Explaining Vortexes, Incarnation and the Universe

I would like to receive further information of: 1) – How did the authors of the ST come to conceive the hypothesis of Interdimensional Vortexes, that is, from what other theory does this unique concept come from?

Answered by Eduardo Sanz

There is no easy answer, since the concept grew over a long period of brooding and hypotheses trying to understand the spiritual phenomenon and its relationship with the physical reality we observe. But let’s see if we can put this in a perspective easy to understand for everyone.
Interdimensional Vortexes (IV) come from the need of explaining how the drop of the Spiritual Particles (SPs) from the Spiritual Dimension into the Material Dimension occurred. To the Spiritual Theory (ST) it is evident that everything that existed before was only of spiritual nature; and that matter originated from Spiritual Particles (SPs) after they experienced continuous fractionation and harmony loss.

To the ST there are at least 3 vibrational dimensions defined by vibrational ranges: 1) the primary dimension where the creator and harmonic spirits exist; 2) the spiritual dimension inhabited by spirits with different degrees of disharmony; and 3) the material dimension inhabited by the most disharmonic spiritual elements of all. According with the ST, those spirits that in freedom of their actions altered their harmony dropped from the primary dimension to the spiritual dimension. And then as a result of confrontation between disharmonic spirits, a huge number of those spirits were fractionated originating the SPs. These SPs suffered continuous crashes and new fractionations that carried new drops in harmony reaching sizes so small with states of harmony so low that they ended up falling to an even lower dimension, the material dimension.

There is no precise description of how the drop of the spiritual particles from the spiritual dimension into the material dimension occurred, so we tried to create a hypothetical and logic model to explain it. To create this model we have used our knowledge of physics, where it is common to hear about the existence of vortexes or worm holes as communication pathways between two distant places in a curved space. Black holes have also been mentioned as being part of these types of structures. Even some science fiction authors have mentioned black holes as being gateways that connect to other dimensions. I must make clear that the dimensions these authors refer to are of physical nature while we are referring to vibrational dimensions. And finally we could not ignore those stories from people who have had near death experiences where they described tunnels through which they seem to abandon their bodies towards a different reality or dimension.

Well, in our attempt to create a hypothetical model to explain the dimensional change of SPs that fell to the material dimension (MD) we decided to borrow these ideas and try to reconstruct the events of a SP changing from the spiritual to the material dimension. Briefly, this model describes how as one SP approaches the lower vibrational edge of the Spiritual Dimension (SD) the spiritual reality slowly begins to fade while a vortex forms in their vicinity. When the vibrational state of the SP falls below this vibrational limit the SP enters the vortex and exit at the other side into the material dimension.

At this point SPs are already in the verge of the material dimension and astrophysics describes the rest of this story in their own theories. According with the Big Bang theory initially the early universe had no space and time so these SPs could not fall into an open space that simply didn’t exist. And it also tells us that the universe began as a point of infinite density and size almost zero. What led us to conclude that these SPs did not appear anywhere in the MD but that all of them are accumulated in a single point of entry to the MD, the point where the Big Bang begun

The vortex hypothesis could be replaced and instead of a vortex we could propose a hole, or simply do not describe any structure at all to explain the drop of SPs from the SD, but along the description of the ST we realized that the model was very useful because we could connect this idea with other parts of the ST to explain phenomena such as incarnation. So we decided to keep the interdimensional vortex model.

2) I do not really understand how a spiritual particle (SP) stops being such to become a Fundamental Particle of Matter (FPM). It is confusing because the SP is ethereal, that is it is not material, then, How is it that a SP ends up becoming material?… and if it is a particle of material nature, why is it animated by a Spiritual Particle?. I think it should be one thing or the other…anyway, it all results really confusing to me. This brings me to ask, what is the physical universe?… is it real?… is it a virtual state of the spiritual existence?. This brings me to remember that certain philosophical currents estimate that the material or phenomenological world is an illusion whilst the essential or noumenic world is the real world… it is very difficult to make an abstraction of these concepts, specially of what is “real”. Could you please help me understand this little better?

The definition of ethereal is vague and does not really bring details of the intimate nature of the Spiritual Elements. For the ST these differences are reduced to the concepts of harmony and vibrational state. The spirit is made of three attributes: Love, Intelligence and Freedom. The spirit as an independent and conscious entity, evaluates and weight these attributes giving them a value according to its conception of them. Thus, a harmonic spirit is a spirit to which liberty is an untouchable right of the spirit; love is an expression of profound empathy for all spirits that exist and intelligence is the ability to learn and understand the reality that surrounds and its role in it.

