Incarnation Is Not Enough To Evolve


To those familiarized with Basilio Scientific School Association’s (BSSA) spiritual doctrine, incarnation is seen as a completely normal and natural phenomenon which explains our temporary existence inside a physical body. We are all spirits with an origin (we all were created at one moment), but our existence is infinite (there is no end of the spiritual existence). We were given at creation three attributes in perfect harmony, and to keep them in that state was our responsibility when the creator conveyed to us the precious gift of self consciousness. And we were held responsible of its disharmony at the time when we irresponsibly invented the wrongness being subjected to the repairing process through evolution.
We incarnate because in the delusional state of wrongness we brought the harmony of the attributes that define us as spirits to levels so discordant that are hard to imagine, giving rise at the same time, to a series of conducts that slowly dragged us to an increasingly darker state farther from hope. As a result of this state, spiritual wars surged among brothers, wars that lead an immeasurable amount of spirits to a fragmented state where many of them were reduced to mere spiritual dust, leaving behind a trail of pain and suffering that are just impossible to describe.
And it has been that painful fraction left by our own brothers what has served as groundwork for this dimension’s appearance and the matter in it, where evolution has created these bodies in which we now inhabit.
That is how the spirits’ existence goes by. In a moment it exists and lives its spiritual reality and suddenly it is tied to a body where it begins to live a different reality, the material reality, through a body that makes the spirit feel pain, anguish, fatigue, and also joy and happiness. We feel the love of our parents and friends, we fascinate with the complex forms and colors created by evolution from the residues of our brothers, and we are as well overwhelmed when others that share this incarnated state are still projecting against us the hatred that already felt being there.
The spiritual doctrine tells us that incarnating is equal to repairing, but we know that incarnating is not enough. While incarnation leads us somehow away from direct influence of the powerful spiritual groups of the error, from which we have detached to incarnate, we still keep the wrong behaviors acquired there, the committed mistakes, and the disharmony we have fallen into.
We bring to this material reality all of the mistakes learned after eons existing as spirits in wrongness. But deeply inside each of us conscience struggles to make us understand which the correct way to follow is, the correct behavior and the right decision. There exists in each of us the certainty of the existence of good, thanks to the fact that inside of us lives the Creator’s essence and on our freedom rests the responsibility of the final decision we take.
Incarnation is just the beginning of a process; once we are here living attached to these bodies we must take advantage of our newly acquired state to meet again with the truth, the harmony, the love, and the good. We have come to inhabit a body whose conducts are strongly influenced by pre –established patterns kept in genes; but as leading spirits of these bodies it is our duty as well as our responsibility to recognize those behaviors that generate retrogression and correct them, rationalize them, and re focus them in our search of spiritual evolution.
When that does not happen, when we are not able to prefix conscience dictations to the aberrant tendencies learned at the wrongness, it is when the world must sadly witness the most painful actions that create deep wounds in our societies, situations that we must sadly see on a daily basis, but that fortunately are less frequent as our societies evolve.
It does not stop surprising us to hear about men who killed their pregnant wives, or fathers that beat their children up until almost killing them. But we are even more surprised when we learn stories like that of ex–Nazi militant now refugee in Chile, Paul Schäfer, an old man accused of pedophilia against hundreds of children who were probably left psychologically scarred for the rest of their lives. When captured he asked his captors with a hint of surprise “why?” as if he was not conscious of his crimes, as if so many years lived had never taught him anything about good and repairing.
That is why it is not enough to simply incarnate. As incarnated entities we have the chance to get closer to the Good that we once left behind, as incarnated we have the opportunity to learn from the love of our parents and friends, as incarnated beings we have the opportunity to take right decisions that bring us closer to The Creator or give up to our weaknesses and continue extending this agony called wrongness.
You, who is Reading this article, are you making enough to correct those past mistakes that you have brought with you since you were at the dimension of wrongness? Have you done the work to check your behavior in order to recognize those that keep you apart from the so desired road to repairing? Have you learned to love your brother independently of its condition? Have you learned how to forgive with no hard feelings? Have you understood that there is no spiritual evolution if your brother does not become part of the process? It is not only about saying it and preach it, we have to change, we really have to, only then we will be accomplishing and making real this still distant dream of going back altogether to the side of the source that gave us birth and that still gives a sense to our existence, The Creator.

Author: ISRSP

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