Why does love have a due by date? by Miguealangel Pompey

Why does love have a due by date?

By Miguealangel Pompey

Why can’t we have the same intensity after a lapse of time of being in love with a partner?
Is it the same as when we were very young holding a new toy? And after a while we didn’t care anymore?

Maybe in many cases there will be people that fall in love and be consistent in their life together, but it will never be the same as it was in the beginning. Why does this happen? Why can’t a relationship be consistent in the majority of all the cases?

In different situations we can see people that love their pets with a strong intensity all the time. Here we can see a huge difference where this love is more stable. Maybe it is because there are not rejections or discussions like there are in a relationship where exist other components related to their characters that can be very complex.

As we studied some other events, we can compare this situation with time.

Everything in our material life is measured by ‘time’. Everything that exists in this material world has a beginning and an end. And in between these two points occurs a journey. For example we start with a plus and we end with a minus or vice versa.

It doesn’t matter what the event is, but we can also say that we can start from zero and end up in tens, hundreds or even thousands. But it will have an end. And if someone can say that any event could loop and be started again, in this situation, it won’t be as exciting as the unknown of a new and fresh beginning.

Love is not private property and cannot be measured by anything in this material world, because if we try to portray what it is, it is something we cannot see nor touch. It is something that is inside us and in many cases we don’t know it. And in most cases we all look for it.

But why are we so naive if it is inside us?

Maybe this is because we never thought about it and we just take it for granted saying that love is actually an action from our material body. But it makes sense that these two things don’t go together. Our body can do many things thinking that we give love. But our body is not the producer of love.

Love, is something that does not come from our body.

In our lifetime we can have love as a good feeling towards another person, but in all our existence in this material world we project this feeling of love by doses as if it was a kind of medicine, by drops. Sometimes in greater quantities, and it will be very hard to love and to be loved in the same ‘proportion’.

Why can’t we have the same intensity all the time?

Love is one attribute of our existence, like our freedom and our own intelligence. If we give too much love so suddenly, we are not so intelligent and actually we are cutting the other person’s freedom. As we can appreciate in this small thought: Anyone can see that there’s no harmonious balance in our attributes.

Consequently we suffer for that imbalance, and then we try to modify it by changing its dosage, we give less love and generate one or both of the other two – freedom and intelligence. And again our love has been diminished.
It is like a sound wave, its presence is up and down nearly all the time. Here it is a real challenge for any human being, to find harmony between our three attributes of Love, Intelligence and Freedom.

With this analysis we can conclude that love is not something that comes by itself, it is part of our build but does not act alone. It needs to be in balance with the other two attributes. It is not impossible to produce this effect all the time. But these days we are so busy in our everyday life that we don’t realize we are walking in this material life in a very disharmonious manner all the time.

Love is eternal, our material life is not.

Author: ISRSP

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