The Spirit as a Source of Consciousness

In the dispute about the nature of mind a plausible possibility emerges when we consider the existence of a spirit as the source of consciousness. The theory of the spirit suggests that we all are spiritual beings having a physical experience through the body, specifically the brain. And it also states that spirit and matter exist in different and separated realities. In this sense, the spirit is the “radio station” airing the program which reaches the physical reality through the brain, where the spirit is connected. If the brain is damage the spirit-conscious cannot emit new information to the body or acquire new information from it.

However, based in the Spiritual Theory there is a couple more details to consider.

Spiritual studies found (see Allan Kardec bibliography and the spiritual theory) that the process leading a spirit to bond to a body (incarnation) imply two phenomena-consequences: 1. Forgetfulness of the past which produce a total blockage of the spirit past memories (including any newly acquired memories from this life) and 2. A state of confusion which immerses the spirit is a state of confusion (similar to the dream state) that is only interrupted when the spirit is awake in the body. Both states are created by the brain and executed by the mind in order to keep the spirit totally focus in the physical life and away of dangerous distractions that can jeopardize his chances to succeed as a physical creature.

Blocking the spirit’s memories has a secondary consequence, without memories the spirit is totally incapable of react or express his intelligence, that is, to be conscious. To solve the problem, the body created the mind, a spiritual structure made of the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells (every organism from single cell organism to multicellular ones has some kind of soul attached to the main structure of physical control). This spiritual mind acts as the spirit memory storage during incarnation, which allows him to regain consciousness during incarnation. And here is the tricky part to understand the nature of mind and its relationship with the brain: since the spiritual mind is made by the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells (cell souls), the very existence of the mind and its functionality depends on the brain’s integrity.

This means that every change, every modification in the brain structure will have an impact on the spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells, which also modify the brain-mind and persons activity, and that is exactly what we see. An accident that leads to partial destruction of the brain produces a massive cell death and disincarnation of the brain spiritual particles. Since these spiritual particles are part of the mind and memory store the final consequence will be a person with missing memories or missing links to handle the body. There it is the direct connection between spirit-mind and brain.

From the spiritual theory perspective everything begins to make sense:

  1. When a new embryo is formed, its brain structure forms the spiritual mind in charge of selecting the most affine spirit to inhabit that body.
  2. The conscious-spiritual being is then involved by the mind vibrations (intentions) that immerse the spirit in a state of confusion (isolation from the spiritual reality) and blocking all his past memories.
  3. After birth, the state of confusion is only interrupted when the spirit is awake in the body as a strategy to keep him away of the spiritual reality and forcing the spirit to be totally immersed in the physical reality. In this way the mind fulfills the basic body instinct of survival by avoiding unnecessary distraction of the spirit. That is how we came to believe that we are the body and forget about our truly nature of spiritual beings.
  4. To reinforce the effect of the state of confusion, the mind block all the spirit’s memories, including memories acquired from the day to day experience as an incarnated spirit. At the same time the mind become the spirit new “hard drive” for memories. Let’s explain this in more detail: a person (incarnated spirit) acquires a lot of new information when awake in the body and that information is store twice, firstly in his own spiritual intelligence and secondly in his spiritual mind. The spirit memory is immediately blocked by the mind keeping just the mind memory activated.
  5. If the brain is damage that can cause brain cell death and the spirit can lose memories. If the damage is too big, the incarnated spirit can even lose the ability to express consciousness as we see in advance stages of Alzheimer and other brain injuries.
  6. But if the brain damage involved brain regions whose spiritual particles were in charge of blocking the spirit memories, then we could be before the peculiar phenomenon of people with great brain damage but regaining full consciousness (terminal lucidity); something that can be explained because the incarnated spirit is now accessing his own memories.

With this model we are demonstrating the power of the spiritual theory to explain the facts and the world as we know it.


This assay presents the spiritual theory perspective to the questions referred in the article: Why Consciousness is Not the Brain



Author: ISRSP

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