Is to be or not to be cremated correct? By Miguelangel Pompey

Is to be or not to be cremated correct?
How many people ask themselves this question in their material life?
Is it correct to do it or our body should be buried underground after death occur?

When we are born, we are born with a lot of life, not only ours, because each cell or atom in our body has life, it is a different life but it has an existence in the material dimension. Like a plant, a flower or a single piece of rock.

Everything has life in the Material Dimension.

To understand the principals of life on a human being we can say that; A Spirit is like the driver of a car, and the car and its components are the ones who move around, when the driver leaves the car, the car cannot move, because it needs the driver to control it. Very similar to this happen to our bodies, it needs the Spirit, but when the Spirit leaves, the body cannot move and one thing occurs that doesn’t happen to the car immediately that is – its decomposition.

Decomposition is another step for any material/organic life to go through a natural path of evolution in the Material Dimension, like the leaves falling from trees, or simple dust or gases spreading around and forming a layer of dirt on a road.

Everything has a life in the Material Dimension, and many of these things die in a short period of time. There are so much life around us that we don’t notice it because our busy material life. We are rushing all the time and we don’t notice that everything moves at a different pace.

What moves a cell or any part of our body resides in a spiritual state, so we cannot see it or touch it.

It is a Spiritual component that resides in a different dimension – The Spiritual Dimension.

To have a deeper understanding of what controls matter is very simple, the spiritual components that control every form of matter come from pieces of a Spirit. A Spirit gets fractioned when it tries to occupy the existing space of another Spirit guided by disharmonic intentions, the result of this action produce an unimaginable quantities of Spiritual Particles with diverse sizes. Without Spiritual Particles the Material Universe couldn’t exist, because everything that is material in this world are sustained by Spiritual Particles, even our material human bodies.

If any human being gets burnt or suffer any damage in his/her body, the Spirit inhabiting that body is the one who suffer as well due to the connection to it. But when we die, we (the spiritual beings) leave the body, and we won’t be able to feel what is happening to the body anymore, because we are no longer
connected to it. However our body has a lot of lives in it that didn’t leave simultaneously with the spirit. These other spiritual components will leave the body at a different time during the process of decomposition. This is another way of material life we left behind with a lot of “drivers” in it that they didn’t leave yet.

We have the last word regarding to be cremated or not after we die, but we wouldn’t like to be cremated if we were still connected to our body. Or would we?

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