How The Spiritual Theory explains consciousness arising from the brain, mind and matter in general

Consciousness or the state of being aware is the subject of heat debates in the scientific community. Opinions shift from consciousness as a pure physical phenomena to a none-physical one or even a denial of its existence.
The truth is that we, human beings, are conscious of being and exist. We recognize our self and everything surrounding us. We associate our self with our own body and as we deep into the studies of that body, that eventually lead us to recognize a specific part of that body as the specific location of consciousness, the brain. Consciousness and brain seems to be the same.
However, when we analyze near death or mediumistic experiences where the conscious being seems to exist fully aware outside the body, then he whole model of a conscious equal to brain tremble.
How can we conciliate that? How can we relate brain, mind conscious and matter in one model? Is that possible? The answer seems to be already included in The Spiritual Theory.
According with The Spiritual Theory every living creature, including us, is made of three fundamental components: Body, mind and spirit or soul. However only the spirit or soul is the conscious element; it is the intelligence and the moral being that we recognize in every creature.
Body and mind on the other hand, are just supplemental structures for the physical expression of the spirit, which is the being itself. Brain and mind are important only for the physical phase of the spirit, an interesting and complex state in which the spirit end up temporarily attached to a physical structure, living a temporal physical existence in a state of total amnesia of his past.
But how brain and mind are related? And what is mind after all? Those are interesting questions that can also be answer based in The Spiritual Theory.
According with The Spiritual Theory every single living creature has a soul, a spiritual component that provides the intelligent factor and some level of consciousness to every living organism, including unicellular organisms and of course cells. Every single cell of every cellular organism has its own spiritual component, something we called the Spiritual Particle. Spiritual Particle is like the human spirit, both have the same nature and same structure but the spiritual particle is much, much basic because it is like just a fraction of the spirit.
Something interesting discovered for both, the mediumistic and neuroscience research is that consciousness is located specifically in the brain or associated to the brain. In the complexity of the brain structure where neural cells are integrated in sophisticated forms, seems to emerge the conscious state expressed by every living brainy creature. However, according with The Spiritual Theory, the physical complexity of the brain lead to a more important phenomenon, the complex integration of the spiritual particles attached to brain cells. It happens naturally in response to the physical integration of cells, but in the process a new structure arises: the mind, something that has existence only at the spiritual level.
That is how brain and mind are related. The brain is the physical structure made of neural cells and the mind is the spiritual structure made by the spiritual particles of the same cells. However the conscious state does not emerge from the mind, it comes from the spiritual being attached to it.
The spirit is the driver and the mind is the software that allows him to handle the body which is the car. But there is more.
Brain cells are made in response to specific program determined by nuclear genes, which at the same time set the conditions that determine the specific type of spiritual particles to incarnate in those cells and making up the mind. That is how genes and spiritual particles are related and that is how “spiritual characters” like mediumship, which is located in the mind, are passed to offspring.
Moreover, the mind, according with The Spiritual Theory, is the one responsible for exerting a powerful control over the spirit during incarnation that end up blocking his past memories. That is why the spirit cannot recall any past experience from before incarnation, because the mind prevents him from recovering those memories during his physical life. But as people get older and brain and mind start dying, that control slowly recedes sometimes allowing the incarnated spirit to access some memories from the past.
From all this explanation it is possible con conclude that consciousness is a character belonging to the spiritual being living in the body and expressing through the body with the help of the mind. Brain and mind are closely related as on create the conditions for the existences of the other but both are indispensable to create the conditions leading to the incarnation of the spirit-conscious. not-brain

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