Beginning and End of the Confusion Part I

Beginning and End of the Confusion during the Spirit Incarnation


Materially speaking, no one lives forever; this is a fact. Matter changes, the universe expands, and entropy will eventually touch every last particle of matter. This basically means that galaxies, solar systems, planets, and everything they contain will eventually be reduced to single, dispersed particles. In this outcome, material life is extinguished and therefore all incarnated spiritual element will return to its home dimension, the spiritual dimension.

In fact, this happens every day. People are born and die all the time. We receive our children with joy and sadly say goodbye to our old. Their birth is like the beginning of something, but their departure is almost always invaded by a feeling of uncertainty. The life of our loved ones is extinguished and we don’t really know where are they going to, or what is really leaving their bodies at death, or if anything at all leaves the body at that time. We just know that the body becomes stiff and expressionless. The former physical figure that used to talk and has self-awareness now enters a stage of biological recycling, returning to earth what once it took to form. This is the story that most people know.

After the funeral, there is only uncertainty and the debate begins. Some say that there is something beyond death. There is nothing, others reply. No one has returned from death to tell, claim the skeptics. And in the midst of the debate, an intriguing question always persists: does anything really survive death? A minute ago, this body was endowed with life and consciousness and after expiring, is now stiff and expressionless. A minute ago, it was my friend, my family member, or simply a living being, but now it’s just more inert matter. Where did the living being of that body go to? Where is the state of consciousness of that being? What happened with the intelligence that inhabited that body?

The Living Being Is an Incarnated Spirit

Let’s start by clarifying what we are. We are spirits (beings of spiritual nature) incarnated in a physical body (a structure of material nature). The body is just the vehicle and the spirit is the essence of the being. The spirit is the driver of that vehicle called body.

In the spirit lies the intelligence and awareness of being and existence. The spirit is the being of infinite existence (created at some point but having no end). The body is a complex machine made of highly organized and well-connected parts tuned to perform all essential functions. That is what allows you to exist as a coherent and semi-autonomous unit in the material world.

We know almost all about the body, its structure and function, its organization and how tissues and organs are connected. We know how life starts at the embryonic stage and how the cellular genes are organized hierarchically to build the body.

We can see the body; we can touch it, cut it, manipulate it, and study it. We can take physical measurements of the body; we can analyze it with sophisticated equipment and we can estimate precisely its spatial location, but we cannot do any of these with the spirit…why? According to the spiritual theory, this is because they both, body and spirit, do not share the same vibrational dimension or reality of existence. They dwell in different dimensions.

The body is in the material dimension while the spirit is in the spiritual dimension. Both dimensions exist in the same place, but each one in a different vibrational range.
During physical life when the spirit is living the material reality through the body, we learn how to deal with matter. We have a deep understanding about the material dimension, but know almost nothing (or maybe we remember almost nothing?) about the spiritual dimension.

Most people don’t even know if the spiritual dimension exists. And even those who know about it have trouble describing it or explaining where is it located. Although we are incarnated spirits, most of us cannot see or even remember anything about the spiritual dimension. It is like falling into a permanent state of amnesia, also described by Allan Kardec in his book, The Spirit’s Book, as a state of confusion… and the question again, is why?

The Confusion of Incarnation

The English version of The Spirits’ Book by Allan Kardec describes with the term “confusion” the state of disconnection of past memories that the incarnated spirit experiences after incarnation.

“Confusion” is an effect of incarnation; that is, it is the consequence of the temporal union of the spirit to the body. Just think about yourself; what do you remember about you as spirit? Do you have any memory at all of your spiritual life? If we are spirits with billions or more years of existence, why we can’t remember anything? I am a spirit with three attributes including intelligence; how could my intelligence forget everything about my past?

It is known that during sleep times the spirits get away from the seat in the brain (conscious state) and remain attached to the body by fluidic links; it is a moment of freedom in the spiritual dimension. But why can’t I remember clearly what happened there? What is preventing me from retaining memories of my spiritual life and why?

Although at the time The Spirits’ Book was written this phenomenon was explained invoking divine reasons, the reality that we have discovered through the Spiritual Theory is somewhat different.

There is a confusion that begins at the union of the spirit to the early embryo; it becomes stronger during embryo development and reaches the highest point when the fetus is ready for birth. It is during the process of incarnation that all memories of the spirit’s past fade. The spirit experiences some kind of inability to consciously remember anything related with any previous life; that includes its life as a disincarnated spirit and what happens during sleep hours or during unconscious states.

There is not an easy explanation for this phenomenon. It requires an analysis with some grade of detail of the phenomenon of incarnation, the nature of the spiritual particles, and the effect of them on matter and spirit. I will try to present my arguments as clearly and detailed as possible; however, I truly recommend those interested in this subject to take the basic course in spiritual theory ( The course will provide the reader with all the basic elements necessary to better understand what is going to be presented here.

