Why not everybody can see or detect spirits


One of the biggest obstacles in the acceptance of spiritual phenomenon is related to its intangible nature. From ancient times to the present, passing through the diligent work of Kardec, there have been mediumistic descriptions of the spirits which have been described as entities whose spatial location appears to be within the boundaries of the visible matter. Spirits have been described by seer mediums as located beside the speaker mediums, or superimposed on the speaker’s medium body, etc. They have been located spatially in relation to material things, yet at the same time they seem to be totally invisible to the most sophisticated detection devices. They even escape detection by conventional physical senses. In other words, the detection of a spirit is only possible through that special condition that some people, called mediums, have.

This unusual and seemingly inexplicable quality of spiritual entities to be visible only to mediums has made spiritual phenomena not only more confusing, but has also greatly hampered the study and development of a coherent and scientifically acceptable theory to explain and understand them.

Aware of this, the author of this essay, in conjunction with two other dedicated students of the spiritual phenomenon (founders of www.isrsp.org), took on the task of creating a logical and coherent model to explain spiritual phenomena, some of which we present below. Let me just add that all three of us have studied the spiritual phenomena developing practice using mediumship for more than 20 years in the classroom of the Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA; www.basilio.org.ar). However, the ideas presented here are the result of an independent intellectual exercise and do not necessarily represent the official position of this institution.
To answer the fundamental question of this essay, it is first necessary to understand the vibrational nature of the spirit.

Vibrational Nature of the Spirit

In spiritual terms, every human being can be explained as the combination of a physical body animated by the intelligence and a consciousness of the spirit. The physical body is the vehicle to which the incarnated spirit is attached and through which it expresses itself. That is, the true self that thinks, decides, feels, loves, etc. is not the body, but the spirit that inhabits it. The spirit is like the driver, and the physical body is the vehicle it drives.
Now that the true nature of the being that resides inside every human creature has been exposed, we can advance on the origin and composition of the spirit. The spirit is the intelligent and conscious unit created by God or the Creator, as we prefer to call it. The creation of all the spirits (according with BSSA mediumistic research) occurred at the same moment and was carried out through the decision of the Creator to endow a fraction of spiritual fluid with the essence of its own attributes: Love, Intelligence, and Freedom. That is, the spirit is basically made up of the combination of these three attributes: Love, Intelligence, and Freedom.

Because of their origin (in the Creator), these three attributes were associated in the spirit in a completely harmonious way, resulting in a spiritual being with a very high vibrational state. That is, created spirits naturally vibrate, and that vibration is an accurate reflection of how the three attributes of creation are related. However, it is important to note that although the attributes come from the Creator, when the spirits awake to the state of consciousness of being and existing, the attributes stop being an extension of the Creator and become an independent component of the spirits. From this moment, the attributes of the spirit are their own essence. Due to the principle of individuality, the spirits gain total freedom to make decisions about their actions and, at the same time, they acquire the responsibility to keep, or not, the harmony of the three attributes. In other words, once the spirits are aware of their existence, they also gain the freedom to express Love, Intelligence, and Freedom to the Creator and to all the other created spirits.
All the spirits, then, awoke to consciousness in a state of perfect harmony, and from that state they began to explore their reality of existence, the nature of the Creator, and the relationship they had with other spirits. However, we emphasize again, in every spirit existed the freedom to determine how they would manifest each attribute. Thus, while each attribute was expressed to its full potential, the spirit would be in a state of maximum harmony expressed as a very high vibrational state. This is called the Vibrational Nature of Spirit. It is their way of vibrating in response to the state of harmony of their constituent attributes.
According to the above, all the spirits or spiritual elements vibrate, and that vibration is the result of the state of harmony (or disharmony) of the three attributes of creation: Love, Intelligence, and Freedom. It is important to note that the vibration of spirit is not intended as a simple oscillation, but as the result of the combination of Love, Intelligence, and Freedom that are the essential constituents. However, for practical purposes we can depict the spirit vibration as an oscillation in space.
Spiritual Vibration and Dimensions

Before the creation of spirits, there was only the Creator. Neither the material world nor any trace of matter existed at that time. Being the Creator, himself the essence of the attributes (not just a Being endowed with them), the possibility of vibrational states other than perfect harmony did not exist in the Creator.
This particular fact determined that for the Creator there is only one vibrational state possible, and that is the maximum state of harmony. Therefore, in the times before the spirits, only one reality or dimension existed, the Primary Vibrational Dimension. That was the Creator’s reality and the dimension which It inhabited. That was the place for beings endowed with a state of perfect harmony. We call this reality the Primary Vibrational Dimension, although others call it Eternity. The use of the word “Dimension” is intended to preserve the intuitive concept that people have of “Dimension” as a place or level of reality different from the material one in which we exist. And the word “Vibrational” is used to indicate that it is a reality that is defined by a vibrational range.

