Shared-Death Experience

The spiritual phenomenon is profoundly embedded in our life; as spiritism students we know it is more than just a spirit attached to a body. It is a complex cascade of consequences derived from the sole issue of having a spiritual being of spiritual nature living in a physical body existing in the material reality. And even although we have no memory of our existence before this incarnation we are connected with the spiritual reality in ways yet to discover.
This weird state of spiritual beings living a physical life through a physical body is responsible for a wide variety of phenomena totally unexplainable to mainstream science, but perfectly understandable to spiritual science. Mediumship and Near Death Experiences constitute some of these new phenomena, and now I found these Shared-Death Experiences as another proof of that complex relationship emerging from the spirit-matter interaction.
Here some quotes from this article: “Skeptics have dismissed tales of the afterlife as hallucinations triggered by anesthesia or “anoxia,” a loss of oxygen to the brain that some people experience when they’re near death…but you can’t explain away shared-death experiences by citing anoxia or anesthesia (since this is experienced by someone perfectly healthy).”
“The term shared-death experience may be new, but it went by different names centuries ago. The Society for Psychical Research in London documented shared-death experiences in the late 1800s, dubbing them “death-bed visions” or “death-bed coincidences,” researchers say.”
…people who claim to have a shared-death experience tell similar stories. They recount the sensation of their consciousness being pulled upward out of their body, seeing beings of light, co-living a life review of the dying person, and seeing dead relatives of the dying person.”

Author: ISRSP

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