We Are not Alone in Our Bodies

The phenomenon of confusion is basically the effect of the mind’s spiritual particles on the incarnated spirit. It is a progressive effect that starts during embryo development and involves the embryo’s spiritual components.
The embryo is formed by the union of two cells: oocyte and sperm, each one under the control of a Spiritual Particle (SP) called the Leading Spiritual Particle (LSP). Once these cells are fused after fertilization the early embryonic life begins. First, the embryo is divided into 2 cells, then 4, 8, 16, and more until forming the blastocyst. The blastocyst is a sphere of cells surrounding a small mass of cells called the inner cell mass. It is from this inner cell mass that the future baby is formed.

At this point, we still don’t have an incarnated spirit. During this early stage, the embryo has increased the number of cells but it has not yet begun to form the physical structure responsible for the spirit incarnation: the brain. However, every embryo cell has the precise number and combination of genes that will determine the appearance of this key organ. In the number, structure, and connection of these genes rises the spiritual signals responsible for attracting a vibrational kindred spirit in the first instance.

As the brain starts forming in the embryo by functional integration of cells, the cell’s SPs start to join at the spiritual level to compose a spiritual organ; that spiritual organ is the Mind. Initially, the mind has only a few SPs, but as the brain develops into a more complex physical structure, so does the Mind.

The Mind’s SPs are so coherently connected that they can join their spiritual vibrations to create a sum-vibration. The sum-vibration is emitted to the spiritual dimension carrying the signal that reflects the complexity of the forming embryo. A whole spirit (in the case of human embryos) starts to be attracted.
During the early embryo developments, that signal is weak and its effect can be described as a weak attraction over a group of vibrationally kindred spirits. At this time, these spirits presage their possible incarnation.
As the embryo grows, making a more complex brain and Mind, the sum-vibration turns more powerfully over one of the attracted spirits, which is the one most kindred to that embryo; the sum-vibration starts pulling it closer and closer to the Mind and brain.

The sum-vibration from the Mind has a second effect. It starts to surround the spirit exerting a powerful domain and controlling all aspects of its life. The sum-vibration controls the spirit’s thoughts, its memories, and even the spirit’s ability to discern about its reality.

The ties that hold the spirit incarnated have been built. There is a fluidic connection between Brain-Mind and Mind-Spirit that turn stronger and stronger as the embryo grows up. We can picture these connections as fluidic links that increase in number as brain and Mind develop; but they are actually vibrational connections moving back and forward through the spiritual fluid between them modifying it to the point it beings to look like a tie or link.

In advanced stages of embryo development, the control over the spirit is absolute. The spirit is reduced to the state of an intelligent being isolated from the spiritual reality and forced to focus totally on the upcoming physical reality. The state of confusion is complete and there is no other option for the spirit than to wait for the embryo’s development to be completed to wake up in the body.

The intriguing question at this point is, why the confusion? Why it is produced? What or who determines this to happen?

The state of confusion is a strategy to improve the survival of humans in nature

The answer to this question can be found in the selfish character of the spiritual particles. Selfish behavior seems to be spread everywhere and at every level of biological life. From viruses to bacteria, from insects to mammals including humans, selfishness seems to be the default behavior, not because matter is selfish but because the incarnated spiritual components in all these forms of matter are selfish. Selfishness is so widely spread in disharmonic spiritual elements that it could be identified as one of the oldest deviations of the spirit.

When life arose on earth in the form of cells forcing the incarnation of Spiritual Particles (SPs), with the arrival of these SPs selfishness also made its way to the material world. It is obvious; living forms are made physically of just very basic and tiny particles of matter called quarks, but at the spiritual level they are dominated by a net of increasingly bigger incarnated SPs. Matter is just the matrix, the vehicle, and the spiritual components incarnated in matter are the real source of the intelligence and decisions of those living forms. The spiritual component incarnated in matter is the source of the conscious state of all living creatures.
Since the beginning of life on earth, selfishness was expressed because the incarnated spiritual components were selfish too. The SPs recognized their material bodies as themselves and they always looked for ways to survive and dominate.

Spiritual Particles are not fully intelligent elements, because they are fractions of spirits, hence they have a fractional intelligence; for 3.8 billion years the incarnated SPs have dominated life on earth establishing ways to secure their continuity. They don’t care if they are in the spiritual dimension or incarnated in a body located in the material dimension; the spiritual elements just want to control and dominate because that behavior is deeply impressed in their selfish character as disharmonic elements; that is why selfishness is so widely expressed in every living creature.

Biological evolution, however, introduced new challenges to the absolute domination of the SPs incarnated in the body and that was the eventual arrival of incarnation of the spirit (the none-fragmented spirit).

As some species acquired bigger and bigger brains (encephalization quotient), bigger and bigger spiritual particles were brought to incarnation as leaders of the bodies until the final arrival of whole spirits in humanoid species. That represented a challenge to them because whole spirits are beings fully aware of their existence and able to recall memories of their past, and that represented a distraction that jeopardizes the survival of bodies whose cells have incarnated Spiritual Particles.

