When Alzheimer’s Victims Suddenly ‘Perk Up’ Just Before Death — What’s Going On?

In response to this interesting article, we offer and explanation from the spiritual theory perspective.

Terminal Lucidity can also be explained from the Spiritual Theory perspective. According with this theory a human being is the result of a spiritual being living temporarily in a body. The spirit is the conscious and intelligent being and the body is just the vehicle of his physical expression. In his natural state, the spirit typically live without a body, but sometimes due to his strong affinity to the physical-spiritual structure of a newly formed embryo, the spirit is attracted and temporarily attached to an embryo; that state of association is called incarnation. Like bodies, cells (like brain’s neuron) also have an incarnated spiritual component called Spiritual Particle, which only has a fraction of the spiritual qualities.
The body has its own agenda which spins around domination and survival, and when the spirit is incarnated the body’s main goal is to take advantage of the spirit’s great intelligence without his distractions. Distractions can come in the form of memories of the past or communications with its own spiritual reality. To deal with this threat to its survival, the body developed a sophisticated structure to control the spirit; that structure is called the Spiritual Mind.
The spiritual mind is a spiritual structure that emerges from the integration (at the spiritual level) of the Spiritual Particles incarnated in the brain cells. The spiritual mind is responsible for attracting the spirit and also for controlling him during his entire life. To do so, the spiritual mind first submerge the spirit in a weird state called confusion (the exact same state we experience when sleeping or faint) through which the spirit is in a permanent unconscious state, only interrupted when awake in the body. And second, during incarnation the spiritual mind block all spirit memories from his past, forcing him to build new memories, but this time mostly related to his physical experience. As I said before the idea is that the spirit remain entirely focus in his physical life as the better way to physically succeed.
This spirit memory blocking mechanism remain active during the entire physical life which means that every new memory the spirit is acquiring based in his daily experiences, are also blocked by the spiritual mind. However, a spirit with no memories will remain in a permanent stupor state, so to provide the spirit with memories to express his intelligence, the spiritual mind become his new memory store. Many spiritual particles incarnated in the brain cells have that function, filing pieces of memories that are interconnected to the pieces of memories store in other spiritual particles trough neuron paths. That is the memory system use by most living creatures.
These are the reasons why we can’t remember our past lives or our spiritual existence and it also explain why we are only conscious when awake in the body. As intelligent spiritual beings we are recording in ourselves as well as in the spiritual mind (so we have two copies of memories), new and detailed memories of everything that happen in our life as incarnated beings, but after few seconds our spiritual memories are also blocked remaining active only the memories store in the spiritual mind associated to the brain cells. Again, our spiritual memories are still there but they are just blocked by the spiritual mind.
When the brain is damaged due to accidents or diseases, the death of brain cells lead to disincarnation of their incarnated spiritual particles and the lost of information store in them; the consequence is a person losing his/her memories. As the condition worsens, more and more memories are lost reducing the incarnated spiritual being to a semi unconscious state or stupor. Most of the time this degenerative process leads to a total unconscious state but in few occasions this damage involved brain cells whose spiritual particles were in charge of keeping the block of the spiritual memories. When that happens, the incarnated spirit suddenly has access to his own memories (the ones stored in the spirit himself), regaining full consciousness to the point he can chat intelligibly with family and friends. At this point the brain damage is so extended, that soon after the brain dies releasing the spirit from the body in a process called disincarnation.
This is not the only case where brain damage leads to a partial unblocking of the incarnated spirit memories. Acquired savant syndrome is another example where brain damage apparently involve brain areas in charge of blocking the spirit memories, allowing the incarnated spirit to “recall” past skills (if any, that’s why not every brain accident lead to this syndrome) becoming artists, musicians, etc. In other cases brain damage can unblock the spirit memories of a past life language or even accent, like in cases of xenoglossy.
A brain damage can also allow the spirit to have permanent access to his own newly acquired memories, again, the memories store in the spirit himself. Considering that the spirit memory is way much powerful than the mind memory system, these savants usually exhibit an incredible ability to memories and retrieve enormous amount of information.
Finally, since the brain has a structure that can show variations based in subtle genetic recombination, it is expected that few people in a large population exhibit unusual changes in the incarnated spirit memory blocking system, leading to children able to recall recent past lives. These are the cases of reincarnation in children extensively documented by some researches in the last decades.

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