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Today: Jul 31, 2015
Welcome to Spiritual Science
Site of study and discussion of ISRSP Institute for Scientific Research of the Spiritual Phenomena.

The Spiritual Theory Book is now Available
It is a great honor for us to inform to all members and friends of Spiritual Science that our first book THE SPIRITUAL THEORY is now available at the most important bookstores in USA, Canada, England and Australia.  This book constitutes the first formal proposal of a theory that seeks to explain the spiritual phenomena in a scientific way.  It is the result of more than 36 years of studying and practicing in the spiritual phenomena and about ten years of developing and writing the fundaments for a Spiritual Theory.

As part of the authors’ commitment with the expansion and consolidation of the spiritual knowledge from a scientific perspective, we want to disclose that all profits coming from the sale of this book will be dedicated to the Institute for Scientific Research of the Spiritual Phenomena (ISRSP). This none for profit institution has the main mission to achieve a scientific demonstration of the existence of mediumship as a valid tool to scientifically access the spiritual reality and through it to demonstrate the existence of the spirit and the spiritual reality.

Thanks for your support.

Eduardo Sanz B. Sc Biology, Carlos Manrique B. Sc. Anthropology

Julian Sanz B. Sc. Physics

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Due to the unmanageable number of new accounts opened at Spiritual Science using automated spam programs, we decided to temporarily close enrollment to this page. These accounts have been used to access the forum and post information of Viagra, other drugs and to promote pornography sites.

Those who still wish to post questions or comments may do so by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We’ll be glad to publish them. For those who still wish to take the spiritual theory course can do it enrolling directly in the Spiritual Theory course through the link located in the left menu of the home page.

All post will remain accessible to everybody for reading

Now Available Spiritual Theory Basic Level Course

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Use the link "Online Course" in the left menu Forming Scientists for a New Category of Ideas

Learning towards our Spiritual Evolution






Parallel Universes and the Spiritual Theory




If there are intelligent extraterrestrial beings for sure they would have their own genetic code codifying for their own anatomy, but at the spiritual level they would be inhabited by the same spiritual beings incarnated in humans



Out of body Experience


Near Death Experience





The spirit is perceived mediumistically as a cloud or sphere of energy irradiating more or less light depending on the state of harmony of the attributes Love, Intelligence and Freedom.






This graphic is a representation of the spiritual and material dimensions. In the material dimension is clearly identified the body and all the other material structures; while in the spiritual dimension the body and the spiritual connections are clearly visible.  It is important however to highlight that according with THE SPIRITUAL THEORY both dimensions, the spiritual and material dimensions, are not located in different “places” but superimposed each other. Each one represents its own reality defined by a vibrational range, that is, each dimension exists between a minimum and a maximum vibrational value. Courtesy of Michelagelo Pompey

This improved graphic shows a bigger mind structure which results from the functional integration (at spiritual level) of a gross mass of the Spiritual Particles (SPs) incarnated in the brain cells. These SPs are not only the structural components of the Mind but they are also the bridge of communication between spirit and matter. The incarnation of these SPs is initially triggered by their affinity with the brain cells and it is precisely this spiritual structure (the mind) who responsible for attracting and incarnating the spirit base in the same relation of affinity between both.
Publish under permission of the author

Effect of Spiritual Particles in the process of addiction

Spirit and Mind are shown outside the regular location during conscious state which is superimpose to the front region of the brain

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Welcome to Spiritual Science group dedicated to the discussion and analysis of this new source of knowledge. Spiritual science arises as a result of mediumnimic research initiated and perfectly described by Allan Kardec. Later on, many other institutions like the Basilio Scientific School Association (BSSA) manage to continue this research deepening in the details about the spiritual phenomena and establishing the basis for a Spiritual Theory.

Through the use of Mediumnity or Spiritual Sense developed and applied in a controlled manner with altruistic premises, it has been possible to access the knowledge of the Spiritual Dimension; it is a level of existence that resides beyond the limits of the material dimension. In the spiritual dimension it has been possible to identify the spirit, the spiritual particle, the spiritual fluid and the Creator, origin and destiny of all spiritual beings.

It is clear for the Spiritual Science that matter is the result of a shifting in the vibrational state of a big mass of spiritual particles. The evolution of matter eventually creates the conditions to allow its temporary integration with spiritual elements. This is the origin of the incarnation and reincarnation phenomena. It is in these incarnated spiritual components where the source of intelligence and consciousness that emerge in every biological entity and the matter in general lies.

The Spiritual Science searches through rational arguments based on results obtained from mediumnimic investigation. Its goal is to approach human beings to the true reality of its nature and spiritual origin. Hence, in the complete freedom of human conscience it will propel humanity to advance on the path of wellbeing toward spiritual states of greater harmony. The final goal is the primary dimension next to the Creator for an eternal evolution in perfection.