SPs knew that they could use the spirits’ intelligence to increase the survival of the body but only if that spirit is totally focused in the physical world. It was clear to them that the newly incarnated spirit in the human embryo needed first to develop a perfect control of the body and second learn to survive in the material world using its intelligence for that.

The physical world evolved into a highly competitive environment that required a physical existence entirely devoted to survival. There was no room for distractions with individual spiritual matters like memories of the past or dealing simultaneously with spiritual issues. From the spiritual particles’ point of view, everything must be focused, and every effort devoted, to compete and win; that is why controlling the spirit to the point of having it totally focus on the game of life was an imperative goal.

The control of the spirit was reached through the powerful effect of the mind’s spiritual particles. As we explained before, the SPs incarnated in brain cells join together at the spiritual level to constitute the mind, and the mind is what creates the spiritual conditions to incarnate the spirit.

The mind is composed of millions or billions of SPs unified in purpose so they can work perfectly coordinated to exert a powerful control over the spirit. They ban it from recalling memories of the past by blocking any direct contact with the spiritual world. In this way, the incarnated spirit, surrounded by the mind’s powerful vibrations, entered in a state of confusion, which resembles a state of amnesia. The incarnated spirit is fully aware of its existence; it has a fully functional intelligence but has no past or direct contact with the spiritual reality. Once incarnated, the spirit has only one option, which is to “live the material life through the body, survive, dominate, and perpetuate.”

Brain development, incarnation of the spirit, and beginning of confusion

Let’s to recapitulate what we explained so far.

The spirit incarnates when the embryo begins to form the brain because that is the organ of incarnation. The process begins when the cells of the future brain start to connect to each other to form in the embryo, each one with its own incarnated Spiritual Particle (SP).

The physical integration of the future brain cells lead to something of great impact at the spiritual level: the spiritual integration of the cells SPs to form a new structure. Hence, the physical integration of cells gives rise to the brain itself and the spiritual integration of the SPs gives rise to a new and fundamental structure: the Mind.

The reader can picture the Mind as a mass of spiritual particles vibrationally related to the point of being able to compose a real spiritual organ. When the Mind starts to form, it issues a powerful spiritual sum-vibration (the sum of vibrations from all the SPs of the Mind) into the spiritual dimension; the sum-vibration acts as a force attracting a spirit, which is vibrationally similar to them.
According to the Spiritual Theory, a few weeks after the embryo is formed, when brain and Mind are still developing, the spirit incarnates. This basically means that the attracted spirit is initially tied by some few thousands or maybe a few millions of fluidic links (think about one fluidic link per SP of the Mind), which increase afterwards.

There is a minimum number of these links for incarnation to occur, representing the threshold links; that is, the minimum number of links required for incarnation. Keep this concept in mind since this threshold is important in determining when incarnation and disincarnation occur.

After the spirit’s incarnation, the brain and Mind keep growing, the former adding more cells to the brain and the later adding more SPs to the Mind, which represent more fluidic links to tie the spirit. By the time the embryo completes development, the number of cells in the brain and the SPs in the Mind forming the fluidic links is enormous.

The confusion begins during the first moments of attraction (before incarnation) as a presentiment of what is going to happen, and, as the brain and mind reach further development in the embryo, the spirit gets closer to incarnation and the confusion becomes more powerful.

The attracted spirit loses clarity of its past existence as it moves slowly away from the spiritual reality and into the confused state of incarnation. Eventually, the spirit is drawn inevitably toward a tunnel or vortex called the “vortex of incarnation.”

In a later stage of incarnation, when the baby is ready to be born, the spirit’s confusion is almost complete, making the being an entity completely divorced from spiritual reality. Even though the incarnated spirit shares the same dimension with other non-incarnated spirits, it becomes almost completely invisible to them. This is explained in part due to its lack of action or intention to communicate with others, a direct consequence of the state of confusion. Only the spirit’s permanent vibrations reveal its existence.

The body’s SPs (which include the Mind’s SPs) are not interested in love or altruism. They only care about winning, about “me first” at any cost. God did not create selfishness or institute it as part of our behavior. It is an invention of disharmonic spirits and now we have to deal with it and find the way to eradicate it from our existence.

When the baby is born, the confusion reaches its maximum strength. There are no conscious memories of the spiritual life and the spirit cannot perceive any manifestation of its former comrades. Everything is limited to the material world, the only tangible reality accessible to the spirit through the physical senses.

The confusion of incarnation not only prevents the spirit from remembering the spiritual life but it also strongly imprints the spirit with the disharmonic nature of the SPs of the Mind responsible for incarnation.
However, nothing in the spiritual or material dimension is static. Evolution, driving everything that exists to higher vibrational states, is a fact. In this vein, incarnated Spiritual Particles are also evolving and over time, we will see societies of incarnated spirits become less selfish and more altruistic.

As evolution improves the level of harmony of all spiritual elements, the state of confusion will recede and incarnated spirits will have more contact with the spiritual dimension; that will allow the spirit to have a better idea about the past. The peace and cost in suffering of these changes depends on our willingness to fight the weakness of disharmony and adopt ethical values.

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