Conceiving attributes in this way brings the spirit to value them in their maximum expression and when combined to reach perfect harmony manifested as increased vibrational state. Ergo, the spirit exists in the primary dimension. But let’s assume that a spirit considers that not all spirits must have the same degree of freedom and that it should therefore be limited for a specific group. With such conception of liberty, its three attributes may never reach perfect harmony and the spirit vibrates in a lower fashion. Ergo, the spirit no longer exists naturally in the primary dimension, but it has come to exist in another dimension more proper of lower vibrational state, the spiritual dimension. It is the same spirit, but existing in another dimension, because it now has other vibrational state consequence of its state of disharmony.

This is the same case of the SPs that being in the spiritual dimension experience successive cycles of crashing- fragmentation- crashing. With each of these actions in which other spiritual entities experience suffering they lose harmony and therefore acquire lower vibrational states. Since the spiritual dimension has an inferior vibrational limit… What would happen if a SP reaches or goes beyond that limit? In theory, it would stop existing in the spiritual dimension and would come to exist to the material dimension. It is the same SP but existing in a new dimension, the material dimension. When it was in the spiritual dimension it was ethereal but now that it is in the material dimension it is called matter. It is simple and elegant. It is not necessary to add anything or to mix it with anything for it to be material; it is material because it is in the material dimension, because it vibrates in a lower fashion than the spiritual.

In fact scientists who study the basic components of matter are increasingly surprised of how “volatile” the basic constituents of matter, the FPMs, are. There is even a physical theory, string theory, which propose that the Fundamental Particles of Matter are actually strings or branes that vibrate, like the SPs we have described in the ST.

When you think of the FPMs do not think of them as SPs that became something because the SPs have not became into anything. They are themselves existing in the material dimension. These are the same SPs but with harmony and vibrational states much lower than those who are still there.

Why does incarnation occur?

Incarnation is a fact, but for the Spiritual Theory incarnation does not occur because of a decision made by The Creator or by spirits of higher harmony. According to ST incarnation occurs as a natural consequence of the existence of matter built up by spiritual elements. Incarnation exists because the SPs that make up matter, the FPMs, keep permanent communication with the spiritual dimension through the interdimensional vortex. Through that vortex they produce vibrations that attract other Spiritual Elements (SEs) of their same spiritual group. The difference is that FPMs exist in the material dimension whilst the SPs are in the spiritual dimension. Thus, when the FPMs emit their vibrations through the interdimensional vortex to attract SPs, they cannot joint together. The SPs are attracted to the vortex with such strength that they even enter it but are never able to cross it. It seems obvious; since to completely cross it and reach the material dimension they should have a material vibrational state. Therefore, instead of falling to the material dimension they remain trapped inside the vortex in a state we refer it as INCARNATION.

This is where evolution comes in and plays a key role. Evolution is a universal law. It acts on the spiritual elements in any dimension (including matter of course) promoting progress towards higher states of individual and collective harmony. At the material level, evolution makes FPMs integrate to build up structures of increasing complexity, like neutrons – protons, atoms, molecules, cells, organs; in each one of those structures their basic components (FPMs) integrate their vortexes to create bigger sum vortexes. These vortexes also connect those material structures with the spiritual dimension attracting and “retaining” within the vortex a bigger SP (corresponding with the complexity of the material structure)
Thus as matter increase complexity it will also incarnate increasingly larger SPs, until in a formidable jump in complexity the brain appears, and with it, the pathway for the incarnation of spiritual units like us, the humans.

What is the Universe?

The universe is a bubble of FPMs that after expanding within the material dimension created the space-time we inhabit. The universe is a temporary structure made of what once were SPs and now inhabit this dimension. And as everything evolves, when FPMs evolve enough to acquire higher vibrational states they will leave this material dimension towards the spiritual dimension. Matter will then disappear and thus the material universe. Everything we know in this universe and the universe itself will someday be spiritual.
For now, matter is real, it is as real as the FPMs that build it up, but it is temporary. However we must make an important differentiation. Our body, the human body, is as real as the life we live through it. But we, the spirits that live incarnated in these bodies, are not material and are not in this material dimension. We the incarnated spirits still exist in the spiritual dimension. That is why incarnation is so confusing for many. We are so immerse in the material reality through our bodies that we believe we are part of the world of matter. And that is not the case.

You are a spiritual entity, of spiritual nature that exists in the spiritual dimension. That is why philosophers that perceive the duality of the being are not able to give it the sense that the ST does. They know or intuit the existence of a spiritual component in every living creature but they depart from the idea that a spiritual state is just another state of matter. And that is not the case. The spiritual state is a vibrational state belonging to a different dimension.

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