The Source of Evidence for The Spirit and the Afterlife

One of the most fundamental principles in the spiritual phenomenon is the existence of the spirit. We, the spirits, are the conscious being living in the body. We are the intelligence understanding the world and questioning about ourselves and about our origin and the cause of everything that exist.
Driven by a personal and very intimate conviction, we follow the complex theory presented by Kardec in his work, accepting the use of mediumship as the most powerful tool to access the spiritual reality. For those who are mediums or are working in a daily basis in a spiritist school this is a fact, but for most people outside the spiritual phenomena mediumship is a “gift” that still needs to be proven. Fortunately new lines of evidence are rising pointing in the same direction, to prove the existence of a conscious being (the spirit) that is different and separated from the body and can survive beyond the body’s death. One of these lines of research is based in Near Death Experiences or NDE.
The cases of NDE have been rising in number and proven facts so dramatically that science no longer ignores its existence, and the discussion has been moved to the field of speculation about how to explain them. Fortunately the hypothesis of the soul and the existence of an extra corporeal or extra physical reality is still the most likely explanation as we can see in this article which presents a summary of some of the ”desperate” attempts of the scientific community to explain this phenomenon.
Allan Kardec’s dream of a spiritual phenomenon being part of the main stream scientific agenda is approaching and everyday more facts and evidences from different sources are coming to confirm his findings and the Spiritual Theory is helping in this goal trough proposing a complete model to understand these phenomena in an integrated manner with the physical theories.
In a logical way of thinking, if the spiritual phenomenon is true then it must merge into the main stream science to show a big and clear picture of our physical and spiritual reality, and what we are witnessing lastly is exactly that, two apparently contradicted views of the existence (the spiritual view and the physical view) coming closer and closer. I’m sure soon we could see the emergence of a new science in which the physical and spiritual components are considered to explain everything in the universe, including live and conscious.

Author: ISRSP

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