Again, before the creation of spirits, there was only the Creator inhabiting the only Vibrational Dimension of Existence possible, called the Primary Vibrational Dimension. The reader can imagine that dimension as an infinite “space,” but without matter.

Now that we have briefly described what existed before the creation of the spirits, let’s focus on what happened after the creation of the spirits and how their conscious actions gave rise to other realities or Vibrational Dimensions. Understanding this second part is important in order to understand the specific nature of the other dimensions (spiritual and material dimensions) and why the different dimensions seem to be completely separated from each other. In this section lies the key to answering the initial question of this topic.
When the spirits were created, they were all created in a state of complete harmony. But when they awoke to consciousness, they acquired the responsibility to work actively in maintaining that harmony. That is, they had the freedom to define the level of harmony of their attributes. Each spirit was free to interpret and express Love, and likewise Intelligence and Freedom. And though they knew no other state than perfect harmony, less harmonious relationships among their attributes of creation were also possible. And this is entirely logical, because they were individuals, fully aware of being and existing. Each spirit was absolutely free to express its attributes in the way that its freedom and its very particular way of conceiving its existence indicated. Thus, while the conscious spirits were fully harmonious due to the perfect relationship of their attributes, in their free will resided the possibility of different relations of these attributes, or states of disharmony. This particular issue, the possible existence of other states of harmony of the spirit, also made possible the existence of other realities or vibrational dimensions (characterized by lower vibrational states). We have called these “possible” vibrational dimensions “Virtual Vibrational Dimensions.” It is important to emphasize the “Virtual” state of these other dimensions, which basically means that they could exist, but were nonexistent. This may seem to be a riddle, but it is not a riddle at all. It is just a philosophical approach used to try to understand the events that occurred long after the creation of spirits.

The Virtual Vibrational Dimensions acquired virtual existence at the same time as the awakening of spirits to consciousness, and we called them: 1) The Spiritual Dimension: inhabited by spirits with any level of disharmony in their attributes and 2) The Material Dimension: inhabited by the spiritual elements of extreme disharmony. These other dimensions were other possible realities of existence. The reader can imagine them as places that could only be inhabited by those spiritual elements whose vibrational states were different from that of perfect harmony. We recognize the difficulty of understanding these concepts, but these are essential for a coherent understanding of subsequent events that we’ll try to explain.

Summing up, before the creation of spirits, there existed only the Creator, and there was only one real dimension, the so-called Primary Vibrational Dimension. After the creation of spirits, there was still only one real dimension (again the primary dimension), but the spiritual and material dimensions acquired virtual existence (that is, they were believed to exist, but they did not, because they were empty; nothing occupied them).

According to the spiritual research conducted at BSSA, at a certain time during the existence of spirits, the unthinkable happened. A huge number of spirits, in the use of their freedom, experienced an alteration in the state of harmony of their attributes. As a consequence, they “fell” to lower vibrational states, and therefore ceased to exist in the Primary Dimension and came into existence in a dimension characteristic of their lower vibrational states (or harmony): the Spiritual Dimension. And here are the more complex concepts to understand about this event. Those spirits who have left the Primary Dimension and came into being to the Spiritual Dimension did not actually move anywhere. They did not move, let’s say, to a remote region of the Primary Dimension. They passed from the Primary Dimension to the Spiritual Dimension without displacing to another location. They actually stayed in the same “spot,” but because of the loss of vibrational state they “vanished” from the Primary Dimension and “appeared” in the Spiritual Dimension. This description already gives us an intuitive idea of what the vibrational dimensions are. These are realities of existence. All vibrational dimensions exist in one unique “place.” There is only one “infinite space,” and all dimensions exist there, but each one in its own vibrational range. Each dimension exists between a low and a high vibration, a range. They are ranges that are so different that the elements of one particular dimension cannot see or perceive those in the other dimensions. Even if all dimensions coexist in the same infinite space, they are totally separated from each other. Just to have an intuitive idea, think about radio and television waves. Both waves travel on the same space, but each one does so in its own wavelength and frequency, without “knowing” or “caring” about the other. For each type of wave, that unique space is its space of existence.

