How do we see spirits?

One wrong concept about spirits and spiritual particles is that they can be physically visible at will; that is, that they can “modify” their inner structure so they can be perceived as we perceived other physical stuffs like a tree or an animal. That’s not the case.

This is one of many misconceptions the Spiritual Theory is trying to rectify. According with this theory Spirit and matter -although they are made of the same (they are both made of spirits and/or spiritual particles)-, they differ in their vibrational state. They both (spirit and matter) vibrate and that vibration is a direct consequence of their harmony state.

In this sense, all matter represents spiritual particles vibrating very low, so low that they no longer belong to the spiritual dimension but to the material dimension. On the other hand spirits and spiritual particles existing in the spiritual dimension are there because their vibrations are not as low as to exist in the material dimension.

This is a fundamental principle that needs to be clearly understood in order to understand the way spirit and matter are related. Once a spiritual particle get into the material dimension it lives and behaves as the matter we know; it acquires weight, mass, charge, interact with other forms of matter; it occupy a space and can be physically detected, How? With our sense or any device designed to detect matter and/or energy.

But if a spirit or a spiritual particle belongs to the spiritual dimension, it means they are vibrating in a way that is beyond the limits of matter (hence vibrating into the spiritual dimension). That is why they cannot be detected by any physical sense or device designed to detect physical things.

If that is the case why some people called mediums can see or detect spirits?

To answer this question we need first to understand how mediumship works.

Mediumship is a property of the mind and the mind is a spiritual organ. In spiritual terms, a person can be described as an entity composes of 3 elements: spirit, mind and body. The Spirit is the real being, it’s you and me. It is the conscious being in the person, the intelligence and the one that awake and act through the body. The mind is an organ made of a complex integration of interconnected spiritual particles, but not any spiritual particle but the particles incarnated in the brain cells. And the body is the physical structure or vehicle used by the spirit to live a temporal physical life.

The process of communication of the spirit with its body begins with an intelligent decision taken by the spirit. Spirits have no mouth, ears or skin. Spirits are integral structures made of spiritual fluid endowed with three attributes: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. They are also fully conscious of their existence and the existence of other beings around them because they can perceive them and understand their vibrations, the language of the spirit.

When an incarnated spirit wants to do or say something using the body, it first emits a vibration that travels across the fluidic link to the mind. The mind takes this vibration and interprets it using its own files of memories and experiences. The mind, because it is connected to almost every section of the brain, transduce the spiritual vibration into physical signals, activating the appropriated brain area to execute the spirit’s will. At this point the body can talk or act accordingly with the best interpretation the mind can do of the spirits’ decision.

The communication in the opposite directions happens in a similar way. When something happen physically nears the body, physical vibrations (sounds or images) are captured by one of the physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste). Senses trigger an electrical signal that travels to the brain via the nervous system where the physical information is internalized to the most basic components of matter. There, information is transduced into spiritual signals. The spiritual signal travels across the fluidic link to the mind where the signal is interpreted into spiritual vibrations and delivered to the spirit. The spirit knows with great exactitude what is happening physically allowing him to take any action.

Besides the complexity of this process of communication it happens at an incredibly speed, because it is a matter of survival. And here is the important part of this explanation to understand why some people can see spirits.

Everything captured by our physical senses is actually converted in electric signals in order to be send to the brain and mind; but it is the mind that makes sense of these signals interpreting them as images, sounds, smells, tastes etc. No image or smell actually travels to the brain and mind; they are just electrical signals and spiritual vibrations. Images, sounds, smells etc. are creations of the mind. They represent the way the mind understands what is happening physically.

Let’s to talk now about mediumship.

Mediums are just regular people with a particular condition: their minds are made of Spiritual Particles more sensitive to spiritual vibrations than the average person. That basically means that their minds are able of capturing and interpreting spiritual vibrations that are normally “traveling” in the spiritual dimension “around” us, especially those vibrations from spiritual beings that are spiritually close to us.

When the mind of these mediums captures these vibrations they are processed in a similar way anybody’s mind processes the signals coming from the physical senses. That is, these spiritual signals are interpreted by the mind as images, sounds, smells etc. and then transferred to the incarnated spirit for his knowledge. For these mediums, in a practical way, these signals are not much different from similar signals generated by the physical senses. That is why a medium without experience or knowledge of the spiritual phenomena usually believe he or she is seeing or hearing something of physical nature.

If near a medium there is a disincarnated spirit of someone that lived a hundred years ago, and that spirit still identify himself with that physical experience, then the disincarnated spirit project through its spiritual vibrations information about who he is (or who he think he is) and other aspects of his personality. That information is captured by the medium’s mind and interpreted as a person with specific and recognizable physical characteristics. The medium is seeing another spirit.

The mind can also interpret these spiritual vibrations as sounds, case in which the medium believe is hearing voices or sounds. And the same applies for other mediumistic variations, like smelling mediumship, tasting mediumship, intuitive mediumship, etc.

In conclusion, mediums don’t really see or hear spirits, they just capture their spiritual vibrations and their minds interpret them as typical manifestations of the physical senses. It happens because that is the function of the mind; it tries to makes sense of every single information that reaches it. What mediums see or detect are not physical signals, they are detecting spiritual vibrations that belong to the spiritual dimension, not to the physical one. That is why even although these perceptions resemble physical signals (images, voices etc.) they are not really of physical nature but of spiritual nature. Hence they cannot be detected by any physical means like sophisticated machines or electronic devices.

Spiritual beings don’t vibrate in the same range of the material dimension; they vibrate in the range of the spiritual dimension, which is why they are not matter but spirits. Spirits can modify their vibrational states as a result of changes in the level of harmony of their core attributes Love, Intelligence and Freedom. But that is something that happens in a progressive way. Only very extreme changes in the level of harmony can take a spiritual being close to the limit of its dimension; but that is something that probably takes a long period of time under specific rules that will be discuss in future articles.


Eduardo Sanz

Author: ISRSP

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