If there are spirits that are in disharmony why do they still remain in the spiritual dimension?

Question about the Spiritual Theory (ST) Book:

If there are spirits that are in disharmony why do they still remain in the spiritual dimension? According with the ST due to their low vibrational level they should be in the material dimension.


Vibrational dimensions as defined by the Spiritual Theory (ST) are delimited by vibrational ranges, i.e., each dimension exists within a minimum and maximum vibrational value. As we know from mediumistic research, the spiritual dimension contains spirits with vibrational states from almost totally harmonic to spirits of very low harmony. The latter despite their extremely low state they still belong to the spiritual dimension.

Focusing now in your question, if by any reason, let us say, as a result of extremely backward acts, the spirits of lower harmony continue losing harmony until exceeding the lower vibrational limit of the spiritual dimension, and then those spirits would abandon the spiritual dimension and would come to exist into the material dimension. But there is a very important detail to take into account. When falling to the material dimension they would not come into this universe where we now live as incarnated. Basically, this occurs because according to the laws of physics this universe is a closed system where matter-energy do not enter or exit. This is the same reason why the ST does not accept the idea that spirits are able to move physical objects, like opening or closing doors and windows, throwing objects, spontaneously forming matter (ectoplasm), making impressions on photographic film (ghost pictures), or in audio tapes (voices of spirits). None of those phenomena are possible according with the Spiritual Theory because if this would happen it would violate the conservation law of mass – energy. And as of now, there is no evidence that this law can be violated.

At this point the next question should be: If a spirit or spiritual particle (SP) falls to the material dimension but cannot fall into this universe, where does it fall?
The answer to this second question requires a prior explanation. Material dimension and material universe ARE NOT THE SAME. For the ST material universe (like this universe where we live) is the “bubble” of matter-energy that is expanding and contains galaxies, planets, stars and all the other objects known for science. While Material Dimension is the space within which the universe is expands into. For modern physics there is no answer to the question where is the Universe expanding into? Because modern physics state that as a science it is limited to this universe and its contain and the laws of physics only apply within it.

Now that this point has been clarified let’s to try to answer the last question. Spirits and SPs that at this time are falling to the material dimension cannot fall within this universe, our universe; because apparently once a universe starts expanding it is also close to the entrance of more matter-energy. So the new spiritual elements falling from the spiritual dimension must accumulate at some exit point from the spiritual dimension that at the same time is an entry point to the material dimension; that is the point where they accumulate, the dot that eventually will expand in a Big Bang. It is in this entrance point where all the spiritual elements from the spiritual dimension become the material to make a new universe. That is why the ST postulates the existence of possible parallel universes, which would be similar to this universe, formed within the material dimension with the new spiritual elements of extremely backward states that continue falling to the material dimension after this universe was expanded.

One final note, incarnated spirits like you and me even though we live our life through the physical connection to our bodies, WE ARE NOT IN THE MATERIAL DIMENSION. WE ARE IN THE SPIRITUAL DIMENSION. If a spirit were in the material dimension then it would have the properties of material things like mass, volume, weight; it would interact with other forms of matter and would be visible in some way. It could be trapped and would be affected by other physical events. It would also appear in our equations of matter or would be required to complete any physical or chemical equation. And that has not happened.

Incarnated spirits like you and me continue to exist in the spiritual dimension but living the reality of the material dimension through the physical senses of our bodies.
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