In a similar way, the Primary Dimension, as well as the Spiritual Dimension and the Material Dimension, all exist in the same place or space, because there is only one infinite space. But every dimension exists in its own vibrational range, meaning that each dimension exists within a maximum and minimum vibrational value. In each dimension spiritual elements exist whose vibrational states are any value between the minimum and the maximum value for that dimension. This in turn suggests that if a spirit or spiritual element changes its vibrational state to a value that exceeds the minimum or maximum for that dimension, then it ceases to belong to that dimension (e.g., it fades) and comes to exist in another dimension (that is, it appears in it). It is more or less as if we took a radio wave and eventually we changed it so much that it became equal to a television wave. It would stop being a radio wave and could no longer be captured by a radio receiver and would become a television wave, able to be captured by a television receiver.

We understand that this concept of Vibrational Dimension is difficult, but spiritual phenomena and their relationships with matter are complex issues.

We can now move on to try to explain why spirits cannot be seen or perceived in any form in the Material Vibrational Dimension. We explained before how those spirits that experienced negative changes in their vibrational state fell to the Spiritual Dimension, but we did not mention anything about the Material Dimension. Let’s start by mentioning that the spiritual dimension was the first dimension to change from a virtual dimension in to a real dimension, because the Spiritual Dimension is the dimension that exists in the immediately lower vibrational range. The Spiritual Dimension acquired real existence when it was occupied by the first spirit coming from the primary dimension. At that moment, only two of the three dimensions had real existence: the Primary and the Spiritual Dimensions. Meanwhile the material dimension was still a virtual dimension, because there was nothing living there. The material dimension is a dimension characterized by the lowest vibrational state possible, and at the beginning of the accident of disharmony of the spirits their vibrational state, although low, wasn’t as low as the vibrational range that defines the material dimension. Unfortunately, the state of disharmony of the spirits living in the Spiritual Dimension eventually created the condition for many spiritual elements to get closer to the material dimension.

Let’s explain this in detail. The disharmony of the spirits not only made them vibrate lower, moving them out of the Spiritual Dimension. This disharmony unfortunately also meant a loss of coherence between their attributes Love, Intelligence, and Freedom. It is like the disharmonious spirits seemed to feel less love for other spirits; they seemed not to clearly understand the big consequences of their actions, or they started to accept the possibility of imposing restrictions to others’ freedom. Under this unusual state of violation of the principles of their creation, they end up embroiled in confrontations that, in some cases, reached truly catastrophic levels.

One of the most serious consequences of the spiritual confrontations was the fragility generated in the spirits by their own disharmony; something that eventually led to many of the confronting spirits to split into fractions. The BSSA has mediumistically verified how disharmonious spirits literally exploded into pieces, or fractions, which we have called Spiritual Particles (SPs). However, because of the principle of infinite existence of the spirit, the fragmented spirits continue to exist in their particles, each one retaining a proportional fraction of the spirit’s attributes. Each spiritual particle also has a fraction of the conscious state of the original spirit; therefore, they lost most of their capacity to make decisions about their actions. The spiritual particles were totally submitted to the orders of other spirit units that force them into new confrontations, splitting repeatedly. The responsive SP is the undeniable proof that in each fraction remained a fraction of the unit they used to be, and therefore a fraction of the original attributes of the spirit they were. These confrontations and divisions not only reduced the size of the SPs more and more, but also increased their level of disharmony. The SPs lost so much harmony that eventually a thick mass of them ended up abandoning the spiritual dimension and came into existence in the material dimension, a dimension characterized by an even lower vibrational range. At that time, those SPs were no longer Spiritual Particles and became Material Particles: the Fundamental Particles of Matter.

Repeating again, there is only one infinite place or space inside of which all three vibrational dimensions exist. And each dimension exists in its own vibrational range and is inhabited by spiritual elements that have vibrational states that are within the range of existence of that particular dimension. This is one of the fundaments of the spiritual theory, and it indicates that everything that exists (the Creator, harmonic spirits, inharmonic spirits, and matter) is of spiritual origin and “nature.” They all exist in the same infinite place or space, but in different vibrational dimensions, because they have different vibrational states. In that vein, matter is not the opposite of the spiritual, but the same thing.

This is the origin of the Fundamental Particles of Matter (FPM) from which matter was formed. Matter is made of the very divided and backward fractions of spirits. And that matter eventually evolved, giving rise to complex structures: atoms, molecules, cells, unicellular organisms, multicellular organisms, organisms with progressively larger brains, and eventually humans. All this matter, however, has not evolved in isolation; at the beginning of the universe, an absolutely fascinating phenomenon happened that unexpectedly created a joint venture between matter and spirit. This phenomenon was incarnation. Through incarnation spirits and spiritual particles (those still living in the spiritual dimension) developed a special connection with matter, even though both types of elements are separated dimensionally: matter in the material dimension and spirits in the spiritual dimension.

