According with the Spiritual Theory The Creator did not move us out of his dimension; it was just a particular consequence of one of our free actions

The Spiritual Theory (ST) is a scientific proposal about spiritual phenomena; however, it is not only limited to discussions about whether or not the spirit exists. The spiritual theory is projected far beyond that. The ST is designed based on the facts acquired and published by Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA) which in turn took its entire conceptual basis from the work published by Allan Kardec in the mid-nineteenth century. That’s not speculation, is a fact. You just need to read Kardec to realize that much of what is sustained and affirmed by the BSSA had already been published by Kardec.

The ST unlike other scientific proposals seriously considers the hypothesis of the existence of God or The Creator. This hypothesis is strongly supported not only by the claims provided by the highly harmonic spirits during the spiritual practices at the BSSA, but was also verified through clairvoyance during mediumistically guided sessions with multiple medium’s verification. It is still fascinating and moving to read the description of that memorable mass meeting where seer mediums, overwhelmed by emotion, become mute in their attempt to describe the presence of The Creator. Obviously our ability to perceive and comprehend The Creator’s nature is strongly limited by our low state of harmony as incarnated spirits, and the restrictive conditions imposed by the phenomenon of incarnation.

Despite all these obstacles the intense research work of many individuals and spiritual organizations based in the use of mediumship as a valid research tool, has allowed them to reveal some details of our own past, including our origins and causes of the temporary separation from The Creator. The authors of the ST have taken these facts and putting them in perspective with other evidences and / or inferences, to create a more coherent explanation about this event. It is an explanation that in turn is more in concordance with The Creator‘s nature.

A key fact in the investigation of the history and relationship of the spirits with The Creator is that at the very moment of creation The Creator and the created spirits shared the same reality of existence, the same dimension. And for a long period of time (time perhaps is not the right word since time did not exist in the spiritual dimension) they shared the same reality. It was a period during which spirits were advancing in their ability to understand everything about their existence and their relationship with Him. However, it is clear from the revelations of harmonic spirits and mediumistic research that at some point a gross mass of spirits acting in complete freedom of their actions altered the perfect harmony of their attributes.

For the ST this alteration in the harmony holds the key answer to understand why the spirits involved in this event ended separated from The Creator, excluding the possibility that this had been The Creator’s decision. This possible explanation help us to solve an apparent contradiction; because if we accept that the isolation of disharmonic spirits is a Creator’s decision then we have to accept that The Creator itself didn’t care much about the incredible level of suffering we have experienced since then; and that is in contradiction with The Creator’s nature of perfect and good-positive intelligence.

Exploring some spiritual schools ideas about this issue we found that some of them suggest that disharmonious spirits voluntary move away from The Creator to a distant location of the same reality; an unlikely explanation because if that was the case then the same spirits could voluntarily return to The Creator’s presence at any time. The explanation we have extracted from years of spiritual research is that our state of altered harmony holds us in some kind of separated reality from The Creator. It is a “place” that is not far in distance from The Creator’s reality but in some way in a different “dimension”, proper of our state of disharmony. That explains why not any disharmonic spirit may voluntarily come back to The Creator’s reality to verify His existence. Or would The Creator himself be visible or scientifically deductible from material reality.

The ST proposes the existence of natural vibrational dimensions defined by vibrational ranges. That basically means that the three known dimensions exist between specific vibrational values. For example, the primary dimension exists in the range of perfect harmony. The spiritual dimension exist between a states of almost perfect harmony (but not perfect at all) and very low harmony; and material dimension exists in the lowest state of harmony. Spirits may exist in one dimension or the other depending on their own state of harmony. They don’t decide about moving to one dimension or the other at will; they naturally occupy the dimension that matches their state of harmony.

The only decision spirits can take is about their actions; actions that will impact their own harmony and base in that naturally move from one dimension to the other. This model to explain dimensions and states of harmony creates a more logical scenario in which it is not The Creator who drives away disharmonic spirits from his dimension; disharmonic spirits naturally cease to exist in that dimension to come into being naturally to a dimension of lower harmony. This new scenario puts on us the responsibility for the consequences of our actions; we live the result of our free decisions. At the same time this new explanation discards a possible Creator’s decision to “condemn” us to some kind of isolation, punishing us for our wrong doing. We can also conclude from this analysis that we have in our hands the decision to recover the lost harmony and return to the primary dimension, to share existence with The Creator.

Some critics of the ST cite this hypothesis of “fall of the spirits and separation from the creator” like just one more version of the biblical description of the original sin. Our response to them is that such similitude is not necessarily a coincidence and it could instead be a proof of the existence in all spirits of memories from a distant common past. This means that such similitude instead of being an argument against it; it is actually an argument in favor. The concept of the original sin or fall of the spirits expressed in myths and legends from a great amount of cultures from very distant places around the world and from different times would constitute a vague remembrance of our past. A past that is lost in the spiritual memories. From something lived and not yet understood. Something that happened to us long time ago that needs to be studied and solved as an essential step in our path to go back to perfection; to recover the perfect harmony of the attributes.

Author: ISRSP

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