to the same goal, the perfect harmony of our attributes, because nobody is condemned eternally.

This is the other half of the story of who we are and why we are here that it’s been missing in the life equation, basically due to an unwanted consequence of the incarnation phenomenon, the pass forgetfulness. Yes, we unfortunately (or fortunately?) forgot everything about our past experiences due to the powerful influence of the mind. The mind, a spiritual structure made by the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells, force us to forget everything we knew so we don’t experience unwanted distractions, remaining totally focus in the present physical experience.

It’s a practical issue since the physical life is a ferocious competition to survive, and that’s a goal impossible to achieve if the spiritual being directing the body is distracted. However besides the powerful effect of mind in controlling our memories, sometimes it fails and we hear about kids and adults recalling memories of their pass lifes. That also happen at advanced ages when the brain is weak, weakening the mind and allowing the person to access forgotten memories from this life (memories store in the spirit himself and not just the memories in his mind) and even memories from past lifes. That’s when we know about dying people talking about other lifes or even seeing death people, because the mind is loosing grip on them and now they can access more easy their own spiritual reality. I know that because that happened with some old members of my own family.

Yes, there is life after death and we also know that because the same soul of those that passed are returning to communicate via mediumship with us, and because people that had near death experiences talked to them and survive to give us testimony of it.

For all this I tell you, don’t give up, there is hope. Do the best you can to increase your level of harmony, try to be a better person every day. Find in the bottom of your soul all the positive values The Creator deposited in you and make of this life an opportunity to transcend, to get back where we all naturally belong to, the eternity of perfect harmony of Love, Intelligence and Freedom in the spiritual dimension with The Creator.

Author: ISRSP

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