The Particular Phenomenon of Incarnation

We mentioned that there are three dimensions, but from now on we will focus only on two of them: the spiritual dimension inhabited by disharmonious spirits and particles, and the material dimension inhabited by extremely disharmonic spiritual particles that we called matter.

Once matter was formed, it entered into a process of gradual evolution, moving from less complex structures to more complex ones. During that process, the material structures managed to stay in contact with their partners still located at the spiritual dimension. They established some sort of vibrational communication strong enough to put both elements (spiritual and material) very close, giving rise to incarnation. It is a phenomenon based in the affinity between spirit and matter, and the result is some sort of strange spiritual-material hybrid structure. This means that the matter in any form, from the simplest structure to the most sophisticated, has a spiritual element incarnated in it. We, the human beings, are also incarnated spirits. And this is the strangest thing of all: we are spirits of the spiritual dimension; we actually exist in the spiritual dimension, but while incarnated we are coupled with our physical body, which is made of matter, and exist in the material dimension. This is the point at which many experts of the spiritual phenomenon have failed in their attempts to explain spiritual phenomena: 1. Because they do not conceive the existence of other dimensions apart from the material one or, if they accept the existence of a spiritual dimension, they locate it as an extra dimension of the material dimension, and 2. Because in that order of ideas the spirit is conceived as an element that exists in the material dimension, but is composed of a rare form of matter or energy, or both.

Well, now that we have succeeded in defining the different dimensions, their origins, and the phenomenon of the incarnation, we can move to answer the initial question: WHY CAN WE NOT SEE OR DETECT SPIRITS?

Matter and Spirit Are Vibrationally and Dimensionally Separated

Matter and spirit are made of the same thing: spiritual elements. But both elements have vibrational states so different that some, the spiritual ones, live in the spiritual dimension, and others, the material ones, live in the material dimension. Both dimensions exist in the same place, the same infinite space, the only one that exists, but each in its own vibrational range. That is why matter and spirit do not affect or interfere with each other except when the phenomenon of incarnation links them.

Incarnation does not imply that the incarnated spiritual element comes to exist in the material dimension. If that happened, they would acquire material properties such as weight, mass, volume, electric charge, etc. If the incarnated spirits came to exist in the material dimension, they would occupy a specific space in the brain or at the place they were stationary, and that is not the case. All the spiritual elements that exist in the spiritual dimension, as well as the spirits who are incarnated and those that have disincarnated, have never abandoned the spiritual dimension. All these elements are always in the spiritual dimension and remain there. That is why people cannot see them on a daily basis with their material eyes or hear them with their physical ears. That is also why scientists cannot detect spirits with their sophisticated equipment of physical detection. The spirits are in the spiritual dimension, a vibrational dimension separated from the material dimension.

Something that is challenging about this new conception of dimensions is the common perception of people about their reality of existence. For most people, it is clear that they are here, in the material dimension. They can see their bodies here, they can run, jump, pick things up, breathe, feel, get tired, and sleep. They look in the mirror and recognize themselves and acknowledge others. However, that perception needs to be understood as a consequence of incarnation that creates such a close connection between spirit and body that the spirit feels that he is the body. But in reality the body is only a vehicle that is used by the spirit to live the reality of the material dimension.

This is the reason spirits cannot be photographed, although some claim to have done it. That is why there is no real change in body weight when the spirit leaves the body during death or disincarnation, because, materially, nothing comes off the body. And no matter how sophisticated the detection devices that we use are, these will always be measuring material phenomena occurring within the material dimension and nothing of the spiritual dimension.

Spirits and spiritual phenomena can only be detected through that special condition that many people seem to have called mediumship. mediumship can be defined as an ability of the mind organ that allows the incarnated spirit to capture and interpret the spiritual vibrations that run naturally in the spiritual dimension around us. There is no apparatus or procedure capable of doing so, only mediumship can have access to these kinds of communications of the spirits.

Based on seer mediums’ descriptions, the spirits seem to gather around us, they seem to live here with us, they seem to move among us; but that is only apparent. The reality is that although spirits exist in the same infinite place where the material universe is located, they are both in different vibrational dimensions: spirits in the spiritual dimension and matter, including our bodies, in the material dimension.
We cannot see or physically detect spirits simply because they are not here. Only those who have a developed mediumship can do so. All of us, incarnated spirits, have minds and therefore the possibility to develop any form of mediumship, but not all develop this condition at the level required for direct verification. However, considering that a spiritual school like BSSA has found ways to control mediumship at will, it is possible to apply scientific methods to spiritual research. The theory is there, the method is there; it is just a matter of will and vision to assume the challenge of exploring the spiritual reality. The time has come for human beings to extend their horizons from the material dimension to the spiritual dimension and beyond.

Eduardo Sanz

Author: ISRSP

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