The Cosmic Quarantine and the Spiritual Theory

Science is guessing why we don’t see any civilization out there (see the article below) and probably the answer can also be deducted from the Spiritual Theory (ST).
According with the ST there exist a universal law of evolution. This law promotes the progress of everything that exist to higher levels of harmony, and during that process things move from simple to complex and from individual state to collective one. In other words, every living form which is the anchor of an incarnated spiritual element can only progress to higher levels if its population develops the necessary changes to attract increasingly harmonic spiritual components. In doing so, the whole population can develop a better relationship among its members finding in this cooperation better ways to survive and continue their path of progress.
Putting this into the context of an intelligent population (humans in our planet) it basically means that along our evolutionary history we were progressing from small groups like families, to clans, and from clans to village, city-states and nations, which is our actual evolutionary state. From this point we will advance to the creation of a planetary society and after that to the local galaxy society.
However, every step ahead in this social progress require of deep changes in the level of harmony of its members so they can develop peaceful ways to cooperate with each other to integrate the necessary knowledge to achieve the next step. An individual nation will not achieve this goal in isolation since its isolated progress will only deep the differences with other societies to the point to make them so different that a fatal rivalry will surge. The consequence will be an unavoidable war that can only lead to lower states of harmony in the population, preventing the entire society from developing the knowledge and technology to expand beyond the boundaries of their own planet. This barrier is named in the Spiritual Theory as the Cosmic Quarantine.
But let’s dream for a while that all earth nations find the way to fairly promote equal progress, then at some point the best minds on earth will come together to develop the science knowledge and technologies to reach a sustainable live on the planet and to travel across the universe in a reasonable time. At that point we would have conquered the planetary society level, getting ready to join other planetary societies to continue the progress.
The Spiritual Theory is a solid theory that has great ideas to contribute to the better understanding of who we are and how we are related with the physical and spiritual world surrounding us.

Author: ISRSP

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