Parallel Universes and The Spiritual Theory

The idea of parallel universes has been the focus of scientific controversy for quite some time. This idea basically suggests the existence of other universes parallel to our universe but existing in other physical dimensions. Interestingly, the existence of parallel universes is deduced from the Spiritual Theory (ST) as well, let‘s see how.
The ST states that all matter that exists was originated from the fall of incalculable amount of spiritual particles (SPs) from the spiritual dimension to the material dimension. This fall would have been originated as a consequence of the almost unstoppable wave of COLLITION-FRACTIONATION-NEW COLLITIONS of spirits first and then their SPs (resulting from the fractioning of spirits), during the violent clashes between different spiritual groups.
These collisions would have not only reduced the size of the SPs to quark like sizes (or even less) but they would have deeply altered the harmony of their attributes as well (remember that every spiritual being is made of three attributes: Love, Intelligence and Freedom) . This reduction in harmony would have led to a vertiginous fall of their vibrational state, so low that these SPs no longer belonged to the spiritual dimension. As a consequence, these low vibrational SPs had vanished from the spiritual dimension acquiring existence in a dimension of even lower vibrational states, the material dimension.
However, since there was a Big Bang, it means that all of those SPs that fell into the material dimension initially fell to a unique entrance point, a point where a huge amount of them would have accumulated until this access point would have no longer been able to contain them, expanding in the only possible direction, towards the material dimension, forming the universe inhabited by our bodies and all material objects we know.
The universe is a very stable place in terms of matter and energy, this means that the universe is a closed system where no matter-energy is entering or leaving, at least for now. And, if this is true and also if many more SPs would have continued reaching such low vibrational states to fall into the material dimension, then, what happened to those new SPs? Where did they go?
Using the ST as a model, we can predict (scientifically speaking) that those other SPs that continued falling towards the material dimension after our universe had formed must have accumulated in a new entrance point to the material dimension until reaching a concentration so big that it could no longer contain them, expanding and forming a new Big Bang and a new Universe.
This is interesting because for the ST a dimension is not a place but a vibrational estate, and both, the spiritual dimension and the material dimension, can exist in the same “space” but vibrating in a totally different form. So to the question where is the universe expanding into? The ST responds: It is expanding into the material dimension.
According with the ST the Big Bang could have repeated several times until the intensity of spiritual clashes reduced its peace enough so that no more universes were created.
According to this model, the ST predicts that the existence of other parallel material universes is plausible, and all of them are expanding within the material dimension, but separated from one another. However, since all parallel universes share the same dimension it is possible the existence of a cross over effect among them as is suspected by scientists.
These parallel universes are not necessarily equal to our universe, since each of them would develop according to the balanced reached by their own spiritual components transformed into matter. These universes would have developed their own type of predominant matter with different physical properties based in the balance of their own material particles.
Each paralleled universe would have formed a type of matter according to its physical laws, which probably evolve into complex forms of matter, including life forms appropriate to them. And as happened in our own universe, these material structures had created the appropriated conditions to pull and incarnate spiritual components, endowing matter with intelligence and eventually conscience.
This is another evidence of the predictive strength of the Spiritual Theory that we clarify, does not pretend to be a final truth; it is just a possible model to explain the world the way it is. testable/

Author: ISRSP

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