Can powerful explosions disintegrate spirits?

Can a powerful material explosion disintegrate incarnated spirits?

No. Because spirits and incarnated spiritual particles are not in the material dimension, but in the spiritual dimension, while an explosion, as powerful as it can be, is releasing a tremendous physical energy that affects and alters the integrity of structures of material complexity, obviously located in the material dimension, but has no spiritual effect since both dimensions are totally separated by means of their vibrational nature. The only effect that could be spiritually seen is the disincarnation of a certain amount of spirits (in case the explosion affects humans) and a huge amount of spiritual particles (SPs) as a consequence of destruction of structures of complexity in which there were several levels of incarnated spiritual particles. In the latter case you should consider the following.
According to the Spiritual Theory (ST) each proton and neutron consists of the functional integration of 3 quarks, which, at the same time, creates the conditions that attract and incarnates a Spiritual Particle (SP). That constitutes the first and most basic form of incarnation. Now, when protons and neutrons join together to form atoms, it also creates the conditions to attract and incarnates another SP for the atom itself, that constitutes the second level of material complexity and incarnation.
Moreover, when atoms are functionally integrated to form molecules and macromolecules, each one as a functional entity incarnates its own SP that joins the others previously incarnated SP but from a higher hierarchy. Molecules and macromolecules constitute the third level of material complexity and the third level of spiritual incarnation. And when macromolecules are functionally integrated to form the cell, then the cell also incarnates its own SP of cell that is above all other incarnated SPs and constitutes the fourth level of incarnation. Each newly incarnated Spiritual Particles are not only in a superior hierarchical position regarding the previously incarnated SPs in a particular structure of complexity, but they are also a little bigger, which means they have bigger portions of the spirit attributes, including intelligence This mechanism explains how increases in complexity leads to the incarnation of increasingly large and intelligent SPs responsible for this “intelligent factor” behind the matter, or perhaps the so-called “hidden variables” of Einstein.
In this vein, as complexity is formed leading to incarnation of new SPs, the opposite is also true and the destruction of complex structures leads to disincarnation of these SPs incarnated on each level of complexity destroyed. Thus, if a physical explosion destroys the brain, for instance (which is the organ responsible for the spirit incarnation), then the disincarnation of that spirit occurr. And if that explosion also destroy the integrity of the cells, then the SPs of cells disincarnate as well. But if the explosion is powerful enough to destroy large macromolecules and molecules of these cells, then it disincarnates the SPs associated with molecules and macromolecules. In the end all would be reduced to a mass of single molecules with their respective SPs incarnated.
But lets to assume that the explosion is so powerful that it affects the small molecules, in that case the SPs of simple molecules would also disincarnate and every thing materially exposed to this explosion will be reduced to atoms. But atoms do not exist single in nature, so they immediately react forming molecules of the same atom (H2, O2, for example) or in association with other atoms, which again will conduct to the incarnation of a new SPs.
Now let’s go further in this mental exercise to consider the physical-spiritual effect of an atomic explosion that ussually destroys the atom itself. In that case the atoms that are destroyed would lead to disincarnation of their own atomic SPs, being reduced to subatomic components like protons and neutrons which still retain their own incarnated SPs. And, again, when this subatomic structure reassociates with other atoms or other subatomic components, they would possibly rebuild new atoms leading to the incarnation of new SPs of atoms.
How far we can go in this process of disincarnation?
Theoretically we can get to dissociate protons and neutrons, which require immense energy only achieved in the early universe during the Big Bang or in particle accelerators like Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois (USA), or the new LHC built in Geneva, Switzerland. Such accelerators are able to smash atomic nuclei or even neutrons to release their primary components, and by doing so we are achieving the disincarnation of the first components related to matter, the incarnated Spiritual Particles of protons and neutrons. Matter will be reduced momentarily to Fundamental Particles of Matter (FPM) with no spiritual components incarnated that will join immediately other FPM to reconstitute protons and neutrons which at the same time are able to attract and incarnate their own Spiritual Particle, etc.
At this level an intriguing question emerge. If we are smashing FPM in these Particle accelerators, breaking them down into smaller particles, are we releasing most basic components of them or are we just splitting them creating new fundamental particles? After all Fundamental Particles of Matter are spiritual particles but existing in the material dimension, and if spiritually these particles could be split on impact, then it is likely to materially do the same. If that were the case, then we will never reach a last and final component of matter because with every bump in these accelerators we would not be discovering a new more fundamental component of matter but would be creating a new one.
In conclusion, material explosions, as powerful as they are, do not affect the incarnated spiritual components of matter because these exist in another dimension, even if they are incarnated. It only alters its relationship with matter by destroying the complexity of the structure responsible for its incarnation.
“Does God intervene on this?
No. We have a very devious conception of God as an almighty being yet whimsical and that is not true. God is the essence of love, intelligence and freedom and His existence occurs in the dimension that is characteristic of the harmony itself, the primary dimension. God does not intervene or refrain from doing so in response to whether you are or not what is expected. In fact His only involvement is through the law of evolution that promotes everything that exists into states of greater harmony. His vibrations can eventually get to those beings who are able to, at least temporarily, harmonize with His essence; and His vibrations arrive as a projection of His dimension into the spiritual dimension. But it’s just a projection of the primary dimension and not a real incursion into the spiritual or material dimension simply because of their vibrational nature (totally harmonious vibrations) do not belong to these dimensions of lower states of harmony. It is not a matter of choice but a practical matter. God can not vibrate nor do produce vibrations lower than complete harmony, because that is His nature, His essence. It is not His decision or whim; it simply is a logic consequence of His own nature.
So the answer to the initial question is no, the material explosion will not affect the integrity of the spiritual elements incarnated in matter but it will affect their state of incarnation or not if that explosion affect the complexity of that material structures.
Eduardo Sanz

Author: ISRSP

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