The many levels of external control over the incarnated spiritual being

As incarnated spiritual beings we live a life “attached” to a material structure called “body”. Completely ignorant of our past, we live in a material reality which is completely different from the spiritual reality, the natural reality of spiritual beings; and we also live a life powerfully influenced by instinct behaviors determinate by our genes. We are so influenced by so many things that is almost a miracle that there is still room for our real self to express through this physical vehicle we recognize in the mirror as ourselves.

However, to make this scenario even more complicated now scientists have found that the bacteria populations living in our guts are also making their part in manipulating some of our behaviors so we are compelled to eat what is good for them and not necessarily for us. According with this article, bacteria living inside our digestive system can release substances that can influence into the nervous system to reward us when we eat what is good for them like fat foods and sugars, or releasing substances capable to making us feel bad when not eating them.

This is just another level of external control over the spiritual behavior that comes to make more complex the process of living a physical life through a material body. That is the reality of this physical existence controlled by the spiritual particles incarnated in every single physical structure, from atoms to bacteria to every single living creature; from every cell including our body cells, to internal organs and organisms. Incarnated spiritual particles like the ones directing the bacteria in our guts, have their own agenda, one based in their selfishness interests whose only purpose is survive and perpetuate the incarnated spiritual particle reign.

Poor incarnated spiritual beings living under the illusion of freedom while the number of ropes constraining its free-will is growing with time. 3A+sciencedaily%2Ftop_news%2Ftop_science+%28ScienceDaily% 3A+Top+Science+News%29

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